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HEY, I liked it!, 20 April 2002

First off, I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! The actors were charming and funny, the setting was very romantic, and I had a great big smile on my face after seeing this movie. I don't see why everyone is bagging on this movie so much. Yeah, it's not going to win an Oscar or anything, but what's wrong with a movie that is just nice? Absolutely nothing! Come on, a movie with John Cusack and Jeremy Piven cannot be that bad. I really really loved this movie, and I imagine this will be a movie I will be able to watch over and over again. Just give it a try!

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Wonderful score and a WONDERFUL cast, 31 December 1999

First of all, I have watched this show since I was a little toddler, and I have always loved it. Sure, maybe I didn't understand it when I was that young, but I still enjoyed it! And now that I have been able to understand it for several years, I love it even more. The score of this musical is the most wonderfully detailed score I have ever heard! Every note is perfect, I don't even need to hear the singing to enjoy it!

Moving on to this particular production- This is magnificent! Of course no one could play Mrs. Lovett besides Angela Lansbury, and she does it perfectly. And she should, she has been playing this part for several years. George Hearn is absolutely brilliant. The best Sweeney Todd I have ever heard. He has a wonderful voice, yet he can throw his voice so well! His "epiphany" is incredible, as you can tell by the audience's reaction to it. The Judge, Toby, Antony, and Pirelli are also so wonderful in their roles. Everyone is perfect! Well, I still have to fast forward through Johanna's Green finch and linnet bird. She just doesn't sing that song well at all.

This show CAN be appreciated at all ages, but it is not always accepted. I am not your typical middle-aged theater lover, I am only 15 years old, yet Sweeney Todd has given me a greater appreciation for music than I have gotten from any other musical.

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A must see for ALL movie fans!, 16 August 1999

I definitely had my expectations a little high when I went to see this movie. I had tried twice before to get tickets only to find that it was sold-out. So, when I finally got to see the movie, I was really excited. The movie was great! I have to admit that when it ended, I wasn't as scared as I thought it would be. But, then I got home that night, and I could not go to sleep. Usually scary movies don't get to me like that, but I was genuinely afraid to open my bedroom door in the morning!! This movie is one of a kind, and should be viewed by everyone, just for its originality. But, this movie is more than original, it will keep you afraid for weeks after having viewed it. I am living proof!!