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As a standalone, fun & surprising, as a part of the ALIEN legacy, kind of silly!!!, 22 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


ALIEN: scifi, drama, horror, with a first-rate cast and very spare dry comic relief. ALIENS: scifi,action, horror, with a VERY likable cast, and some fitting comic hysteria from Bill Paxton. ALIEN 3: scifi, drama, horror, a very gifted first time director, and again, very spare comedy, almost no comedy at all, and acting wise, comparable to the first ALIEN.

ALIEN: a standalone movie, this is kind of a treat as a scifi, horror, camp-comedy. Some pluses: Like ALIENS, it has a lot of action and gunplay, and like ALIENS, it has human villains and hordes of vicious aliens. And I LOVE John Frizzell's score. Completely awesome, evoking horror and suspense. The only score I like better is Jerry Goldsmith's from ALIEN. The cast is pretty good, though I thought a few characters were pointless.

As a member of the ALIEN franchise...perhaps not so much. Minuses: I hated Michael Wincott's sleazy and uninteresting Elgyn and was happy to see him offed early. Kim Flowers' Hillard was pointless as well. Ron Perlman's Johner was insufferable in his character and dialogue: "So Ripley, I heard you, like, ran into these things before...So, like, what did you do?"

More pluses: Winona Ryder. I warned you at the beginning, if you don't want spoilers, don't read the review. As with Ash, there is a big "reveal" scene with Call. Minus the ridiculous "pretty android thinks she's disgusting" crap and a few too many F words. Even so, I liked her as Call. I liked Dominique Pinon's Vriess most of the time. I liked Gary Dourdan's Christie, but he was one character whose death was not only too damn early in the film, but totally ridiculous. Was it a suicide to save Vriess' life? Or did an alien grab him once he hit the water and take him under and kill him? Hitting the water from a ladder is not instant death, but the way Vriess was wailing, "Don't do it, Christie!" you would swear it was!

More pluses: Brad Douriff played the 2nd most evil scientist I have ever seen in history. J. E. Freeman narrowly exceeds him. This movie is a great scifi illustration of pure instinct vs. pure evil, and Wren is one evil bird. I have always seen the alien xenomorphs as instinctual creatures, not evil ones. Like lions, tigers and bears, they will kill you, but it's not because they are evil, it's because that is what they are hardwired to do, by God, by nature, by evolution, or whatever. Douriff, Freeman and their cronies? Evil as hell. The unholy glee with which these people watch the facehuggers attacking a crew up KIDNAPPED men is very sickening. So, see below...

Big minus: It was bad enough to realize the scientists are evil, no doubt seeking to build an alien army that would strike fear in the hearts of anyone opposing some fascist government somewhere. For this same reason, it was hard to really empathize with any of the pirate crew. The humans are the more evil of the villains.

Big plus: The aliens are only least until now. Sigourney Weaver delivers again, though I'm not sure why anyone felt this film had to be made. Maybe because ALIEN 3 was so dark and ultimately depressing.

And most certainly, it's preposterous to think the evil scientists could clone an ALIEN queen, as well as a Ripley, but she is great fun nevertheless. Anyway, this ain't the Ripley who died. In their evil experiment, the scientists created a Ripley who has lots and lots of alien DNA in her. In short, she is an alien who is physically a lot more strong, and mentally, a lot less kind-hearted, than her deceased human ancestor. She has just enough of the real Ripley in her to almost remember Newt, but otherwise, she grins instead of frowning when the evil scientists horribly overestimate their ability to "tame" and to "train" the aliens, and horribly underestimate the aliens' endless capacity for ingenuity. Because these aliens are also descendants of a human being, Ripley, they are "smarter," and not above killing one of their own and using it as a means of escaping their cells. Of course, the alien in ALIEN and the aliens in ALIENS were descended from humans as well.

