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Not quite lost, 7 July 2004

Happily the series is not lost after all. Theatrical versions were released to DVD in France and Italy some time ago.

Now, finally, a Spanish movie magazine has released the complete six-episodes series to limited edition DVD! Bad news for some of us is that only a Spanish language track is included, with no subtitles. (If that is unacceptable to you, well, you'll have track down one of the old VHS releases then - and that'd be of the theatrical version only. No complete release in English is known to exist.) But at least it's available, so get it while you can. I've heard that the initial batch sold out almost instantly, to the complete surprise of the magazine staff.

Anyway, let's hope someone will release an English language version. If necessary, do a brand new dub! (Omar Sharif is still around, after all.)

P.S. Watching the complete series again I marvel at how faithful to Jules Verne the producers were. Well, they did crank up the scifi elements a bit, but then again Verne is considered the grandfather of Science Fiction, isn't he?

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Creepy little film, 9 August 2001

I've read about the atrocious English language dub, but my copy of the film is the Dutch rental video with the original German dialogue and it sounds fine. The film itself is gritty and realistic in tone. Five astronauts return from years in space only to find a seemingly desolate Earth. No radio signals, deserted ruins, sparse vegetation etc. At loss at what to do next they decide to head North, but without sufficient food and water supplies, how long will they last? The line between reality, hallucinations due to dehydration (and possible radioactive sickness) and flashbacks to their exploration of Jupiter moon Ganymedes is constantly blurred. Recommended.

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One of the worst spaghetti westerns ever made!, 23 July 2001

DJANGO AND SARTANA'S SHOWDOWN IN THE WEST is unquestionably one of the worst spaghetti westerns ever made. Directed by the infamous Demofilo Fidani on a non-existing budget, with long intervals of absolutely nothing happening and what little does happen isn't anything to write home about either. If you must, watch it for Gordon Mitchell who is genuinly funny as the crazy gang leader who is engaged in a poker play with his mirror image for the most of the film. By the way Django and Sartana doesn't even have a showdown!

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A kinky peplum!, 16 June 2001

For it's time - 1960 - REVENGE OF THE BARBARIANS is surprisingly erotic. Not only does it star voluptuous Daniella Rocca who oozes sex, it also contains two rather kinky scenes of females being whipped, the second even leading to a bit of s/m love-making, preceding Mario Bava's controversial film on that very subject, THE WHIP AND THE BODY, by two years.

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A very weird experience!, 6 June 2001

The extremely obscure Kirk Morris vehicle MACISTE, AVENGER OF THE MAYANS (the English title although I've never managed to locate any English language print) is a very weird experience even as sword & sandal goes, since the film in fact consists mostly of footage from FIRE MONSTERS VS THE SON OF HERCULES (starring Reg Lewis) and COLOSSUS AGAINST THE HEADHUNTERS (starring Kirk Morris) with new linking material featuring Morris added. Poor Reg Lewis has been almost completely eliminated from the footage (but if you look closely it's still him who throws the spear at the water dragon). Cramming together the plots of two different films into one makes the scenery fairly crowded - after all FIRE MONSTERS introduced three different tribes - and now there's no less than five of them fighting each other in turns. Plus the director tosses in a cheesy cave-dwelling giant to tip the powerscale!

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Lowbudget fun, 3 May 2001

This film looks like it was made on an extremely tiny budget. It has some of the grotesque humour found in classic splatter horror films of the eighties, but is surprisingly low on gore (except for a few nasty incidents). The acting is mostly amateurish. Good fun. "I want a young strong heart and I want it now!"

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Extremely rare peplum, 6 March 2001

IN THE SHADOW OF THE EAGLES is an extremely rare peplum directed by Ferdinando Baldi, apparently shot back-to-back with his MASSACRE IN THB BLACK FOREST. Cameron Mitchell more or less repeats his role from that film, staring as a Roman general matching wits with a rebellious tribe of barbarians at the border of the Empire. Recommended.

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Watched it 20 times - at least!, 30 January 2001

I've watched SEVEN SAMURAI the first 20 times - at least. It's my number one favorite film, so that's hardly surprising. Despite being 3hour15min aprx long the film never drags, on the contrary it's nice to have time to learn the characters and what drives them well. For rainy Sunday afternoon...

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A very hard to find film!, 14 December 2000

This film is extremely rare. I watched it on Danish tv when I was kid - something like 26 years ago! - and have been hunting it ever since. Finally I tracked down a German rental tape, but apparently no English language video exists?? THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND OF CAPTAIN NEMO stays fairly close to the source (in the book Jupiter is an orangutan, not a chimpanzee, ok, that's a very minor detail). However the film adds som weird sci-fi touches. Back then I was very fascinated by the remote rayguns with which Captain Nemo (Omar Sharif!) protects his realm, while today they admittedly look suspiciously like car lights on sticks. But the film is still great fun.

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The return of the Knights who say "ni", 26 November 2000

A British aristocrat played by Peter Cushing is killed by the Knights who say "ni" and it's up to his son coming all the way from America to solve the case. The whole thing is extremely silly, but Donald Pleasence, the head of "The Knights of Avalon" (a society dedicated to the medieval values of live, unfortunately gone vigilante), manages to look fairly omnious in full knights armour. Quite hard to track down these days.

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