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Speedtrap (1977)
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Easily written script, 14 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It sure must not have taken any time to come up with Speedtrap,just about all of the movie had been done before.What really amazes me,is why Joe Don Baker agreed to star in this film.Sure it was money,but his part is mainly that of grinning car driver and not much else.The whole of the movie is loosely based on Gone in 60 get stolen,and the cops chase them.Usually until both the police car and the stolen car are nearly destroyed.The tip off to the rip off is the 1971-1973 generation Ford Mustang (base coupe,not Mach1 fastback though)that gets stolen and slams into another car leaving the lot.Exactly what happened in "Gone".A slow motion jump from building to building,a slow motion jump from a culvert pipe into a pond...loosely replicates the slow motion jump of "Eleanor" over a row of crashed/parked cars in "Gone".Even the police dispatcher is one of the female dispatchers in "Gone".The car Novick drives is a 1971-72 Dodge Charger,painted up like Starsky & Hutch's "Tomato" Gran Torino,the Charger is even jacked up with chrome wheels a'la S&H.The cops are made to look like buffoons crashing nearly every Plymouth Satellite LAPD ever decomissioned (this must have been stolen from Dirty Mary,Crazy Larry).The female star (Tyne Daley) is treated a lot like her appearance with Dirty Harry,a novice cop who needs to prove herself. Not that this movie is all bad.Good chase scenes,catchy music,and a laughably smug Joe Don pass the time well.Looking back at the promise Tyne Daley held as an actress,and seeing her in her youth (as opposed to her overweight later years) was always a welcome addition,but her addition to the film sorta spoiled the ending,you just knew she was out to prove herself,and make everybody else look foolish at the same time.

Undoubtedly The Best, 21 November 2008

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Certainly,without a doubt,the best of the Dudu films.Many stunts,good rapport of Jimmy Bondy and Aldo Reggazoni,some funny moments with Dudu and the 1960 Cadillac,and a fairly well thought out plot.However,there are some moments of the thought process being momentarily lost when stuff happens for no apparent reason (after Bondy knocks out the bank robber trying to steal Dudu,he is not shown being pulled out of the car before it drives back to the Oldtimer Garage).The music used during stunts is excellent stuff.The opening song "Dudu" is really corny,but its supposedly being sung by Jimmy Bondy himself.Overall a pretty fun movie,some laughs,and without a doubt the best of the Superbug offerings.

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One of the Worst, 21 November 2008

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In the series of 5 DuDu/Superbug movies,this ranks as one of the lowest.To think the high water mark was the previous film (Superbug Rides Again) and then this entry comes along to totally sully the Dudu genre.Most of the actors from Dudu movie #3 are in this #4 installment.Lead character Jimmy Bondi,the female lead played again by Zehetgruber's wife(here as a nun),the 2nd nun is played by Evelin Kraft(who played the leggy/long haired Jac in #3),the male/female duo from #3 (Ms Binghameir,Mr Stutzli) are back here as a comedic pair,Aldo Regazzoni is back (however Bondi isn't friends with him here as he was in #3),and Dudu the yellow Beetle is back (now though with the trunk full of computer gizmos,a net under the engine,yellow painted bumpers,and different aluminum wheels).Dudu's annoying tinny voice trying hard to make one-liners is tiring.His ability to transform into a helicopter (a rotating head pops up thru the roof...yea,where is it when its down?...and the tailrotor plugs into the hole in the engine lid the wind up key once used in film #3)is really far fetched.Actual scenes of Dudu flying is really a remote control heli,as was the actual model heli that Dudu now featured as a companion "scout" vehicle.They threw everything into this weezer,and it ranks as a sad mish mash of ideas with no common thread linking it all together.They would have done better to further the story from film #3 as Hell Drivers once again accidentally bumping into criminal activities.

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Very strange Scare Film, 13 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is one of,if not the most unusual of the 1950s/60s/70s drivers ed "scare films".Here we don't have reenactments of the crashes themselves,we are shown cars in the junkyard,about to be recycled into scrap iron,the camera focuses on one,and then a voice over begins.This is supposedly what happened,or might have happened to the car in question before its ultimate demise.However,this approach is very flawed.The filmmakers obviously knew nothing of the cars themselves,or what reason they were actually in the junkyard for.For instance,we are shown a full size early 60s Mercury and an early 60s Mercury Comet close to one another.The voice over starts as two kids in the Comet (of all things) talking about catching up to the big Merc and challenging him to a race.One starts,with the passenger telling the driver "Dig Out!"(peel off in other words),which the driver does...(in a Comet?),the big Merc supposedly pulls away but the Comet driver is happily announcing that he's catching up and passing him,right before the "fatal" collision occurs.Well,neither car is showing the damage they are claiming,and there is no way a 170 or 200 cid 6-cylinder Comet is going to pass a roaring 390 cid v8 Mercury.Similar mistakes are made with the Cutlass they are tearing down,the VW that supposedly rolled over,and so on.All the while this is going on,we hear strange out of this world electronica music.Like this junkyard was on another planet and this was all science fiction.Well,it is fiction,because I don't think one car suffered the way they claim it did.Yes they were all scrapped and recycled,but I don't think any attempt was made to research the real cause of the cars final fate.At least the final message was true:These cars were recycled to become new cars,lets hope their drivers follow the rules and drive safely.(this film was made later than 1970.I believe it was around 1976 or so).