Ripley 8 is like the aliens, half innocent predatory animal, half intelligent and kind of evil human. She only begins to realize how awful those scientists are when she meets her seven "sisters" in the medical lab, how they heartlessly keep one clone alive with tubes and machines. Ripley 8 only begins to become our hero yet again when she decides she must not let her "children" live to destroy everyone on pitiful earth, which looks like it's been thru a few nuclear holocausts lately.

I see I am really Over-analyzing this movie. It's great to see the evil Wren get his ultimate reward from one of his victims. It's also great to see the other evil scientists end up in cocoons, but wait! The Queen that they created along with Ripley 8, the OTHER mama to the fearsome xenomorphs evolves from having an insect reproductive system to a human one! No more egg-laying!!! What?! Yes, Queenie now has a uterus!!! She's having another baby!!! What a busy Mom!!! And the only thing freakier than the Newborn itself is Douriff's delirious and hilarious verbal cooing, "Beautiful, beautiful little baby!!!" That newborn is the stuff of night and daymares, be warned!!! Strangely enough, many, including myself, feel a little sad (as well as VERY repulsed) by the newborn's death sequence.

6 out of 10 due to an implausible plot and some pretty horrible dialogue and characters, but I can't help finding it a lot of fun as well.

Aliens (1986)
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Megatons of FUN, 22 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


This is many peoples' fave of the ALIEN franchise, and with good reason. It has a deepening of Ripley's (Sigourney Weaver) character (if you watch the version with lots of restored footage), more info about the girl Newt (Carrie Henn) and how she came to be orphaned and a lone survivor of a colony of over 100 people called Hadley's Hope, and lots of great characters. The prequel to this film had a pretty small cast and felt claustrophobic at times, but ALIENS seems to move more briskly, even though it's set on the same planet.

Boy, Weland-Yutani must be the epitome of evil, greedy, petty corporations. Nearly 6 decades after Ripley and Jonesy went into stasis after destroying the first Alien, this bunch of bureaucratic turds are STILL mad that she blew up the Nostromo. The oh-so-generous jerks decline to press criminal charges against her, but they revoke her license so that she has to start her life over again working at a crappy new job. Barely back on earth for a few weeks or so, she gets a knock on her door from one Carter J. Burke (Paul Reiser, before MAD ABOUT YOU) and an inexperienced Lt. Gorman (William Hope), who leads a corps of Marines. They practically beg Ripley to accompany them to the planet LV426 because suddenly the terraforming colony overseen by Weland-Yutani Corp. has not been heard from in a while and nobody can raise them. Suddenly, Ripley's account of the fearsome, acidic xenomorph seems to be a likely factor.

Among the many memorable characters are Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn, who is loved worldwide for his portrayal of this and his character in THE TERMINATOR), a low key, levelheaded marine who has to take over once Sarg Apone is killed, the obnoxious and hysterically funny Prvt. Hudson (Bill Paxton, another all time favorite of mine for 30+ years), Prvt. Vasquez (played by another Cameron/Bigelow regular, Jenette Goldstein, a wonderful chameleon of an actress), and the benevolent android Bishop (Lance Henriksen, yet another Cameron legend) who is nothing like the devious Ash of the prequel.

Needless to say, the entire colony, save Newt, has been destroyed. As I learned in the sequels, these aliens use humans not only as hosts with which to reproduce, they kill and use them for food as well. In the very first battle, most of the marines are slain, or worse, kidnapped and made into hosts for the facehugger parasites that hatch from eggs, leaving a handful of survivors. Their mission a bust, they attempt to leave the planet and make plans to "nuke the site from orbit" to ensure the annihilation of this hostile species. Suddenly Mr. Burke is very vocal about his opposition to these plans, and it's not long before he is revealed to be yet another corporate pig with greedy plans to get rich. He is the true villain here, and worse than Ash, because Ash was an android programmed to do what he was told.

Many harrowing but action packed battles later, many of our survivors are no more, and we finally meet "the bitch." Enough said. I had very high hopes about the ending...but I was in for an unpleasant surprise in the next installment of the franchise. Perhaps my 2nd favorite Cameron film. 10 stars.

