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Ripper (1996) (VG)
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An excellent cyberpunk adventure "game", much better than any similar "real" movie..., 15 July 2000

Ripper is simultaneously a nightmare and an unforgettably pleasant experience. Featuring great cast (including Academy-Awarded Christopher Walken), the music of Blue Oyster Cult, a terrific screenplay and "the technological event of the year stuffed in 6 CDs", it is the production that launched Take 2 Interactive Software into the field of "Really Big" Game Companies.

Dark City (1998)
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An excellent combination of noir and science fiction elements. A must., 11 November 1999

I have been waiting for this movie since 1997, when I found its trailer in a CD-ROM. But when I actually saw it a few days ago I was surprised at how much excellent viewing this film does.It combines noir (reminds me of The Big Sleep), surrealistic (Lost Highway) and science fiction elements. The story is about a man who awakens in a hotel room, with his memory erased and being wanted by the police as a serial killer. He soon discovers that he has telekinetic powers as the subject of an experiment. But he finds out also that he lives in a world "beyond all imagination, where the night never ends". The ending is something you would have never guessed and will leave you with your mouth open. Go bye the DVD version (it has many extras) now!