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Excellent, 27 October 2001

This movie is hilarious. It's definately unique to other movies that are out right now because it's a "feel good movie". There's no violence, no swearing.. it's just a lot of fun. Lance Bass will surprise naysayers with his excellent performance. Emmanuelle Chriqui is a great actress and compliments Bass beautifully as they have good chemistry together. It seems like the role of Rod, Kevins best friend was made for Joey Fatone. I couldn't picture anyone better to fill it. Some people may think that the dialogue is cheesy at times, but this movie is definately entertaining.

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Awesome, 17 August 1999

Power Rangers is a great show for all ages. Not just kids. I admit it does have it's violent moments but people were violent before there was television. You can't blame tv for everything. It all depends on the mental stability of a person and what they've been taught by their parent(s)/legal guardian is right and wrong. Quit blaming tv and search for the real problem because you won't find it there.