Alien³ (1992)
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Good on many levels, but not the best of the ALIEN films., 21 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


ALIEN 3 is a great example of how too much meddling ruins a promising movie. This movie went thru so many re-writes and director changes it's a wonder it ever got made at all. 20th Century Fox meddled until their meddlers got sore. I can't believe someone thought a wooden planet full of monks was plausible. Luckily, this was changed into a max security prison filled with "YY" men, rapists, pedophiles, sociopaths, serial killers, you name it. Ripley and the survivors from ALIENS are in hypersleep when a fire breaks out aboard the Sulaco, and the escape lifeboat is jettisoned and crash lands on Fiorina 161, the prison planet.

One of the problems I had with this film is the fact that since everyone's head is shaved, and almost everyone is British, I had trouble differentiating one character from another. There weren't enough closeups, so many of them simply looked too "alike" for me to get to know characters. Yet everyone did a marvelous job acting, and characters such as Warden Andrews (Brian Glover), Golic (Paul McGann), and Mr. Aaron (Ralph Brown), AKA "85" were amusing as they tried to deal with Ripley's presence in their orderly world. Charles S. Dutton gives a great performance as Dillon, the "leader" of these prisoners, who are trying to live lives of order, atonement, and godliness after committing such heinous crimes.

The other problem I had is: how did 2 eggs get aboard the escape pod? How??? Did Queen Bitch lay them before her last attempt to kill Ripley, Newt and Bishop??? If you've seen the film, you know what happened with egg #1, but in the theatrical version, victim #2 is a dog, and in the "Assembly Edition," an ox.

Weaver of course is still as commanding as ever, and got an Oscar nom for this portrayal of Ripley. Not because she shaved her head either, but because she gave us even more layers. For the very reasons I was angry about the beginning of the film (the deaths of Hicks and Newt), we got to see a Ripley who has lost so much. She had developed a very deep relationship with Newt, which would have balmed the pain of losing her own daughter (outliving her due to 57 years of hypersleep drifting in space), and she had had an undeniable chemistry and friendship with Hicks as well.

She's lost everyone now, and she's not even afforded more than a few hours of closeness with Clemens (Charles Dance) the prison's chief medical officer.

I enjoyed the "Assembly Edition" so much more than the original cut. There was a much better look at the individual characters. Even though the ox was a clumsier animal than a Rottweiler to use as the unlikely host to a chestbuster, it was interesting to me. Having an alien more "doglike" than humanoid was very interesting as a twist. I also liked the addition of Junior (Holt McCallany, an actor I've liked since seeing him on CSI Miami) attempting to redeem himself after that horrible scene of Ripley nearly being raped. Another standout is Danny Webb as Morse, who after being hateful to Ripley for bringing lots of problems, one in particular, with her when she crashed, ends up a hero.

Again, not my favorite, but as long as the "Assembly Ed.) exists, it has its merits, and once you get used to the disappointing beginning, it's quite a good story with great acting.

Alien (1979)
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Suddenly became tied with "The Thing" as my fave sci-fi/horror!, 16 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a younger kid, it was ALIENS rather than ALIEN, and though I still love Cameron's ALIENS and its balls to the wall constant action and acid-shed, I have very recently come to love the subtle power that is the first ALIEN. I must first say that much of this adoration comes from the beautifully sinister score by Mr. Goldsmith, and, as I very recently learned, a piece from "Romance" by Howard Hanson. This became Ripley's theme of defeating the Alien at the end of the film. But I also love Sigourney Weaver, who will always be Ripley. If they dare to remake this film, I won't go see it. We need to learn to quit "needing" to remake everything and accept the classics as they are, products of their time. I am sick to death of CGI.

This film is a real classic, directed by the innovative Ridley Scott, and its cast includes Tom Skerrit as the temperamental and not-so- sensible Capt. Dallas, John Hurt as the tragic Kane, Veronica Cartwright as yes, the weepy but understandably terrified Lambert, Harry Dean Stanton as Brett, a mechanic of few words, Ian Holm as Ash, the science officer, the incomparable Yaphet Kotto as Parker, who was somewhat of a comic relief for a while here, and then went on to an amazing dramatic career, and last but not least, Jonesy (I'm a cat lover, OK?)

