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Pal Joey (1957)
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Gorgeous Women, Gorgeous Cinematography, and SINATRA!!!, 12 January 2000

I just purchased the DVD of Pal Joey and the picture and colors are breathtaking. It is wonderful to see the scope of 1957 Frisco in digital Widescreen. I will say that those expecting a full, true musical, might be dissappointed. It is a lighthearted movie that contains songs. AND WHAT SONGS THEY ARE. The Rogers and Hart songs never sounded better and it is always a treat to SEE Sinatra perform them, especially here in 1957 when he was at the peak of his artistry. The look and feel of the movie is quite modern, and although tame in comparison to modern films, the script is coy and sexy. It is lighthearted fun and entertainment and all do a fine job in their roles. (Sinatra won a Golden Globe for best actor) . One could only hope that they hurry and remaster the rest of the Sinatra catalog on DVD. Next should be "Hole in the Head". I welcome any and all me!!

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Not wholly perfect..., 11 January 2000

I just finished watching the "Criterion Collection" DVD of The Third Man, which is a glorious remastered print containing a multitude of extras. This was the first time I had ever seen the Third Man and I can honestly say that I have many conflicting feelings about it. For its cinematic accomplishments, I have to give it an 8/10. Its beautifully haunting scenes of post-war Vienna still remain clear in my mind. It truly does not seem like a film from 1949 in this aspect. However, it is considered to be the greatest "suspense thriller" of its kind, and it is this aspect that I highly disagree with. I never felt a sense of suspense or impending danger throughout the movie, and as far as suspense is concerned, it is no match for any of the great Hitchcock gems, or say the Manchurian Candidate. If you are expecting a suspensful thriller, I doubt you will find it here. In my humble opinion, a major reason for the lack of suspense, is the use of the ever present sounds of that damned zither. While it is an interesting choice of instruments to use, I don't feel that it is appropriate or effective. I found it to be hugely annoying and if there was a way to mute it I would have. It did not supplement the mood or action of the story in any way and constantly seemed to be out of place. A major disappointment here. Thank God they chose to leave it out during the final sewer chase, as it would have destroyed this wonderful scene. There are movies that I give 8-10/10 that I absolutely loved and fully enjoyed, and then there are others that I have to give high marks because they are great films, but I did not wholly enjoy. This is the case with The Third Man. Cinematically, it is perfect. However, I don't feel that the whole package was so. I would welcome any or all comments regarding this movie and would love to hear others feelings regarding the zither!!!

Hula-La-La (1951)
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One of the "top" Shemp films w/ several hilarious scenes!, 1 September 1999

This particular Shemp film is one of my favorites. One of the funniest scenes is when Shemp is hiding under a bed and trying to keep quiet while a baby alligator crawls up his leg. The timing is great throughout and the old stooge chemistry is there. At a point when the Stooges quality had begun to fade, this episode captures the old magic. Check it out!

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What a wonderful film...funny and touching., 1 September 1999

I find it hard to believe that some critics dismiss this film as one of Frank Capra's lesser films. It's wonderful. Frank Sinatra is in top form as "the loser with big dreams" and portrays his role as father with great sensitivity. The movie's greatest scenes occur when Edward G. Robinson and Sinatra appear together...they are hilarious. Thelma Ritter is perfect as the sister-in-law, and Carolyn Jones plays the cooky girlfriend with an interestingly strange edge. The supporting cast is flawless (watch for the character "Sally"!) and all blend well to create a lighthearted, comical, but poignant story. I can't stress the comical effectiveness between Edward G Robinson and Sinatra enough...they should have made more films together! This movie is one of my all time favorites and I show it often to many people, never receiving a negative response. It's one of those that can be viewed over and over. Give it a chance...I doubt you'll be disappointed. Send me some comments! (Watch for Edward G Robinson's reaction as he sits in a "crazy" rocking chair!!!....and listen to the dialogue...just great!!!!)