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I liked Mike!, 16 March 2015

I am thoroughly surprised to see not a lot of love for Mike. I personally found his inclusion in the episode close to genius. The idea of an "angel" or whatever he was who would randomly come into our lives, give us encouragement, then disappear and we only remember that encouragement is incredibly appealing.

David Doyle was well cast in the part and the music that accompanies his visits gives me chills every time I hear it.

Was it corny? You bet. Do I personally need corny in my life. You betcha!

Everyone needs Mike!!!

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Top notch! Surprisingly better than you'd think!, 26 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I first heard about this show, I was quite enthusiastic to see it. It sounded like it would be quite funny, in a slapstick sort of vein.

In reality, the show is more of a drama than a comedy. There are certainly comedic moments, but it's definitely a drama first and foremost. I was expecting a comedy that might have "some" drama.

Here's the thing -- it works! *Wonderfully* In fact, the show seems to get better and better each week. I think it truly reached its stride with the episode that guest starred Elliot Gould. It was wonderful (as was his performance). I even get teary eyed at the ending!

For me, the show has filled the void left by "Boston Legal" without being a total rip off of it. There are moments QUITE reminiscent of BL in fact -- minus David E. Kelly's preaching (which really went overboard as that show reached its final episodes). Still, the characters in this are much more tame, and still quite enjoyable to watch.

Brooke Elliott is a true find in the lead role. She's amazing in it. The supporting cast are also terrific. Everyone in it was cast extremely well. And that Jackson Hurst. He is also a terrific find -- a definite leading man!

I'm quite saddened to see only five other comments on this show as of this writing (well four and one legal dissection). This is a very well done show and it deserves more fans. I think, in a way, the title (which is actually very clever), is the show's downfall. It suggests a slapstick comedy, but in reality, the show is a whole lot more.

I'm thoroughly impressed. I hope it lasts. It deserves to.

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Outstanding, 11 August 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This episode really broadsided me at the ending. Even though this review is marked for spoilers and the only other published review for this gives away the ending, I still don't want to mention it.

Let's just say it was brilliant, wonderful, and incredibly touching (brought me to tears in fact). It was a marvelously crafted teleplay and after watching it again, indeed, the "clues" where there, but I did not catch them the first time viewing it. If you are caught up in the story as I was, you just don't. And that's the sign of a good story (such as "The Sixth Sense.").

A+ An incredibly solid episode.

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Perfection, 21 January 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The episode is not only my favorite from "Extras," but easily one of my favorite comedic episodes from any series ever to appear on television. The writing is superb, Ricky Gervais and the support cast are hilarious, and Kate Winslet *defines* what "best guest performance by an actress" truly means. I was quite puzzled that she did not win the Emmy for that very category in which she was nominated. I was also surprised that the writing did not win the Emmy it was nominated for as well.

Even if you were to remove Kate's scenes, the rest of the episode is just as hilarious. Gervais tackles religion, the Holocaust, and even the handicapped. He manages to offend, but tastefully (which I never thought possible), all of the above.

Overall, "Extras" was a terrific and thoroughly entertaining series, but this episode really rockets into the stratosphere. I can't say enough good things about it.

Its script should be used as the "textbook example" of comic short writing for all screenplay courses.

Did I mention that I liked it?

Innocent (2005)
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May I please have a finale?, 14 September 2008

I saw the box cover for this film and was immediately captivated by Timothy Lee (and still am). WOW. Not only quite handsome, but an actor well on his way to bigger and (hopefully) better things.

Although this film looks quite amateur, the story was actually quite interesting. That and Timothy's good looks are all that kept me on until the very ending.

I state "ending" but what I'd love is for this film to have one. It just kind of dies. I'm very good at reading between the lines and determining "existential" endings, but I felt like this film was shot in order and they just ran out of money.

You'll see what I mean. It just ends.

I watched the two other short films on the DVD by the same director and it does seem like a lot of his stories really don't have a point. But I'll concede that maybe each film does have one and I just somehow missed it ever time (and the final film on the DVD has three stories -- none of which I "got" either).