The story is simple...a space "towtruck" called the Nostromo is "lured" by a signal to a small planet to investigate. They wouldn't bother. They are only a commercial civilian vessel after all, but their employers have ordered them to investigate via "Mother" their ship's computer. You know the rest, or if you don't, you need to watch this peerless film. Then follow it up with ALIENS, the impeccably acted but disappointing ALIEN 3 (mainly due to the fact that they killed off Michael Biehn! Rackin Frackin critters at 20th Century Fox!!!), and the surprisingly good ALIEN: RESURRECTION.

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Riveting stuff, 24 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'll just get my buzzkill out of the way before praising this series...I am a feminist at heart and I get annoyed when the women seem only to serve as love interests and naked yum yum time for the males who dominate the stories. The only woman I've truly been able to admire is Polly (Helen McCrory) but even she seemed to be lost in generic maternal yawnishness for most of series 2. It was only during that moment we all wanted to come, the "Don't @!#% with the Peaky Blinders" incident in the s2 finale, that I said, "Well...there she is...good to5 have her back." Polly is nothing less than a badass b@#$t, the true leader of the Peaky Blinders, the one who makes the final decisions. Please, no more mama crap?!!

I've never been able to latch onto Grace (Annabelle Wallis) because from the start, she presented as a "half-hearted" operative, assigned to infiltrate the gang. She seemed wimpy, and of course, fell too easily in love. What were her motives for becoming a spy in the first place, aside from that sketchy IRA bit I mean? She was even more disappointing in S2. I may change my she the one person who makes Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) think about other people? Is it she who makes him think about how grabbing up all the goodies you can during your limited days on this miserable ball of mud isn't necessarily the key to contentment? If she is indeed this special of a person, I will like her more in the future. In the meantime, May could have been a really great flipside to Grace, but she's just another love interest. Nothing really special happening with her.

Crime, gangster and mobster stories are not my thing. I think these kinds of men are the dregs of society who will wipe their shoes on anyone in their path to get the things they think they want. Tommy, Arthur (a highly amusing Paul Anderson), John and the other Blinders are damaged men. They came home from brutalities we can only imagine. Their life experiences have left them...disallusioned to say the very least. Now they want what they can take. They hate the law because they feel they served their country and something is owed to them. I get it. But using people, lying to people, stomping all over people on your way to the top? We all know that on their deathbeds they will be no happier, no more fulfilled than they are now. It never ceases to amaze me. People just don't stop. Each side has to have the last word. It is war, and war is hell.

Sounds like I hate this show? Not at all. My ability to cheer on Polly while knowing she's a ruthless bitch is what entertainment is all about. Sure they're the dregs of society. Sure they're loathsome, but they are, like it or not, our protags. I find it so much easier to love and identify with Polly and Tommy than with Sam Neill's scumbubble of an agent to the Crown. He's supposed to be the good guy, but he's really slimy. Kudos, Mr. Neill!!! Actors who love their craft can be so good in a role you end up hating their guts.

No I can't say I find it perfection, but it' a great series, riveting in all its repugnance, very beautifully acted and written. It just needs stronger females aside from the formidable Polly.

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Not your average romcom, 24 November 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a new film, and my review might be BRIMMING with CRUCIAL SPOILERS, so proceed at your own wish.

Wow...just got done watching this one on OnDemand and let me just clarify that there is no prejudice in me when I say this film goes far deeper than any recent romcom I've seen. The trailer is sweet and shows the film's comic side, but I'm so happy that when I saw the film in its entirety, it presented its very dramatic side. There's no slapstick or farce here. These are real people, real problems, and real behaviours that result in real conflicts.

