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Way better than I thought!, 5 September 2001

I'd never seen this movie, but being a fan of the TV series I had heard a lot of rumors about it being terribly bad.

Well, now I've just seen it and can confirm that it is, but not as bad as I imagined! Acting, for example, is terrible, the only acting I save is Donald Sutherland's, but certainly not "Buffy"'s, thank God they didn't use this actress in the TV series.

Special effects are horrible too. Vampires don't disappear when they're hit to death, that was probably too expensive for the budget.

Still, in the plot, one can see the lines and ideas, by writer Joss Whedon, that later brought fame to the TV series, so I'd recommend it to all the fans who haven't seen it yet. For all the other people, please do not watch this at all, watch the TV series instead.

The Fourth King (1977) (TV)
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Great animation, 27 January 2001

This is one of the few works made by Romano Scarpa in the field of animation and it's one of the best (well, all of them are the best actually). The story plot isn't particularly interesting or original (while the songs are anyway very good), but the animation is really brilliant. Very Disney-like (though it was made with a low budget), but even better I daresay; his animals are really... real! Definitely recommended to anyone who loves great animation.

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No words to say, 1 February 2000

There's not much to say about this movie this is *THE* movie that changed it all.

It's my favourite movie, and not only among the quadrilogy, among all movies; it has everything that can be great in a movie, great characters, great story, great sights, great special effects (they don't show 23 years) and a mythological background that made us dream for decades now, and that'll keep us dreaming for a long, long time. Maybe the characters I liked most in this one are Old Obi-Wan Kenobi, wonderfully portrayed by Alec Guinness, and Han Solo, Harrison Ford's first important role, they're both great.

Not to mention John Williams' wonderful score, without of it, the movie wouldn't have been this great it's a perfect mix, that's what it is!