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An entertaining film, with many noteworthy happenings
2 August 2000
From the minute I started watching this film, I knew I'd have fun. Paulette Goddard, in the role of Southern belle Loxi, conjured up images of what would have been if she had been cast as Scarlett in Gone With the Wind four years earlier, instead of Vivien Leigh. Her accent and the dresses could confuse anyone about which movie she was in, "Wind" or "Wind"! And it didn't hurt that there was a "Mammy" look-alike, and Goddard's character used the famous Scarlett phrase, "Fiddle-dee-dee!" Although Vivien Leigh was unbeatable in Gone With The Wind, it surely would have been wonderful to see Goddard in the role.

I also found myself switching opinions on who Loxi should be with--Sea man John Wayne or Lawyer Ray Milland. At the end, I was a little displeased about what happened and who she ended up with, but all in all I thought it was a great movie.

On a side note, I must say that when I saw the giant squid in the finale, I laughed out loud. I'm no squid expert, but it's eyes looked like those glue-on Googlie eyes that come on trolls, but in an extra large size. But if you ignore that, it is suspensful. Rent it and enjoy!
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Modern Times (1936)
One of the funniest movies (silent or talkie) ever!
15 March 2000
This movie is a must see for anyone who loves comedies. Charlie Chaplin is at his all-time best as the Tramp, and he has wonderful chemistry with Paulette Goddard's Gamin. Together, they provide an hour and a half of non-stop laughs. My favorite parts are when he is fed by a "modern" machine that goes awry, and then when Charlie goes crazy in the factory. The situations and expressions are hilarious! Please see this movie definitely will not regret it.
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