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Popeye (1980)
Popeye Loves Carrots,Hates Spinach, 4 November 1999

yea,i too liked this ( 6-10 ) ,,a lot unfocused,but fun...but you really have to watch ray walston ( pappy ),evry scene with him is very enjoyable!.songs were annoying but grow on ya.wlliams does a 1 note performance,duvall is splendid (annoying),,,check for dennis frantz in the diner scene.

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A Good Feeling!,He-man Goes To Earth, 31 October 1999

Very Underated film,,yes not exactly like the cartoon,,but when you watch this film, it wn't matter much.....sure it upset me that he-man was never prince adam and a few characters were left out,but once you see this film ,that won't matter!,,,,i agree dolph is not the best he-man inpersonater,but he does a, above avearge job!,,frank is a excellent skelotor,,so excellent that they should of made a part II!

great fantasy,makes you feel good inside,a rarity among fantasys!

also of note is james tolkan - did a very good job as the police officer.

i give it 3 stars out of 5.

RoboCop 2 (1990)
darker,meaner,smarter film,not better..., 31 October 1999

very different from the 1st robocop,but not a off puting experience!,,,the story is a crazy twist from the first ,,,the bad guys seem to win this time around!,,,,drugs,ocp are still here.the mayor is a good new addition,the main bad guy is so-so,wellers is good too,nothing special though,,nancy allen was not meant to be in this film,,did not belong!but very dark ,entertaining film,watch it,won't ya?

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Hey...This isss gooood!, 31 October 1999

yeah,yeah i know,another kid with arnold what!,,,,great story,i mean one of the best story's ,for a fantasy!,,,jeromy irons is brilliant,,quinn is great,very interesting scene when death is...uhhhh,brought to life?,,death flows onto the earth and scares everyone out of the movie theater,,,pure genious writing here!,,,,the quick cameos are the only thing that is useless in the film.,,also another great scene,,when arnold goes in the video store only to see sylvestor stalone as the terminator,(LOL),,,very good movie, i advise you to see this one!

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Great Acting, "90's" film!, 31 October 1999

who is better in this movie?,,wellers/davis?,,i don't know,both are amazong!,,even the other actors do great,especially samuel l jackson and adam west,,yes adam west.....this will be a cult classic in the future,maybe the first non-box office cult classic?,,the french guy,who ever he is is also very good!,,,it makes you wonder why wellers doesn't act much anymore?!!,,,though not a major problem it is a little slow,so i give it a 9 out of 10.

entertaining horror, 25 August 1999

yes jeffery combs is good,,but folks lets not forget bruce abbott,who gave a great performance.david gale is good for his part(not great),,,but i love the ideas that went into this movie,,very imaginative.not scary,,but very worth the price of admission

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stands the test of time, 25 August 1999

i love this movie!yes some corny-ness,nothing major,,,no major stars,,,but cast has energy to make this a great 80's teen wendt,robert stack,harry shearer,,abe vigoda....very charming movie,.