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You Know How It Goes, 23 April 2004

Ms. Moore and Mr. Brosnan made for a likeable pair in this movie. However, when you break it down, it's still the same old tired romantic comedy plot that's been done to death. Boy meets girl, there's some initial dislike and/or rivalry between them, and the world is alright for them at the end. Even the usual tricks that come with this type of plot are tired--although there is bit involving a pair of panties that was very amusing. I absolutely loved Francis Farmer in this film. Besides looking fabulous, she was a hoot as Moore's fast-living, but wise mom. Whenever Ms. Farmer was onscreen, the movie became lively for too brief moments. Parker Posey had some good moments, as well. This is not a boring movie, but you leave the theater knowing you have seen this before.

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Powerful, 15 April 2004

There were many anti-drug made for TV movies in the 1970s. This is probably the best one of the lot (outside of "Go Ask Alice"). Robbie Benson was excellent in the role of a troubled teen who is caught up in drug addiction. There was a scene where he was in his room, crying after a particularly bad day at high school. Benson did an exemplary job of showing the kid's isolation and loneliness. Ben Gazarra was also excellent in the role of the father who ultimately has to made a hard decision concerning his son. I remember being outraged at the ending, but looking back on it, I understand why it had to come to that conclusion. I have noticed that some made for TV films have been released on video and DVD. This one should be released as well.

She Cried Murder (1973) (TV)
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Murderous Chase, 15 April 2004

I saw this made for TV movie when I was in grade school. It was a suspenseful cat-and-mouse story, and Savalas was very scary as the bad guy. I'm still trying to figure out why no one else in that busy subway station saw Savalas push that woman onto the tracks other than Ms. George. The murder that sets the story off is mean and horrific, even by today's standards. The fun is in watching Ms. George become more and more desperate as Savalas closes in on her. The final chase scene is a nail biter! As far as made for TV suspense flicks from the seventies go, this was one of the good ones. I wonder what ever happened to Lynda Day George? She was all over TV back in the day.

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Music and Messages, 14 April 2004

This comedy drama ran on PBS stations during the early 1980's. Elizabeth Daily (the voice of Buttercup on "The Powerpuff Girls") was one of the members of a multi-cultural teenage pop band who dealt with and attempted to solve social problems. One episode had the band expose a racist doctor who was sterilizing the African-American women who came to his office without their knowledge. I believe Ms. Daily stayed on this short-lived show to the end, but their were cast changes among the other band members. This wasn't a bad show, just a little heavy handed sometimes in driving their messages across. I do remember that some of the songs they did were not originals. However, Ms. Daily did have a nice singing voice. PBS seemed to run quite a few shows similar to this during the late 1970s and early 1980s ("Up and Coming" and "Watch Your Mouth!" were two of the others), with youthful casts. I wish some of these obscure shows were appear somewhere on video or DVD.

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Southern Tomfoolery, 14 April 2004

I never saw the original version of the film, so I can't compare the two. However, this version did grow on me a few days after seeing it. No, it is not knock down funny, but it is amusing. Unfortunately, the members of the gang, other than Hanks' haughty professor character, didn't have much depth to them. I liked how Hall and Hanks played off of each other. Her character was naive, but not dumb. I liked George Wallace as the small town sheriff. Then came Wayans, playing the typical thugged out character that has been seen in too many films and needs to be put to rest. However, seldom have I seen a movie where the music comments on the characters and the actions perfectly.

"Jambo" (1969)
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Animal Adventure, 1 October 2003

This Saturday morning live action show took place in Africa, and animals figured prominently in it. Unlike similar shows like "Daktari", "Flipper", "Gentle Ben", etc., this show wasn't all that interesting. It was more like watching a kid's version of "Wild Kingdom", but without much action. I also disliked this show because it ran opposite of reruns of "The Monkees" on CBS, and every once in awhile, my younger sister would make my mother force me to let her watch "Jambo".

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Old Plot, Decent Laughs, 24 September 2003

Unfortunately, the situation that Dwayne Martin's character is in--dealing with his soon-to-be ex-wife with whom he has a child, and keeping up a relationship with his new love--is too commonplace these days. The catty exchanges between Elise Neal ("The Hughleys") and Lisa Raye ("The Players Club") are amusing, and they feel very true to life. However, for this show to survive, it has to rely on other plot devices other than the two women sniping at each other every week. The little boy who plays Martin and Raye's son is very cute; hopefully, a good portion of the episodes will also deal with the son's adjustment to his parents' broken relationship.

"Eve" (2003)
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Not Every Rap Star Can Carry A Series, 24 September 2003

I watched the premiere episode partially because a) I do like Eve as a rap artist, b) UPN hyped it so much, and c) I had to have something to do until "Girlfriends" came on. The fact that there were so few laughs, and the premise has been done to death in one variation or another throughout TV history, will not make me want to tune in again. There isn't much chemistry between Eve and Jason George's characters. Ali Landry as a former super model with issues? How many times have we seen that? George's street-wise best male pal? A tired stereotype that needed to be retired a long time ago. Eve herself has a likeable presence, but her character needs more spark.

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Comedy In The Corps, 15 August 2003

I was very small when this show was on, and only remember bits and pieces of plots. I do remember that McKeever was in military school-- he was not a bad kid. However, the boy stayed in trouble because of plans he made that went wrong. One of the military personnel who worked at the school was sympathetic to McKeever. The other old soldier who ran the school was not, and that's where the comedy came out of. It was a pleasant show.

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Wacky One Season, 11 June 2003

The Partners was a parody of cop shows. It lasted one wacky season on NBC. Don Adams was fresh off of "Get Smart", which had been canceled the season before. Once again, Adams played a bumbling guy who always managed to save the day, despite of himself. Rupert Cross, a fine comic actor in his own right, was his partner. The rest of the cast were populated with good comic actors. Unfortunately, TV tastes were changing--"All In The Family" began that season, too. Audiences were ready for more harder edged fare, and lighter, goofy humor was falling out of favor. There is a made-for-TV movie of this series, mainly consisting of episodes of the show cobbled together.

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