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This is how you make a real film., 13 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A pleasant surprise in an unpleasant way. This is not a slick Hollywood joyride. But a very gritty film depicting a kidnapping that plays out very true to life. In it's absurdities as well as it's logic. I highly recommend this film for it's suspense and refreshingly no nonsense attitude. It's not a branded cash cow, neither is it breathtakingly original. But it is true to itself and well worth your time.

Now I'd like to say a few words about something that I see often in comments online. You hear people complain about endings being predictable or cookie cutter. Now first off, this film had good twists and turns throughout, to the last minute I was guessing as to how it would end and what would happen to the people involved. It was cleverly written and well acted. And still people complain about the ending. Which I for one liked. What many seem to have a problem appreciating is when a film stays true to it's story. The plot works, the story is solid and follows the themes it wants to convey. Now I know it may sound like the movie has the awwww ending. But this is not a happily ever after story. It is true that many films have forced "good" endings, for the sake of appeasing the stupid masses. But if a movie has a weird ending, just for the sake of being different, that's just as bad. People should stop trying so hard to be different for the sake of being unique. You already are. So drop the act. Don't think you're hip and indie just because you do your best to be the opposite of everything else. It's nothing new, it's called growing up.

*** Spoiler ***

** ** ** The ending was a proper one, the girl got away and the two criminals got what was coming to them. They where both wrong in what they did, and why. Even if they where still human, Alice had the moral upper ground, relatively speaking. You can debate if she did the right thing going off with the money, but she deserved to make it out. Also her father might be the biggest asshole of them all, for all we know. We do know he disowned her. Call it karma or poetic justice, but it's all just solid storytelling. The ending was also a clever word-play on the title, which was a nice touch.

How not to write comedy, 18 December 2010

First off Ferrel is a hit or miss actor, he can be excellent or just stupid, so I guess I mostly blame Adam McKay for this poor execution. And Wahlberg should just stay away from comedy.

When writing comedy for film there are two things you do not do. You do not explain the joke and you do not telegraph the joke. Doing this will spoil the joke. If you are a professional writer you should know this. These basic concepts are constantly broken with each and every joke in this movie. It's over the top, but in a bad way. All I could hear was "This is a joke. We are being funny. Please laugh when the sign that says 'Laugh Now' lights up."

When you are pointing out the fact that you are trying to be funny. You are insulting the intelligence of the audience. Let the watcher decide if your joke is funny or not."This was a smart idea..." Yes, we got the pun already. ha. ha. If I think the joke was bad or did not get it, let it pass. I might find the next joke funny. Don't hit me over the head with it. The movie also has the bad taste to beat dead horses. Jokes that where mildly amusing at best the first time around where repeated, often several times. The second time you know it's going to be a running joke and the third and so on,then it's just painful. Comedy is supposed to be spontaneous, take you off guard and if it's also witty, then it really hits home. This movie does neither.

What really boggles me though is after sitting through this movie, getting increasingly bored by it at a steady pace. It ends with a political statement. After the movie goes out of it's way to make sure I can't take it seriously, even as a comedy. It then has the audacity to try and make a point. By then I couldn't care less about anything coming from this movie. It had already lost my attention.

I have only two possible explanations for this movie. Either it was written by an amateur, or the entire movie is a scriptwriters inside joke. Realizing this is the writer/director behind stepbrothers, which was stupid, but at the same time undeniably hilarious. I know he can do better, so I have to conclude it's a stumbling attempt at the later.

**Minor spoiler** It was clear already from the two super-cops that the movie tries to poke fun at the genre, but it really got to me with the explosion scene. It's so overplayed and the point is so painfully obvious that it simply does not work. Everyone knows (ok a few people might not, IE. children) that Hollywood physics are laughable. It's one thing to spoof that, but it's another to drag on about it. You are undoing the punchline of your own joke. And don't get me started on the final shootout scene, it's not even worth bothering with. **End spoiler**

Wanted (2008)
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"The rule of cool" is not a good enough excuse for this., 6 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"The rule of cool" is what this entire movie lives on. But it does not work. No. Because there is no suspension of disbelief. This movie p***ed me off because it was constantly insulting my intelligence with a straight face. The plot and the characters are completely random and non-nonsensical. "Oh, he's just saying that", I bet you're thinking. Which is why in the following there are Spoilers (can hardly call it that though, since none of it has any significance to what you would call a story).

So what is so random? How about exploding rats and magical baths that cure any wounds instantly. Having increased blood-flow will give you lightning reflexes and godlike stamina, despite the fact that you have lived your entire life as a shy accountant. Becoming a master assassin is simple, just let strange people abuse you for a while. A main character that goes to any length to avenge the death of a father he has never known in his entire life, twice. Yeah and spying on someone, never letting yourself be known or do anything at all to intervene with their life, shows you care. Also you should kill people you know nothing about, simply because someone tells you their name. Making a train derail on a bridge, killing hundreds of innocents is justified, in order to kill one man who is opposing an organization of assassins who operate by the rules of a cult. If you suddenly hit your office co-worker hard enough to punch out their teeth they will obviously think you are "the man". The list goes on.