The one thing that nagged me is that someone should have really pointed out to Grace (Sara Paxton) that the event that lead to all of the conflict and misunderstanding took place only hours after she met Harry (Jonathan Sadowski). She and Harry were not committed to anything solid. Though I never doubted that she genuinely liked Harry, it is pretty evident early on that Harry really, really REALLY likes Grace, and her admission that she had another party of interest hit him kind of hard. In genuine distress and loneliness, he does hook up with Maren (Connie Nielsen) the beautiful sexy older woman, but let's remember, he was single. Let's also remember he was still recovering from a broken engagement, in which he was cheated on no less.

There was never a moment in this weekend where Harry was sure Grace would become someone he could have a relationship with. He didn't cheat on anybody, and even Maren was talking nothing but casual sex and fun while they were spending time together. She lied by omission when he asked her if she was divorced.

Suddenly, once something real with Grace presented itself, Maren's casual attitude evaporated and she became all to commonly bitter and scorned. I felt that in the course of this film, Harry was unfairly and repeatedly punished,tortured and manipulated by Maren. In his words, he did nothing wrong. She had motives. Though Nielsen does an amazing job, it is very hard at times to like Maren and not see her as a passive-aggressive, vengeful bitch. If her husband Phil (David Aaron Baker) hurt her so (and of course he did...I never doubted for a minute that Maren is a very sad and hurt person) why not divorce him? Why not sit his ass down and tell him, "You do that to me again, and I'm out of questions asked."

Instead, she is either testing whether she's still got "it" by sleeping with a lonely guy...or she's plain just punishing Phil from afar. If that wasn't enough to get my back up at her, she deals a harsh blow at both Harry and Grace by sending Grace a breakup text in Harry's name...because she wasn't going to let him tell Grace the truth, so that he could deal with the consequences, good or bad. She was selfish, and I discerned a desire to continue "punishing" both Harry for deciding to be with someone else, and Phil for an affair he had sometime back. It is only after everyone confesses to each other their sins as it were, that I began to believe Maren really wanted to atone for her own destructive deeds, and that she and Phil could somehow find the happiness they once knew.

Maren and Harry indeed DID NOTHING WRONG when they slept together. She had no idea Harry would end up dating her daughter. Harry had no idea Maren was Grace's mother, or that Maren was still married. I just found it sadly amazing that Harry spent most of the film punishing himself for something he shouldn't have been punishing himself for. I was very frustrated because that crucial tidbit, "Your mom and I slept together BEFORE we really had anything going on," seemed omitted. Grace was wounded, and it's hard for me to tell if she was just shocked at the fact that it's that small of a world, or if she truly thought Harry and Maren hooked up AFTER Grace and Harry began to date officially. If he had been established as Grace's boyfriend before meeting Maren, yes, I would agree with her smacking Harry in the face and shutting him out, but otherwise no.

Sorry this is so long...thought provoking movies do this to me...I love the movie, but it made me think about really made me examine its characters, and even if my review sounds like I hated the film, the opposite is true. I love character studies most of all. It is a credit to JC Khoury's writing and direction, as well as the amazing cast bringing these four complicated all too humans to life. This is the first romcom in a long time that made me cry more than laugh, but I like it.

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Root for the underdog!, 13 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I only got into this show on account of my Mom, uncle and brother, who kept saying, "This is such a funny show! Watch it!" It took them from '07 to '10 to get me to pay a little attention to it.

At first it seemed like the producers/writers/crew were trying to say to me, "Look how UNcool these geeks and nerds are around this gorgeous blonde babe." And that made me mad. Why another show making fun of smart people who aren't so good-looking or smooth, and who aren't so skilled at going to boring bars/clubs to pick up women or dressing in haute couture?

As I watched over the next few years, I began to realize I was wrong...either that or the writers' plan backfired. Who was cool? It certainly wasn't Penny (whose last name has never been divulged). Don't get me wrong. I love the character and Kaley Cuoco has done a wonderful job with the evolutionary process. She began as a bright eyed ingenue with perfect, bobbed blond hair. An angel of sorts. It's been great fun to watch her grow more and more cynical and troubled as the years pass and her career stays stale and dormant. By and by, you notice she has a bit of an issue with turning to alcohol whenever things go wrong or a major snafu occurs. In spite of her big plan, and as the years pass, she is still waitressing or barkeeping at the Cheesecake Factory, and to date has only done a Prep H commercial, The Diary of Anne Frank over a noisy bowling alley, and worst of all, 2 cheezy sci-fi schlocks about genetically molested killer apes.

