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i liked it, 11 January 2001

I admit, it was a long drawn out movie, but I haven't seen one that touched me in so long like this one did. It was seriously depressing and sad. I know how it feels to have everything fall apart on you and your mother breathing down your back about everything you want to do. Natalie (ann) played this character so well, I cried almost the entire time. The look on her face was just so sad, it tore me apart. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone who's never had it all fall apart or can't stand to watch a slow movie. I see all these people saying how horrible it was (yeah, everyone does have their own opinions) but I have to disagree completely. I intend to buy this movie.

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kick ass, 21 October 2000

For being a horror-loving maniac, I hate to say I had not seen either of the Hellraiser movies until recently. I was born in 84, so I definitely had time to catch this one. My mother suggested I rent the first movie one night b/c I was searching for a bloody, scary, sickening movie...yes, I love those the best. So I picked it up...and, suffice to say, I thought was good and went and got part II, III, and IV. I should say, no movie I have seen has had such gore...well, besides brief moments in EVENT HORIZON (my fav movie of all time...maybe) Doug Bradley makes Pinhead almost loveable. For me at least. I find I hate him at points, but love him at others...maybe it's my fascination with the underworld. He has a unique look, as well as the other cenobytes. Out of the series (haven't seen part V yet....still on the one-night shelves) this one (III) is most definitely my favorite. The humor is great. Pinhead is in it enough to satisfy me...whereas he was not in the previous ones. Pinhead makes even the ugliest depths of hell look beautiful. Of course, being a gore and hell fanatic...maybe it's just myself. I would love to meet Clive and Doug and see how it really was to make these films. To me, they are brilliant and amazing. Most definitely good horror films. This one, being the best. :-)

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too much, 20 April 2000

I am a rabid Carrey fan. I think he is one of the funniest, brilliant actors around, but man! This movie is funny to a certain extent and then you get worn out on how far it goes. It becomes boring half way into it. I saw this in theaters and my friend and I were dumbfounded as we left. It's a good movie for laughs, but don't expect much. Keep an open mind, too or else you'll be screaming for it to stop. Not Carrey's worst role, which is that of "The Truman Show", but I'd say it falls right behind it.

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Wonderful, 20 April 2000

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It took me forever to get ahold of this movie. I had waited 2 weeks for it to be returned to the movie store. I waited four hours until the man brought it back to make sure I got it. Wow was it worth waiting for! I have not seen any movies lately that were so full of heart and love. Sinise and Malkovich BOTH play amazing roles in this film. I've seen it 5 times and everytime I cried at the dramatic ending. It shows how cruel and yet how loving people can be. This movie has a great mix of everything I think anyone could enjoy. I cannot believe I had never heard of this film before looking up info on Gary Sinise. This film should be a classic. The acting is superb and it holds your attention throughout the whole movie. I LOVE this movie incredibly!! Definitely a 10 out of 10!

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GREAT, 11 April 2000

I've seen most people rented this movie b/c of Kevin Spacey...truthfully, I rented it b/c of Gary Sinise. I've seen a lot of his stuff, and only one turned out to be a dud-Mission To Mars. I went to get Of Mice And Men and saw him on the cover of this movie and immediately grabbed it. This is one movie that kept me saying "What's gonna happen!?" "Who IS this guy?!" and random things to that nature. I think the plot is amazing. It took the second time watching it for me to really grasp what went wrong in the beginning. It has just the right amount of comedy relief as well. I think everyone has a 'great!' role and acts in it well! Dillon and Dunaway could have been more 'convincing' but all around, wonderful! I plan on buying this movie!

