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Hodgepodge of Fun, 10 April 2002

One of Hanna-Barbera's best shows was this combination of live action, cartoons, vaudeville and rock n' roll. The cartoon shorts on the show are seldom seen gems today--"The Three Musketeers", "Gulliver's Travels", "The Arabian Nights". "Danger Island" was a live action serial about a group of people trapped on an island plagued by modern day pirates. A young Jan Michael Vincent was part of the cast, and Richard Donner ("Lethal Weapon") directed the episodes. In between the cartoons and "Danger Island", the Splits sang, cracked jokes, and tried to avoid confrontations with a local gang (apparently made up of kids who would dance into their clubhouse with threatening messages).

"Blind Date" (1999/I)
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How To Ruin A Date, 10 April 2002

The best thing about this show are the "thought bubbles" and cartoon drawings that supposedly tell what the couples are really thinking. Those are very funny. I have to wonder though--where do they find some of those people? From what they say in the little intro before the cameras start following them on their dates, I get the impression that most of the participants are 1) sex obsessed, 2) have huge egos, 3) very immature, 4) lacking social skills, 5) crazy. Do they even want lasting relationships?

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Desperate Dating, Bad Choices, 10 April 2002

I feel sorry for twentysomethings dating today, judging by the people that I see on this program. Once in awhile, the person who has their pick of four people at least has one person in the bunch who is halfway decent, but not often. The four who are scrambling to be "the one" say and do some of the silliest/outrageous/dumb stuff to win. It's even worse when there are four women competing for one man; there have been near catfights, and almost X-rated play. The stuff that takes place on this show is laughable, as well as a good primer about how NOT to act on a date.

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Great Fun, 9 April 2002

I used to see this show very late at night. It was always on around 2 or 3 AM late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. It was a great mix of music videos, short films and off the wall cartoons ("Bambi vs. Godzilla" was one of them). Very cool late night viewing for night owls such as myself. I believe most of episodes centered around different themes, and everything that was shown flowed smoothly within the subject matter. I wish there was a similar show like it on today; however, there was better music to work with back them.

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Teenybopper Pablum, 5 April 2002

I grew up watching "The Monkees", and "The Kids From C.A.P.E.R.". Both were superior to this wanna-be nonsense. The group's songs are worse than bland. The plots on the show were uninspired and boring. It's just a waste of TV time watching sickenly cutesy antics of a pre-packaged pop group. Only those under the age of twelve might find S Club 7 entertaining, and maybe not even then.

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Was It Supposed To Be Funny?, 7 March 2002

Absolutely one of the worst situation comedies ever put on the air. Family Matters was a very poor man's "The Cosby Show" before the writers and producers beefed up the Steve Urkel character. The show was boring and uninspiring. After Urkel was given a major spotlight, the show turned into pure dreck! I opted out of watching it early on, and only saw episodes of it if I was at my mom's or my sister's houses (they loved the show for some strange reason). I don't get it--Reginald VelJohnson's character had kids of his own to contend with. Why would he take up so much with the neighbor kid, and an extremely annoying kid at that? The core family characters just got pushed aside in favor of irritating Urkel's character, and from what I understand from watching a "Biography" episode about VelJohnson, the rest of the cast members were not happy about that.

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Not "Dynomite"!, 7 March 2002

This was yet another attempt at TV making a series from a movie. It was not successful. "Bustin' Loose" was not that good of a vehicle for Richard Pryor, who starred in the film. It was not a good fit for Jimmie "J.J." Walker, either. The TV plot was based on the same premise as the movie. A guy got caught doing something illegal, and was given the choice of going to jail or helping some troubled kids. Walker was supposed to be playing a con man, but I guess audiences could not get the J.J. Evans character from "Good Times" out of their minds. I remember the kids were stock characters: the cute one, the tough one, etc. A low laugh factor caused this show to die an early death.

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Not Given A Chance, 7 March 2002

This hospital drama was not given a chance to grow. That is the problem with TV programming today: years ago, shows were given time to be seen and perhaps, improve. It's amazing that any TV series stay on longer than a month these days, because advertising dollars have come to account for more than quality programming. This was not a bad show. However, it did have some strikes against it. Some of the plots appeared to be the same old standard ones that always crop up in hospital dramas (but then the show wasn't on long enough to see if it would branch out). Also, the majority of the principal characters were African-American, and it is a sad fact of American TV that audiences and TV executives are more comfortable when African-Americans are being funny than being serious. You would think that by this time there would be as many African-American TV dramas as there have been comedies, but it hasn't happened yet.

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A Regular Guy, 6 February 2002

Emeril is the man when it comes to cooking. I wish I could be in his audience, and sit up front so I get a first taste of the delicious looking meals he puts together! Emeril is popular because he comes off as a regular guy, not a haughty culinary snob. It is very apparent that he loves food and the art of cooking. He explains everything and makes it look like anyone in the viewing audience could make the meals. A lot of cooking shows are stale and some are deadly boring, but Emeril makes it fun.

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Comic Genius, 20 December 2001

Dave Allen was one of the best storytellers I have ever heard. He would draw an audience into a tale, then zap them with a witty ending. I miss seeing this show on public TV. Someone needs to put this out on video! Today's comedians could take excellent notes from Mr. Allen.

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