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P.S. (2004)
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I saw a Sneak Preview of it last night., 14 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I enjoyed the movie and especially the performances. Loved Lauran Linney as usual as well as Marcia Gay Harden. I was surprised at Topher's performance as I don't like That 70's show. The story started out good and then derailed. They never follow through with the premise of the reincarnation aspect or why this guy looks like the woman's dead boyfriend. The movie just ends and I was disappointed because of that. It could have gone on and explained more but chicked out.

So, I will recommend the movie for the performances but I think the story could have been more developed.

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Horrible mess, 25 March 2003

It's rare when you can get a good Scary thriller from Hollywood. There's movies like The Ring or Mothman Prophecies or The Others which are few and far between and then theres movies like this which probably tried to make a good movie but missed. This movie starts out good and has good potential and then about 30 minutes in we are introduced to one plot contrivance after another and the characterizations are put on hold for gore and a plot that doesnt make sense. What's so surprising to me is that Lawrence Kasdan who wrote and directed my favorite Movie The Big Chill and wrote The Empire Strikes Back and Silverado had anything to do with this movie. I am looking for someone to blame for this fiasco because it was truly a horrible experience. Do we blame King, who Ive always felt is overrated in the first place, and his source material? Was he so drugged out after his accident a few years ago that he didnt know what he was doing? If you think this might be one of those cheesy B-movies, it's not even that good.

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One of the most underrated shows of the 80s, 22 August 2002

These guys dressed up before it was cool and it was often hysterical. I have a feeling this show was a bit before its time. Great cast and top notch writing made this one of the few comedy shows on TV that actually made you laugh out loud and was a real cut above most of the shows on back then.

I dont know, maybe if it were done today, it may stay on longer but this went to rerun land much too soon. I have most of them on tape but would love them to be released on DVD someday. Hey, maybe they could even do Bosom Buddies: The Movie and Ton Hanks could direct. How about it?

Zoolander (2001)
Silly, 14 April 2002

I wasn't expecting too much from this movie but I enjoyed. It made

me chuckle and laugh out loud and how often do movies do that


Ben Stiller is great as always and there are some really funny

moments in this movie skewering pop culture, Models and

Movies and even a a clothing line based on the homeless.

Politically incorrect movies are fun and this is one of them.

Do yourself a favor, sit down have a drink, maybe smoke a bowl

and and have a good time.

"Rose Red" (2002)
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I had high hopes..., 2 February 2002

But after Six hours I felt letdown. With 6 hours you can do a lot and

explain a lot but most of the time goes to reaction shots of the

people and Long shots of the house. I still dont know what happend at the end or should I say, am just

not sure. Something to do with the House and the Woman and her maid

killing the Husband because the maid was having an affair, yet

they were hanging out together at the end and killing everyone? What did that have to do with the young kid who grew up there and

came back (Matt Kesslar)? I was scratching my head by that point. Was the little girl channeling the house? Why did it stop when she

was unconcious. At the end it turned out she didnt have anything to

do with the goings on and what was with the Nancy Travis

character? Was she just mad or did the house possess her like in

the Shining? Had a few good scares but if you want to go see a good Haunted

House movie, go watch Poltergeist again or a movie that few

people have seen called Burnt Offerings.

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Overrated Hollywood Dud...., 26 January 2002

I generally like Dramas that concentrate on real life events or

movies about triumphing over difficult circumstances but I believe

this movie reduced everything to a TV movie of the week mentality. The main character was unlikable, I didn't understand how his

student was even mildly attracted to such a big doofus with no

social skills and it was paint by number plotting from start to finish.

Guy meets girl, acts like an ignoramus (but he's a genius) and

they conveniently get married, he starts having problems and BAB,

she's pregnant. He starts acting strange and throwing stuff and

she gets scared. Give me a break. I've seen this countless times over and over

again. This trivializes Mental Illness to a point where I was rolling my eyes

and waiting for the credits. Its too bad that after years of working in the Business that Ron

Howard doesn't know the difference between a contrived and

cliched piece of work. the music was cranked to pull on our emotions all at the right

spots. The performances were schmultzy and overly melodramatic.

And this won a Golden Globe? Further proof that Hollywood is

corrupt. Pop Cinema at it's best.

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Hollywood Gipped us again, 21 January 2002

I really liked the first movie. It was jevenile but funny for a nice

laugh. The second one on the other hand tries to be crude and as

funny as the last one and it fails miserably. The whole cast is back in bits and pieces of various scenes clued

together but theres not much story and the cast seemed like they

know that. I wanted to like this movie but it was bad and I dont mean in a

good way. It was cranked out to make more for them and take our

money away. Alot of Actors from the first one are here but they

arent doing anything worth watching.

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One of the few good movies of the Summer of 2001, 18 August 2001

How did this movie get maid and released? It has character

development, no car crashes, dinosaurs or Aliens to bring in the

big bucks. Wonderful movie about normal people who, straight and gay, their

friendships, relationships and their lives. This has been a really bad Summer for movies and the good

movies worth watching are far and few between. I liked the characters, I liked the witty dialoge and the Actors were

very enjoyable. Lisa Kudrow shows up in a bit part, Doris Roberts

and Andrea Martin (one of my favorites) and Christina Ricci. They

are all supporting to the main characters.

Check this one out. A good movie to help wash out the taste of all

those empty Blockbusters of the Summer.

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Finally a good Summer movie for the Summer of 2001, 21 July 2001

After another dreary Summer of Hollywood candy that you forget once you leave the theatre, a movie with substance thats fun as well. You get Comedy, Drama and ...Character Development!? We cant forget some really great music too.

If you want to see something different and something that will stay with you. Something that will move you and make you laugh; go see this. I really hope that Hollywood watches and learns from this movie but I really doubt it.

Dude, what were you expecting?, 8 July 2001

People on here make me laugh. You went in to this movie thinking it was going to be an Oscar Nominee? I am always saying, if you read my other reviews that Hollywood is always cranking out a teen movie a month and they are paint by number crap. Sure, this is no Brain surgery but I sat down with some friends and we laughed. The thing is, this is nor your typical teen comedy, it has some stoner guys, yeah, but they meet a lot of weird people on their way to find their car. Stoner Dogs, Alien Woman and Men and killer Ostriches. If anything, I think it mocks the teen genre. I excepted it for what it was, fun and I had a good time. Its right up there with Romy and Michelle and Dumb and Dumber. Sooo, Dudes, check it out., Party a bit and have a fun time.

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