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This movie was one of good taste. It showed the dangers of completely trusting someone over the internet as well as letting parents know the possible dangers of letting their children "chat" on-line without supervision. Jordan Ladd gave an excellent job at portraying a typical teenager. I would recommend this movie to anyone. GREAT MOVIE!!

Threesome (1994)
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Great Movie!, 17 August 1999

I really liked this movie. I was once in a similar situation, and it hit home. The title suggests that it would be really different then it turned out to be. Instead of a hot, kinky film, it was a romantic, emotional roller-coaster. Threesome is true to life, you really can't help who you fall in love with or how anything will turn out. The actors in this movie were great and lived up to their parts. This was an excellent movie, I recommend it to anyone who has gone into something, expecting one thing but left on a completely different note.