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Live Wire (1992)
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Brosnan at his best., 1 September 1999

Long before his stint as James Bond, Pierce Brosnan did make some darn good movies. One of them is 'Live Wire'. Director Christian Duguay (The Hitchhiker series) has done a brilliant job in making Brosnan's entry into the world of action as smooth as possible. Brosnan plays Danny O' Neill, an Irish bomb defusion specialist working for the FBI's anti-terrorist division. The movie is a cat and mouse game between Brosnan's old adversary from the IRA and Brosnan himself. The IRA terrorist is out to make his millions from corrupt politicians and their wrongful ways. Ron Silver plays a Senator under threat and Brosnan is called in to protect him. The movie also intertwines Danny O' Neill's separation from his wife due to her alleged affair with the Senator (Ron Silver). All these make for very intriguing drama and fast paced yet "intelligent" action. Worth a rental definitely.

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Nighties?, 18 August 1999

If there ever was a movie that used a silly excuse to portray sex on screen, this is it. In typical erotic thriller fashion, the film relies on a very weak story. In short its about a seemingly paranoid female psychiatrist being blackmailed. She hires Steve Caldwell of the Night Eyes Agency to protect her. The psychiatrist is joined by a very mad patient who barges into and out of her office like he owns the place and a couple who strip naked and have wild sex every time they are shown on screen. One thing leads to another and Steve Caldwell is procreating with psychiatrist lady like a rabbit. There are diversions like break-ins, sabotage and anonymous phone calls in addition to horrendous screenplay during the course of the 80 minutes and finally the person behind it all is caught...but that really isn't what this is all about right?