If the same writer/director makes another film, I'll definitely watch it. Mainly because he certainly knows how to cast good looking younger guys. :)

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Second best looking ensemble female cast on Television ever!, 5 June 2008

Second only to any given season of "Charlie's Angels," "Nightingales" had an incredibly gorgeous cast. Stunning in fact. I recently saw the opening titles again on Youtube and my jaw literally hit the floor!

Kristy Swanson, Chelsea Field, Susan Walters, Roxann Dawson, Kim Johnston Ulrich, and Suzanne Pleshette. WOW.

And this show only lasted one season? Are you KIDDING me??? "Too sexual?"

The only other reviewer on here stated this show was ahead of it's time. I remember this show quite well and it was tame...make that VERY tame...compared to today's standards. It's a shame it only lasted one season.

The theme to this show is also one of my favorites. A very catchy tune that I swear ends with a snippet of the NBC News Theme.

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Amadeus + Oliver + Mr. Holland's Opus = August Rush, 14 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

While I found the idea of a "modern day Amadeus" quite intriguing, I felt like this was trying to be too many movies at once. You have the Amadeus story, the Oliver Twist story, and then the Mr. Holland's Opus ending. I felt a little overwhelmed with clichés here.

It wasn't a terrible movie, but it wasn't a great movie either. It was a pleasant distraction from reality.

The little girl soloist was just about the cutest person I have seen in a movie in quite some time! :) Freddie Highmore is quite the young actor as well -- he's been keeping quite busy and I feel like he's in every "cute" movie I see these days.

The score by Mark Mancina (with a dash of Hans Zimmer) fit the movie well.

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The end justifies the means..., 27 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'd just like to comment on one aspect of this movie: the ending. I've seen a ton of films in my life (37 years at this point), and I have to say that hands down the ending of this film is one of the best I have ever seen. It is SO subtle and non-pretentious that it's almost staggering. I have no doubt that in this day and age (2007) the ending would have been trashed in favor of something much BIGGER. I applaud EVERYONE involved for creating a bookend that has haunted me to this day (I am emotional just thinking about it).

If there is ever a well publicized list of the best movie endings ever, I certainly hope this film is on it. It is definitely on mine.

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Academy Award Nominated...and deservedly so!, 2 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A lot of people don't realize that this film was nominated not only for an Academy Award, but also a Golden Globe and Grammy Award! That third item gives it away -- the song "The Day I Fall in Love" from this movie garnered all of the nominations, and deservedly so. It's a wonderful composition performed brilliantly by Dolly Parton and James Ingram. It has become one of my favorite songs of all time and it easily outclasses this movie.

In my opinion it was practically a miracle that the song got honored by the three biggest award firms because the movie is nothing special and a lot of times brilliance goes unnoticed when it is contained in a sub-par film. Also the song got very little radio airplay; the video only appeared occasionally on VH-1.

At any rate, other than the superlative song, there are some cute dog scenes in this movie. And Debi Mazar is definitely a highlight as the 101 Dalmatians inspired villain.

My best recommendation is to watch the music video for the song. It includes all of the best highlights from the film (the aforementioned cute dog scenes), you'll hear the incredible song and get glimpses of the stunningly cute Ashley Hamilton and not end up hating him because of the schmuck his character ends up being in the film.

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They don't make movies like this any more; not even Spielberg does..., 24 December 2006

What can I say, this film is a triumph on every level. It has top notch acting, a rock solid screenplay, dazzling visual effects that hold up even today, and a wonderful musical score by John Williams.

This is one of the movie greats, and certainly should never EVER be remade. Spielberg hits every note with this film. Audiences back in 1977 had never seen anything like this and it's almost a shame it didn't beat "Star Wars" to the theaters. Even though they are roughly two different kinds of films, I think "Star Wars" stole some of the limelight from this one. Both films are certainly better than "Annie Hall" (which took the Oscar for that year).

I'd like Mr. Spielberg to take a look at some of his earlier work. Lately he's been making more "adult" films, and while they are also well made, they are not the caliber of the films he used to direct. A lot of themes in his earlier films deal with "childhood" and not growing up. Peter Pan has indeed grown up now, and I wish upon a star that he'll remember his youth and crank out some classics again...

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