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How do you make a movie when you're in jail for murder?, 21 August 2015

What a terrible movie, but what a sociopath can do is obvious from the many people who were fooled by this murderess

Tell your public, how do you help a murderess get out of jail by exposing her most recent propaganda to the gullible public?

It's so sad that we have so many Americans who don't think to investigate some articulate person's cherry picking of the truth/ Bah humbug She's guilty as sin Quit going along with her and giving her special privileges.

My review is rather empty because there is nothing but garbage to review. Please don't do this again, by being the dupe of murderesses like Pamela Smart who has her parents money and no conscience to help her.

Robin Speaks from the Grave as our Nation plummets in National Leadership and Ethics, 14 July 2015

See this again, and listen to the one-liners.....all hitting on the garbage we have allowed our government to become. Politicians should be like dirty diapers: changed frequently and for the same reason.

Watch him skewer the politicians who are on the take from oil companies, as is our present Ma governor, but they call it 'campaign funds'. Now see if we can get any support for the solar panels our roofs.

So and so on. This was about the time the electronic voting machines were being queered by complicit voting companies who would come in and 'fix' a machine on the fritz, by inserting a chip that would flip the votes. As a software engineer who analyzed bugs, I would give lectures on how easy it is to queer an election. YOu see it here as well.

Please see this and listen to the lessons told as jokes. And bring back Stephen Colbert and get Jon Stewart to run. or at least to sponsor a candidate. And throw the money out of elections so we can get an honest candidate.

Serving Life (2011) (TV)
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Saving One's Life While Losing It, 2 December 2014

As an agnostic, I was prepared for the platitudes you usually hear from the 'feel good' folks. so I was overwhelmed by the look in the eyes of the plain-talking Hospice volunteers. You only got a hint of the terrible lives they had led when you saw their mug shots. I don't know what it is in our eyes that shows our soul, but these guys had the sweet look of innocents. How that happened and they were transformed is a great mystery to me.....EXCEPT, maybe these guys knowing they were where they were going to be at the end of THEIR life caused this transformation. As they helped others die, you could see the compassion coming into their faces.

And as time passed and they witnessed the deaths of their fellow prisoners, helping them to die with saw the changes in their lives. From blaming others, they accepted responsibility for their actions. The guy I was surprisingly most impressed with, hating authority figures as I do, was the warden. Growing up in Alabama, I am used to hypocrisy from ministers and deacons......Philistines. But this tough-eyed guy matter of factly talked about redemption for these men through their acts without any God/Jesus stuff.involved. Compassionate living. Whomsoever would save his life should lose it in service for others: my paraphrase of a Bible verse. Really punches that thought up. I could never do what these men are doing. Talk about a 180 degree change in their lives.

The point was well made, that no matter how much bravado these men had showed in their 'killing careers', here was where real bravery was called for. You see them standing vigils in the last hours of a man's life, as his eyes begin to set in the death stare. I have never done this except with my mother and grandmother, as they died after a long life 'natural deaths'. So the whole movie was an education for me, as Angola has come to mean the worst in prison conditions and in mistreatment of prisoners. Wonder if this warden is still around.

Movie should be shown to all high school seniors, especially in the spawning areas for crime, the slums.

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It takes one to know one, 3 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I am awash in a family of people with ADD and ADHD, as the Seth Green character was. Autistic people intrigue me, because we are supposedly somewhere on that spectrum. I was a gifted child and software engineer for 35 years, and still have no filter. So this movie taught me a little about 'being normal', something I've always wondered about. I needed Seth Green to explain to me how to be or ape being neurologically normal: to pretend interest when you aren't, to look into someone's eyes but not too long so as not to appear weird, to use stupid" small talk to buffer the conversation, etc, etc. I never knew any of this stuff. Had I learned to be tactful, to couch my true feelings in the little white lies of which society is made, then maybe I wouldn't have had 3 husbands and 3 divorces. This movie is essential watching for people like me, male or female. Your heart bleeds, as you realize 'normalcy' with its hypocrisies and cruelties will never be his. His pitiful rotten mom will perhaps never be able to be anywhere near his mother . But his aunt sure turned herself around and I really loved that part. So much of what is insightful about this movies revolves around Luke's blatant honesty, his utter guilelessness. I think so much of this screenplay must have been written by someone who knew intimately an autistic person. Will my grandson ever be able to stay married, have a 'normal' adulthood, whatever that is? Will Adderall/methyl phenydrate and these other horrid drugs be what his life will comprise? God, I hope not, but movies like this kinda help us learn to ape whatever it is we need to get along in the workaday world. Wanna make a lot of money? Become a socialization coach for people like Luke and myself. Daddy took Dale Carnegies courses to help him; autistic folks should be able to have similar training. The support he got from this great, non perfect family of his thrilled me What a movie!!!! And who the Hell wants to be normal, anyhow?