Wreckless (1935)
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Automotive Propaganda, 12 September 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In her film debut,Patricia Morison played the doe eyed daughter(Mary Jane) who yearned for a young car salesman that was regularly getting into scrapes with the law.Her father forbid her to have anything to do with him,unless she could prove he was worthy as a man and as a car salesman.He then calls her saying he is in jail for driving wrecklessly,and she rushes over.She then goads her fathers lawyer to take on his case.Its his 3rd offense.In the trial,the lawyer defends driving 75 mph as nothing for "modern" cars with modern safety features and safe brakes.He even claims the motorcycle officer who tries to stop him by pulling in front of his car was the wreckless one...he dumps the bike and scrapes his head.Saying he's lucky to be alive thanks to the "careless driver" and the "safe car" he was driving,all charges are dismissed,and its the cop who should be on trial for wrecklessness. Morison was extra cute,and a perfect fit for this film,although Wreckless was nothing more than propaganda for the then current (1935) cars,and the attempt to make them seem safer than they really were.70 years later,cars are still being improved,and Morison is still alive! A long life she has lived.

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The last of its kind., 20 August 2006

The last of a TV revolution.The 1st installment of the Auto-Lite Parade of Stars Auto Show(1952) televised live from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel was the first live car show ever attempted in the short life of TV then.The brainchild of Auto-Lite head Royce G Martin,he made sure he was the star of the program appearing front and center with his announcer co-host.The 2nd installment featured Irene Dunne as a car shopper,shopping the new 1953 models (that used Auto-Lite electrical components).The last installment (1954)was revamped heavily with Dunne and Martin sitting at table where car company execs would sit and chat with Dunne before allowing a super model to show off their new car offering.The show went smoothly and with few errors.The weakest part of the show was Royce Martin himself,by this time in poor health and seemingly in near Alzheimers,saying little,being easily confused,and with little energy.Sadly,Martin would pass away a mere couple weeks later after the running of the Kentucky Derby after his horse lost the race.Thus ended the yearly tradition that Auto-Lite would sponsor.Auto-Lite was placed in turmoil after Martin's demise,and it would be sold off to Ford in controversial manner in the early 60s.After lawsuits,Ford was forced to sell off Autolite to an aftermarket company (Bendix)due to lack of fair competition. The New York International Auto Show would replace Auto-Lite's Parade of Stars show for the next 50+ years.

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Paramedics no more, 30 June 2006

The final chapter of the career of Johnny and Roy as paramedics is basically a clip show.Revisiting some of the "greatest rescues" in the series history,accompanied by new background music (a longing,sad tune that plays throughout the 2 hour special),Gage and DeSoto arrive at the site where their promotions will take place and reminisce about their past events,and the people that touched them (Brackett,Chet and the like).Among those promoted are Craig Brice,however not played by the same actor that portrayed him a number of times in the series.(this was highly noticeable,and hit me as a rather cheesy way to fool longtime fans of the show).It was mentioned that once promoted,they could not be paramedics too,so,the EMT life of Johnny and Roy ended with this episode....even though 2 more TV movies aired later that led Gage and DeSoto to view paramedics in action in other locales. To fans of the series,this was a sad ending to such a powerful and informative juggernaut that changed the face of emergency medicine forever.At first I was looking forward to the movie,but after watching it,and letting it sink in,it was actually a cheap way to usher Emergency off the network schedule.Shame on NBC....they deserved the bleak years they got after losing Sanford & Son,and Emergency...those are 2 mistakes that NBC will never live down....they chose to anger loyal NBC viewers all for money.And yet,they lost more than they would have if the series continued.Such a loss....

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Pretty Good, 20 June 2006

I think this program was far superior to COPS for a number of reasons: There was a host (Maury Hannigan)that gave a narrative to what we were about to see on the screen. Being based on the Highway Patrol,normally pursuits and accidents are shown,normally from in car dash cams.COPS give you less motor vehicle coverage. At the end of a segment,they give you a follow up....the amount of jail time given,the fate of an injured person (for better or worse)....COPS has never done this...and leaves you hanging without closure. COPS a lot of the time focuses on dull activities....calls that really aren't "entertaining" or "attention getting".Yes its a part of police duty,but the show is only 20 minutes long in 3 segments.You cannot fill the 20 minutes with fluff and expect a happy TV viewer. Give me RSOTHP any day.....however,I am sure we have seen the last of it. (TRIVIA:Both Southpark and Beavis & Butthead have done parodies of this show).

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Racial Tension in McNeal County, 27 April 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

KKK-lookalike members portray black men in their "attack" on a prominent businessman's(William Windom) daughter in an attempt to cease banking support of the new black-businessman-owned Farm Machinery Store (appears to be an IH dealer).I wonder if this is the first time a prime time TV show has portrayed a Klu Klux Klan-type cult? The big flaw here is the fact that the evidence Mr Pusser uses to determine the attackers were white men in black face is not believable.Black makeup was found on the victims clothing indicating the attackers got ahold of her and rubbed their faces against her.....yet,her car doors were locked and windows rolled up....they never touched her or her clothes before they were ran off by a motorist who come across the scene.This continuity error sticks out like a sore thumb.I bet the attack scene was filmed prior to a script change,and nobody thought of viewing the footage....and then ordering a re-shoot.

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MythBusters, 22 February 2006

This is absolutely the best show on television right now.Without a doubt,it has it all.....the pleasant hosts and co-hosts,the interesting myths,the science involved (we could all learn more about science),the humor,the other program can say as much.I don't like all the reruns,and wish they could do 52 new episodes a year...but,even the reruns are better than 95% of television as it stands.Discovery has a huge hit here....keep it fresh and entertaining and I bet it will be on for another 5 years at least.That is if Jamie and Adam can take all the abuse they get from all this mythbusting..... Thumbs way up Discovery.....this is your best series and quite possibly the best on the whole of TV.You can thank Adam and Jamie for your network's ultimate survival.

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