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Edgy, quick and dark, 11 August 2006

There are (delightful) shades of Sports Night's Dan & Casey combo in this very well written series. Matthew Perry was right to wait for the perfect project to come along. From the looks of it, Studio 60 will let him do what he has seldom been afforded the opportunity to do, and that is subtle comedy with an edge. West Wing fans will have no problem accepting Bradley Whitford in this decidedly un-Josh Lyman role. Rounding out the core cast are some of Hollywood's most interesting and under-cast actors, including D.L. Hughley, Sarah Pauley (perhaps this will finally be the break out that she deserves) and Steven Webber. And Amanda Peete is magnetic in her return to both the small screen and to center stage, as a driven and enigmatic young television exec. Aaron Sorkin & Tommy Schlamme deliver once again.