No wonder she depends on (more than she will admit) and loves (she'll never say it aloud) her faithful entourage of science loving dorks: Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki), an experimental laser physicist who has been head over heels for Penny since day one; Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) the scarily genius, yet oddly childlike theoretical physicist whose quirks and neuroses force everyone around him to watch their every move carefully so as not to offend/traumatize him; the painfully lonely and shy Rajesh Koothrapalli (Kunal Nayyar), a celebrated astrophysicist whose inability to relate to women in a sober state has him almost as close to alcoholism as Penny; Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg), the tiny, over-confident, color-coordinated aerospace engineer whose lack of a PhD makes him the butt of Sheldon's jokes; Bernadette Rostenkowski (Melissa Rauch) the fierce, petite microbiologist with the chipmunk voice; Neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik, brilliant!) the woman "chosen by science" to be Sheldon's mate, the frumpily dressed, limp- haired ultra-nerd who slowly becomes more and more delightful as she ingrains herself to the group; and Stuart Bloom (Kevin Sussman), the half-dead from depression owner of everyone's favorite comic book store.

Together, these "losers" daily navigate that big thing called life. Penny realizes she is most certainly not the "cool" one, and it is a great thing to hear a character who has had more sex than John Holmes say, "Sex is not what makes you grown up" to the virginal (not by choice) Amy. All of these people are extremely lovable. You may not understand all the physics jargon, but you understand they're human beings like you, and you root for them. For all their gifts, they are still confused and troubled and even broken. Leonard's mother (Christine Baranski) is a nightmare of a cold fish and has definitely left an imprint on her son; Howard's Dad disappeared when he was eleven and you'll get a look at the impact that made in an episode from season 7; Raj, again, is painfully lonely, the opposite of a person like myself who prefers solitude. He's had romance after romance fail on him. I was really hoping things would work with the weird little Lucy girl. Perhaps in the smart, somewhat kinky Emily, he will finally find happiness. Sheldon's Grandfather and father died when he was very young. In a very recent episode, a childhood idol of Sheldon's passes on, and it seems to trigger a sea change in him. As yet, he and Amy are still virgins. Leonard and Penny have finally decided to marry. So much change for a person who doesn't do well with even minor change. Sheldon finds himself at a crossroads by the finale of season 7.

Waiting for season 8.....

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Deeeee-Lisha!!!, 27 July 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Emily Osment is a revelation and a delight as one of the newest faces of prime time comedy, taking on the role of Gabi Diamond, a Po-arse aspiring chef who applies to be the household cook for a self made dot- com millionaire named Josh Kaminski (one of my male harem members, Jonathan Sadowski), a naive and sweet-natured genius who believes he's found his soul mate in West Coast Socialite Caroline Huntington (Mallory Jensen). Against the protests of his longtime publicist and right hand helper Elliot Park (the one and only Rex Lee, who I'm so happy to see since they canned one of the other delightful comedies of recent years, SUBURGATORY), Josh "sort of" hires Gabi after she makes him an gooey- gooey lopsided grilled cheese, and then asks Gabi to please make him a fail safe proposal dinner so that he can make Caroline his wife.

Oh what food porn awaits! And this is AFTER Caroline abruptly tells Josh via phone that she wants to break it off for a while, that things are moving too fast. Translation: I'm a selfish gal...and I've met a guy...and I feel like having a 14 hour ff-a-thon rather than honor my previous plans to have dinner with you. Oblivious to the fact that she has torn Josh's heart out, Caroline makes merry with her temp fling while Gabi agonizes not only about the heartsick Josh, but about the possibility that since the proposal dinner is a bust, so is her job.Both Gabi and Josh live in that most beautiful of all cities, San Francisco, but Gabi lives on the less glitzy side.