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Read up on your Bible before seeing this, 27 June 2012

Noah and the flood are well played out here, especially where the theme of redemption is involved. Bill Murray plays a real AHole of a lawyer/father, as well as his wife, as they mourn the death of their romance. The daughter is supposedly emotionally disturbed (the mother has a book on the subject, which the daughter steals) but she and the supposedly anti-social boy are the most humane and loving of the whole troupe. You may think you're seeing a revision of "Lord of the Flies" for awhile, but the adults prevent that, generally at the last second. Now way is this movie realistic, but we often get the truth in myth. Just to see so many of these great actors play WAAAAAY against type is worth the price ($11.00 at Loew's on Boston Common....too much for a Senior to have to pay). This should get more awards as the year goes by, if the Academy can find any voters with any intelligence and imagination. Although it might have been more dramatic for someone to get killed, I was glad Anderson didn't have to do that. There was drama enough, as it was. Take the kids, and show them what bullying is, AND what someone trying to make up for bullying looks like. Great.

Child Abuse Victim speaks up, 25 April 2012

As a victim of abuse my self, I can well understand the denial of the mother, especially if she was already a boozer. The grandmother, so well played by Jane Fonda, obviously felt the guilt from turning her own child into an alcoholic, who then allowed this abuse to go on under her roof. She became the typical non-defending parent.

The scene with Delmot Maroney (simon) in which he talks to her about the different kinds of love between an older man and a young woman (friend, parent) that differs from the abusive kind, rings quite true. Because, for people like us, it's hard to tell the difference as you emerge from your parental Hell.

You only know how to relate in a sexual manner with any man. It takes a lot of education and experience to learn to appreciate and enjoy the other kinds of love and affection. Until then, it all seems fake. Don't know what the reviewers had to say about this, but I appreciate Jane and Gary for actually tackling such a loaded subject.

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Arthur Miller Presents Marilyn Monroe's biography, 31 March 2012

Having read many biographies of Marilyn and her insane mother, I watched this movie and saw Arthur miller writing Marily's life story. She had had so many abortions, she couldn't have children. And her background as a stripper equaled the continual affairs that Marily had, always terrified of abandonment. that is continually portrayed in this movie, as she shows so much empathy for the animals and the hurt men in this haunting movie.

Even though Montgomery Clift had been horribly injured in an automobile accident, you saw parallels of that in his portrayal of a rodeo rider who has had countless concussions and been rendered almost brainless. The scene of him with Marilyn Monroe makes you think of two victims of life, comforting one another.

How Gable could show so much affections for Marilyn when she infuriated him with her continual lateness, shows what a good actor he finally was in this final film of is. The stress probably contributed to his heart attack.

Miller did an excellent job with the script on this movie, portraying the actors' lives by his words.

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No Exit, Swinging 60s style, 25 March 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

With an execrable screenplay, this movie with Elisabeth taylor and Michael caine just demonstrate what good actors can do DESPITE the limitations of the script. So, you immediately get the impression of a debauched society, with folks having more money than they deserve. So, while elisabeth appears to be the swinger of the 2, you soon find out that it's a mutual 'open marriage'. However, there's none of the intellectual rationalization we used back then. they both feed off the other's affairs.

When you watch Elisabeth at her wickedest get up close to the bathroom door and whisper all about her affair with a married doctor WITH children, you strangely see Michael draw close to the door and listen appreciatively, getting off on the vicarious thrill. You don't get the significance of Elisabeth mentioning 'CHILDREN' until you find out that he's got no ammunition in his bullets. They have no children.

