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"Dallas" (1978)
An example of what a good night time drama should be, 16 September 1999

I just recently discovered Dallas, and I love it! This is how a drama should be. It has romance, family conflict, politics, business, back stabbing. . . and the list goes on. This is a high quality show, I understand why it stayed on for 13 years. Larry Hagmen is a superb actor. You'll truly love to hate J.R. Ewing, he's so smooth in everything he does. The Ewing family drama will intrigue you.

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An exciting and fanciful tale, 16 September 1999

The movie strays pretty far from the book by Verne, yet it shares some similar elements. The story is exciting nonetheless. The creatures are fun to watch. If you enjoy science fiction or fantasy and like adventure stories, you'll probably enjoy this film.