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Superb cinematography makes this a must see, 29 October 1999

The match of desert images in the first minutes and the Ry Cooder soundtrack make a lasting impression. Indeed the cinematography is stunning throughout and makes this movie a must-see. The eventual storyline as revealed is a little unconvincing, perhaps because of the casting, but it's moving nonetheless. Overall this is one of my top five all-time favourites.

Walkabout (1971)
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A great visual experience, 25 August 1999

I saw this (director's cut version) for the first time on a screen measuring 60 x 30 ft and it made a great impact - the only way to see a strongly visual film like this. Survival in the harsh but ruggedly beautiful Australian outback is the principal theme, not just humans in the environment, but men versus creatures and creatures versus other creatures. The symbolism is often heavy and obvious while the imagery is often subtle.

The 17 year old girl and younger brother are abandoned by their suicidal geologist father. They are both dressed in school uniforms, clothing reflecting an alien culture and not very practical in the environment they are in. At first the girl insists that they both maintain a smart appearance so as to give a favourable impression to others - but there is no-one around. She wears white stockings which emphasize her "whiteness" in contrast to the darkness of the native aboriginal they later encounter. There is also much subtle eroticism. At one point the girl tells her brother they should eat salt - she puts some into her hands and cups them for her brother to tongue. "It doesn't taste like salt" he says. In a later scene where the aboriginal is present she climbs and grasps the limbs of a tree with her legs and swings her lithe body around. However, she does not comprehend the aboriginal's sexual desire for her. These small examples demonstrate that there is so much contained in this film it requires several viewings to absorb it all.

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