You will see this same theme echoed in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf", as an older Elisabeth unleashes the same rage and uses her feminine wiles to seduce another man in front of her husband. I also got the feeling, as I revisited this movie in honor of Elisabeth Taylor at her death this week, that much of this was a replay of her relationship with Richard Burton. They relied on the constant fluctuations in passions to make their marriages renew.

I would never give this movie a 10, but it is a great movie to visit for its' historical connotations if you weren't alive during the 'Swinging Sixties'. these folks ain't hippies, but they sure give a good imitation. And of course, Elisabeth looks goRGeouS even in her fury. In today's culture, her seduction of the new mistress would not be considered shameful. If fact, you wonder if they will continue as a menage au troix. Back then, it might have been looked at as repulsive by the public.

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Not a Hollywood movie, 27 December 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

You like Mohawks, white trailer trash but both with a big heart? What writing!!! What understated, realistic acting! the cinematography of some frozen river in Plattsburgh, NY in the polar cold of winter is outstanding. And you really feel it. Course we're in the Blizzard of 2010 right now in Boston so it fits right in.

The casual use of a gun is unsettling but this heroine is not blessed with a Ph.D. in anything. She just loves her sons and has been deserted by her gambling-aholic husband. She is just trying to get by and uses the gun only for 'emphasis' Fascinating to see that larceny is featured throughout this movie, but is more mean and ugly when it is legal. The double-wide trailer salesman who casually takes her $3000, has her sign a paper and doesn't even give her a copy. YOu know she will never see that trailer, as he will have 'no proof' that she has given him this CASH. The mother-in-law of the Mohawk woman who steals her grandbaby from the hospital. "The tribal elders don't get involved in this." She is smuggling to get money for support of the child, which she leaves at night looking in the window at her baby. The lying duplicity of the Yankee Dollar manager who has stringing Ray along for 2 years, promising to bring her on full time.....all legal. No benefits, rotten pay.

The movie benefits from the fact that they had no money, so the weather man is the actual weatherman in Plattsburg, NY. The trailer salesmen were afraid they would 'ruin their image'????? Yet this was the big dream of this woman, not something she was forced into living in.

And who didn't get this Christmas time movie's metaphor of the immigrant baby, who they leave by the side of the ice because the car is too heavy. The immigrant parents are in the trunk so they don't know until they let them out at the motel. The Pakistani manager interprets, "Her baby was in that satchel." These smugglers drive all the way back onto the ice and find the baby 'frozen dead'. The baby-less Mohawk woman doesn't want to hold her to her warm body because 'the baby's dead', but does. By the time they get back to the motel, she reports, "The baby's moving." So they give a live baby back to the illegal immigrant who collapses with relief. Christ child, anyone? A unique movie, you won't forget it. Parts will come back to haunt you, like the chance the white woman has to escape back to her children, knowing the Mohawk will be expelled from the Mohawk nation if she and the immigrants are not turned over to the New York state police. She doesn't take it and decides to go to jail. Contrary to stereotype, the trooper tells her she will serve 4 months ("if you're not on the black list"). See it.

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Depiction of junkie trying to kick is superb, as is the writing, 8 November 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Even though this movie is obviously on the set of some sound stage, the acting and the writing are superior. The clingy wife who is faking her injury is done superbly by Eleanor Parker, and Kim Novak is really great as the caring ex-girlfriend of Frank Sinatra. I think those stories may be true about the two, as that kind of chemistry can't be faked. And of course, the 'cold turkey' scenes are fantastic.

And true to what has to happen to get someone off of heroin, he feels a great hunger for sugar. (Of course, this reminds you of the dealer's 'addiction' for candy that he had to kick. Could it be that he was also addicted to heroin first?) The sidekick is hilarious as he puts black shoe polish on a dog he is trying to sell. His wisecracks are superb and handled with great timing. The seediness of the environment really makes you wonder why he came back at all. Or why any criminal returns to his home environment. Because that's where he's tempted to return to the horrors of his past.

You can't help but think that he will, with Kim's help, get those drums back and make a career. fantastic movie, and wouldn't it be great to have a contemporary movie, equally well written in which someone kicks cocaine or meth or whatever the drug du jour is. I hear it's alcohol.

Check this movie out for the time in our history when we were grown-ups with grown-up writing and not on the way down as a nation.

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