Awful, 7 April 2000

Okay, just to get the major disappointment out, I was expecting a thriller/action type movie, not a CHICK FLICK! Don't get me wrong I like chick flicks *runaway bride being a very good new one* but OH MY GOD how this one sucked. I was expecting to be blown away with effects and good plots and acting. Come on, Tim Robbins and Gary Sinise!?! I would like to know what the hell happened. Most horrible acting I've seen in a while! The only enjoyable part was the beginning (with the big dirt tunnel) It went completely downhill after. I wouldn't read the next part if u haven't seen it-but I was sooooo remotely disappointed when Robbins died!! And how BAD was that acting. "oh. no! boo hoo! my husband is dead!" Completely cheesy! I LOVE Gary Sinise and I do not know what possessed him to go forward with this movie. He's been in two of the greatest movies-Forest Gump and Apollo 13 and did such great jobs in BOTH! He was the only reason I stayed and finished Mission To Mars. It's not the worst film I have ever seen, and if u know what to expect, u may enjoy it...but I did not. I wanted my money back afterwards. If I hadn't have had 2 hours of Gary Sinise I would have gone and demanded it back. Even though his acting is horrible, he's still good lookin to me! And that's such a sad excuse to watch a movie. Wait for this to hit the 2.50$ for 5 nights at video stores!!!

Am I the only one...?, 7 April 2000

This movie was nothing special to me. I heard such great reviews about it, and how it was "Scary!" "You'll Be Thinking About It For Days!!"....uh, no! I left the theatre like "That was not very good." I mean, I never knew what the end was gonna end like, but I was never scared the whole time. I didn't jump once. I didn't think about it, except how disappointed I was, days after. It doesn't suck, don't get me wrong, but it is not scary at all.

The acting is wonderful, might I say. Haley is such a great actor. I've seen him in movies before and how good he was, but this was a major boost in his career! He had me crying when he explained about 'grandma's pin' in the car after the accident happened. Bruce also has a great role, too. I'm usually expecting him to be a badass/tough guy and it was great to see him caring and more down to earth in this film.

Maybe I need to see this film again. Blair Witch was better the second time, maybe this one falls in as well. Blair Witch had me scared for days!! I even had to go camping in Blairville Georgia 3 days later! Anyways, I don't think it was the best film of 1999 by far, but definitely worth watching. I also think I was expecting more than it was, and it led to disappointment. I'm not dyeing to see it again, but I would sit down and watch it if a friend rented it one night at a sleepover.

Idle Hands (1999)
pretty good, 9 September 1999

Well, i must say, i did think this movie would have been better than it was. But, overall it was still good. When I was 12 I had a huge crush on Devon Sawa (anton) so it was really cool seeing him in another movie. I think this movie is really funny. Maybe it's because I have a wide sense of humor. The ending is just kind of stupid (the whole try and rescue thing) But I think the actors were great. I like the fact that they were all Slackers and pot-heads. Kinda reminds me of my friends and myself. Well, if u happen to have some free time I recommend this movie..if ur a real hard critic who wants an academy award performance movie...dont watch this. It was not made for you.

Well..., 4 September 1999

Okay. I went to see this movie b/c I thought it looked VERY spooky and not like BOO! Scared ya type movie, but a mind bender. I, personally, preferred THE HAUNTING (1999) Im not saying this movie wasnt good, but everything about it was predictable...except what happened to Mr Willis in the end. That was the only thing I never caught on to. But, one thing, this movie had no scares. Lots of people in the theater (sold out show) gasped and screamed a lot, but I looked around like "And what have you people been watching? that was so not scarey" but, we're all different. im sure there was someone in there like me wondering what was so scarey. Of course, I was sitting by this old lady who screamed every 5 minutes, which wasnt pleasurable. But if u want to see a movie for it's twists and confusion...this is one. NOT for anyone who thinks it's scarey, b/c to me, it just wasnt scarey in the least bit way. My toaster oven has more fright. But this was definetly a wonderful movie. I give it a 10/10 for twists and originality. a 1/10 for scariness.

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Good basis on Karma, 4 September 1999

Okay..I dont understand all you who say it sucks. We all have different opinions, but have you "suck sayers" ever heard of KARMA?? Thats what this movie is based upon. Karma is what goes around comes around type stuff. if u have bad karma, bad things happen, good=good. (u get the point) So what if it's gory and kinda psychotic. It's what we like to call a MORBID COMEDY. I thought it was hilarious, and utterly disgusting. It seems no matter what happens, everything gets screwed up. Everyone got what they deserved, well except the dog. If u dont like sick totally and completely chaotic movies, DONT see this. If u do, I highly recommend this movie.

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