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Strangely Hypnotic, 4 September 2000

The strength of this movie is it's enigmatic characters; a stern father and his rebellious teen taking under their wings a studious southern boy who's mother has been murdered. All these characters seemed to keep a secret. There's very little plot, however, we delight in seeing these people evolve. The lack of closure at the end might annoy some viewers.

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Very lively, 4 September 2000

This movie is very lively and poetic. Based around a romantic triangle between two teenagers and the boy's father, the movie plunges you in the ambiance of a small georgian village. Combining moments of comedy and tragedy, it succeeds in being entertaining.

Policewoman (2000) (TV)
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refreshing, 2 September 2000

This movie is a very realistic view of a police squad in a small german town as seen through the eyes of a woman recruit. She brings her way of dealing with the law, which means more than simple convictions. The strong performance of the main character, supported by good dialogues makes this flick very enjoyable.

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A waste of time, 2 September 2000

This story of a summer fling between two young men remains just that and doesn't go anywhere. The supporting cast brings nothing to the plot, as well as many scenes which do not contribute anything. The main character is depressed for no reason whatsoever and you will be too, because you will be left waiting for an explanation.

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Modern tale, 2 September 2000

The basic intrigue is rather unusual and very european: A young turkish boy is borrowed from his family to sell drugs on the street of Germany. We follow the harsh life of this kid only to be faced with a lack of closure from the story. There is generally an odd lack of explanation in the plot. All in all, the movie is cold is an emotionless.

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Great movie, 31 August 2000

A brilliant portrayal of a family living in Honk Kong slums. Evolving around the central character of a nine-year-old boy, the director shamelessly displays the hardships of these real people. Their values, their dreams.

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Hidden jewel, 28 August 2000

Set during WWII, this movie examines the perils of loyalty when a man hides a jewish neighbor in his pantry and has to deal with a friend turned german collaborator. Supported by a solid script, the performance of all the actors is excellent. Assuredly, this flick will have you thinking about your own loyalties and how far you would go to maintain them.

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Italian epic, 28 August 2000

This movie set in the 30s in Italy, details the lives of the people living in a rural area, getting ready for a big dance. The cast of characters is strong as it is common with italian epics. This charming portrayal of simpler times makes for an enjoyable movie.

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Bittersweet, 27 August 2000

The little joys, the little sorrows of a schoolboy in modern Japan make for a delicious quiet movie. The first half is dedicated to the mischievous antics of Akira and his buddies but soon things become dramatic. This movie is about friendship and loyalty. It is well done and funny.

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Simply awful, 9 July 2000

I was having high hopes from this movie since it was the first job of renowned french actor Michel Piccoli as a director. However, the absence of any storyline whatsoever had me rushing for the exit as did most of the audience at the festival showing. The characters are angry throughout what I have seen, for no explainable reason. It can hardly be called a movie, perhaps an experimental cinematographic essay. No matter, do avoid.

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