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One of the best films of all time!, 26 September 1999

I saw this film on the 'big screen' at the Jefferson theater in Beaumont, Texas. There was even a motorcycle (similar to the one used by McQueen in the movie) on display in the theater lobby as a 'crowd pleaser'. That helped the overall experience of this masterpiece film.

THE music score is superb. The characters so vividly portrayed. The suspense and action so incredible. This movie brings Paul Brickhill's book to life. It doesn't seem like a three hour movie. It leaves one wanting to know more....what happens next...?

There are darn few GREAT movies of which I believe in owning a 'store bought' copy. This is one I am proud to own. I even have the letter-boxed edition so that nothing ESCAPEs the eye while viewing. Well done!

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Good use of local talent. Other than that... a little slow in spots and predictable., 9 September 1999

The idea of a drug connection in Southeast Texas is not unique. But, some of the characters (James "Bubba" Busceme, Gary Lee Love, "Bones") made the film a lot more interesting to watch. Other than that the film is sort of slow developing. The action in the swamp and the street chases with the police are great, though. The plot is easy to figure out and the outcome is predictable. This film is easy to watch if one is from Beaumont, Texas (where the film was shot). But, other than's mostly a middle of the road variety.

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One of the best treasure map/get rich quick movies ever made., 3 September 1999

The movie is outstanding! It keeps the viewer satisfied for that 'lotto fever' we all dream about if we win the jackpot prize. It also shows how that same excitement can be dashed in a heartbeat if fate should deal a tainted hand to us. The saddlebag gold is a good example of using the time available to gather bounty before the onset of doom and gloom. Nice! One of the best aspects of the movie is the opening/closing song by Jose Feliciano. It's very memorable!