There are as many plot holes as action sequences (ie. a lot) and every action sequence completely disregards the laws of physics, for no apparent reason. This is only attempted to be explained once by "your heart beats faster then a regular human, therefore you can shoot the wings of a fly." Literally. But even if you can swallow that, this only applies to two people in the movie, yet everyone apparently has blatant superhuman abilities. Laws of nature does not apply as long as people die. What? No. No movie, just no. Bad movie!

As the movie progressed I cared less and less about the characters or what was going on. None of it made any sense. After a while I was just waiting for the pink elephants to marsh in playing their trombones.

The action itself should at least be cool, but it's all completely ridiculous. The movie can not even pull of a decent exiting scene because I just could not buy into any off it. "Gun Kata" galore, the art of automatically knowing where everyone is so you don't even need to see them to shoot them. And guns that dead people drop just conveniently fall into your hands if you are bad-ass enough. Shooting with a gun that has an object stuck in the barrel makes it backfire! Writers, read a ****ing book! Even Street Fighter the movie was fun because you could at least get a good laugh out of it. This is just mind numbing.

A weaving machine produces a weave that a secret organization translates into binary code, getting ASCII letters that spell out the names of people who have to die. Why? Because fate says so...

How are you supposed to be able to take that seriously. A five year old on drugs would not blurt out something like that. And from there it just gets worse... Yet the movie seems to take itself dead serious. This is not satire. If you believe enough, you can shoot bullets in arcs around objects and hit targets... NO! You can't just do random stuff for absolutely no reason at all. It does not matter how good your CGI effects are. It's still entirely pointless. Writing random words on bullets that fly by is not clever. It's abuse of rendering power that the CGI department could be using to make something worthwhile.

I wish I could unsee this movie. A movie that has Morgan Freeman and Angelina Jolie. They alone should be able to make the movie at least watchable. Just goes to show that no matter how much money you pour into a worthless script and a director that only cares about special effects, it will not produce gold.

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See it, its definatley worth 6 minutes of your time!, 1 October 2003

The song was ok, nothing more. But the animation is great, Its interesting to see a storyline produced without a word said... the story even manages to have some twists to it, some humor and beautifull images (and angels, love angels...), dispite the meager song, I feel happy whenever I see this small piece. See it, its definatley worth 6 minutes of your time! Average 8.7(10)

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A top Anime., 1 October 2003

A top Anime. Great animation, good action. A moody, exellent soundtrack. Very interesting story, deals with questions like "What is life?", and technology, is it helping us advance? a bit creepy, but intersting. slick, cool characters. Definatley one of the best. Average 9.8(10)

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This is one of the most interesting animes I have ever seen., 1 October 2003

This is one of the most interesting animes I have ever seen. First of all forget the two last episodes of the original series, they can be interesting for the hardcore fan, otherwise dont bother. instead see "The end of evangelion" the film that replaces the last episodes. Now, what makes Evangelion so interesting is its development as you watch episode after episode and finaly the movie. At first its childish then it rolls over to cool, cruel, deep, and finaly totally Morbid. the story is interesting, so is its point and it twists in verry unexpected ways. The action is Ok, but there is much more to it, but if you are not prepared to think and feel alot and have a weak stomach you will not enjoy this anime. Otherwise, a must see... Average 9.3(10)

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As an pure action film, is perfecly Ok., 1 October 2003

As an pure action film, is perfecly Ok. It has lots of cool fightning, if you like the gory, morbid sort. The animation is good enogh. So if you like a good ass kicking, creapy yet rediculous bad guys, and think a good story(Though I have seen worse) and character developement is for pussies, this is a film for you. If you like this, go see, "Sword for truth", its basicaly the same. Average 4.2(10)

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Verry nice!, 1 October 2003

Verry nice! Loved this film, it was a funny film, made me happy. The animation and characters where great. But it was not deep enough to make an impression, although it was better than your run of the mill. It is not the kind of film you feel you want to see again. But it was well worth a watch. Average 8.7(10)

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A good anime., 1 October 2003

A good anime. Basicaly a standard Dungeons and Dragons setting. the characters are very steriotypical, but it all comes together in an enjoyable way. This film is for Fantasy fans, others will probably not enjoy it as much. The story has some interesting twists. Its not that original, but it is a perfecly good fantasy series, which is very, very rare indeed. just dont take it too seriousley. Average 7.2(10)

Akira (1988)
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Mindblowing..., 1 October 2003

A real classic. The story is a bit hard to follow, I had to see several times before i could fully grasp this film (but it was one of the first animes I saw so Nowadays Im used to The trickier bits of Japanese storytelling). Not that it was bad the first time. Akira has loads of two things, Action and thought, and they can be enjoyed seperatly. whitch is probably the films greatest strength. Any way you see it the most fitting word to describe this film is one word: Mindblowing... Average 10(10)

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