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Not Really Half Funny, 24 April 2003

A mediocre sitcom who's only saving grace are the actresses who play the moms of the half-sisters. They liven up the show whenever they appear on screen with their catty remarks towards each other. Their father seems to be an interesting character, but he only appears every once in awhile. The male friend of Mona is bland and predictable. If the show goes on any longer, they'll probably make him a love interest of Mona. I like that one of the half-sisters is bi-racial, and they are not typical finger-poppin', jive-talking, sassy, neck-rolling Sapphires like some African-American female characters on other TV shows. However, the show is not that funny.

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Little Known, But Good, 5 December 2002

This was a family drama that ran on PBS stations in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The focus was on a middle class African-American family. The dad owned a small construction business, and his wife held a management position at a bank. They had two teenage kids, a girl and a boy. Also in the cast was a teenage girl who was a cousin to the kids. I remember that most of the episodes focused on challenges that the teens faced, such as interracial dating, drugs, peer pressure, etc. Other issues dealt with on the show included poverty, broken family relationships, and racism. The show didn't run for a long time, but it stood out as an good early attempt at an African-American dramatic TV series.

Barbershop (2002)
Slice of Life In Chicago, 11 September 2002

Ice Cube seems to get better and better with each film he appears in. In "Barbershop", the rapper is the owner of a financially troubled barbershop who realizes he's made a mistake after selling it to a local loan shark. Cedric The Entertainer steals every scene he's in, and Keith David does a good job as the oily loan shark. Anthony Andrews plays another put upon man, this time, a clueless criminal involved the robbery of an ATM. There's a lot of good laughs, as well as some poignant moments. Overall, a good slice of life about an aspect of African-American life.

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Revealing Stories In Texas, 19 July 2002

This is a documentary about what went into making the films, "The Last Picture Show" and its sequel, "Texasville". There are comments from the townspeople, some of whom seem like direct inspirations for the characters in "The Last Picture Show". Peter Bogdanovich and the actors who appeared in the films talk about their participation in the films, and how the experiences affected their lives. There are some things revealed here, esp. from Timothy Bottoms, that are surprising as well as poignant. It's on video, and well worth the time.

The Gift of Love (1978) (TV)
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Very Sweet and Romantic, 13 July 2002

Marie Osmond plays a rich girl being raised by her uncle and aunt (June Lockhart). Her guardians encourage a courtship and possible marriage to a nice but boring guy (James Woods). Osmond does not want to spend the rest of her life as pampered wife who does nothing but give society parties. She meets an immigrant, played by Timothy Bottoms, and they fall in love. However, her guardians disapprove of the match because Osmond's late mother allegedly threw her life away by falling in love with a poor man. Bottoms has his own problems--he's only supposed to stay in America long enough to make a little money, then go back home and enter into an arranged marriage.

This movie is based on an O. Henry story called, "The Gift of the Magi". It's a very sweet and romantic tale with a Christmas theme. Osmond and Bottoms are very believable as the young couple.

A Little Game (1971) (TV)
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Creepy Gem, 14 June 2002

The kid in this movie is every adult's nightmare. The boy pulls one heinous trick after another, including murder, to get his way. As usual, another character suspects the kid of wrongdoing, but no one believes the little darling is capable of mayhem. One of the best creepy made for TV movies from the 1970's.

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Adventures of A Teen Witch, 8 May 2002

Sabrina was part of "The Archies" universe, and her popular comic book spawned this Saturday morning cartoon. Sabrina lived in a creepy house with her two aunts, who were also witches. She was also surrounded by friendly monsters (a werewolf, a vampire, etc.) who stayed in and out of misadventures. I remember that the show focused more on Sabrina's monster friends then her.

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Silly Pablum, 11 April 2002

I'm so glad I did not waste my money to see this in the show. Unfortunately, I saw it on video. This movie never rises above the level of a mediocre made for TV movie. How many times have stories about babysitting teens been done? Did we really need to see one more? The plot also plays into the worst stereotypes about big cities vs. the supposedly pristine suburbs. A waste of film.

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Desperate Dating, Bad Choices, 10 April 2002

I feel sorry for twentysomethings dating today, judging by the people that I see on this program. Once in awhile, the person who has their pick of four people at least has one person in the bunch who is halfway decent, but not often. The four who are scrambling to be "the one" say and do some of the silliest/outrageous/dumb stuff to win. It's even worse when there are four women competing for one man; there have been near catfights, and almost X-rated play. The stuff that takes place on this show is laughable, as well as a good primer about how NOT to act on a date.

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Aisha Makes It Funny, 10 April 2002

I could not get into this show when Henson and Kinnear were hosting it. Now that Aisha Tyler is the host, I find this show very funny. It's not the clips of the talk shows, it's the other skits that her and the cast are involved in. She just lights up the camera when she is on.

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