Using her telepathic abilities to know what food will comfort Josh, she begins feeding him the sexiest mashed potatoes of all time...Sweet Jesus!!! Frankly, I can't blame either of them for what happens next. It would never have occurred if Caroline hadn't been the biggest flake since the Kellogg's Rooster. Josh was crying and Gabi was upset too. Suffice it to say, that a few too many delicious glasses of cham-pag-NE changed the course of the boss/chef relationship forever. Oh me, the curious perv has so many questions...what did they say to each other? Did they cry some more? Did they both confide that they were lonely and felt empty inside because they felt like people didn't love them for who they really are? My, my, my...this is what they mean by "less is more!"

Next day, Ms. Selfish appears at Josh's door, claiming she was wrong, that her psychologist tells her it's all about how her growing up a spoiled brat has made her crave conflict and challenges. From this moment on, you can see that Caroline treats Josh like an accessory rather than a human being. Would she have fallen for him, the sweetest tech nerd in Creation, if he didn't have the money he has? What draws him to her, and vice versa? The pilot was my favorite episode, followed by the episode guest starring Ashley Tisdale, and now, the fifth episode, in which Gabi attempts to jump start her dating life with a hot little number who lives a few floors down from Josh.

I love each and every character in the show. Yolanda: "I ain't clean-in' up after no horse!" and of course Gabi's roommate Sophia, who works at some bank or law firm. I splattered my screen with lemonade during this: "Yo, Gabi I need pizza...worked up an appetite...Babe...still waiting' on that pizza!"

Oh, and the FOOD! The hog within you will love the food as much as the hyena will love the laughs...those mashed taters, Chinese duck and catfish, salted caramel creme brulee, Scandanavian princess cakes, and holy moly...sriracha jalapeño poppers and Oreo-gasms (what they should be called, right?!)

Something new and wonderful to add to my fave of all time shows: That 70s Show, Big Bang, Suburgatory, Chasing Life and The Fosters. Please let YOUNG & HUNGRY stay with us for a long long time!!!!!!! It's a keeper!

Flight (2012/I)
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My God this was awful!, 17 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just horrible. Denzel has always been a "hit and miss" kinda guy IMO. I admire his acting ability, but this movie is just absurdly bad. I am not a prude, but gratuitous nudity in a movie never sits well with me. I usually enjoy Zemekis' movies too, but this is a festering turd of a disaster of a disaster flick. Denzel plays Whip, an airline pilot who does every drug on the street and guzzles the juice as well. Before the first five minutes, you lose all ability to sympathize or like the guy. And what's with the F word every other word? AGAIN, I AM NOT A PRUDE, but dialogue is destroyed by the overuse of profanity. This was why I didn't like PULP FICTION either.

The only remotely entertaining and riveting scenes are of course the malfunction of the stabilizer and the ensuing crash scene. After this, the movie descends further into caca and chaos, not sure which direction or genre to adopt...spiritual odyssey??? Comedy??? Mystery??? No...just a damn mess!

If you want something better, skip this atrocity and just watch the episode CUTTING CORNERS/FATAL ERROR of AIR CRASH INVESTIGATION, which I am told FLIGHT was inspired by.

No Happy Endings, 17 March 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Thanks to an episode of AIR CRASH INVESTIGATION, I was aware of this harrowing true story. I am not fluent in German, and the YouTube subtitles leave a lot to be desired, but I got the gist of the movie. I do not know why the names of key persons were changed, but the movie is well acted and wrenching, a story of shattered families and two shattered fathers, and the tragedy of trying to "pass the buck" in order to save face with the media. The saddest part is near the end, when it seems as though one of the 2 principal characters is just beginning to pick up the pieces of his life.

I had no problem with the inclusion of a kindly fireman/rescue-recovery person who befriends one of the devastated main characters. I am not sure if this character is fact based or not. But the ending with his son learning to fly in a small private plane seems a big hokey.

Mostly a great movie though.

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