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Cop Show with Heart!, 2 April 2001

It stars Ed O'Neil and Titus Williver an it's a great show that has heart and real situations that cops and under cover goes through. It's entertaining and very cool how they have the structure of the show. It has a base to work with. If this show gets better ratings it will stay there! It's against Friends! It's low ratings but high on my list of shows to watch! It's on CBS at 9pm central time. It's a great show! Watch it and give it a whirl! You will not be dissappointed! Out of 4 stars I give it 3 stars. Actng is top notch and the plots carry the stories!

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Funny! The New Cosby Show but BETTER!, 2 April 2001

Damon Wayans is a dad that is so funny that it hurts! The cast is great to look at and the acting is funny and just put Damon in any situation and he will be funny! The show will be a hit and stay on awhile! It's on ABC at 7pm on Wedsdays(Central time). Great show and DON'T MISS it! Give this show awhile it will break in the top ten! The cast is fresh and you will like everyone. Out of 4 stars I give it 3 1/2.

Semper Fi (2001) (TV)
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Semper Fi Wooo Waaa! Great Movie!, 2 April 2001

This movie was so good that I cried! The characters in this movie you care and sweat every tear and determinaton that they are up against. Scott Bairstow as (Cliff Truckee) is a silver spooned mouth feed loner that is spoiled by his father and just keeps goig to be a marine. The real breakout stars are Bianca Kajlich as (Sharron Exler) who I just think is a great actress! Also Vicellous Reon Shanno as (Keith Maddox) is a great character actor who shines in this fresh new marine based story! I felt for every marine in this film! The film is just a treasure of joy and heartache and you will not be disappointed. Its a great start me up program that marines go through everday. Michael W. Watkins directs a great cast and supporting role by Keith David and Terry O'Quinn. Its a keeper and I hope it wins some awards because I just feel in love with this great film! PLEASE put this movie on DVD and Video. I will be the 1st one on the line to buy!Out of 4 stars I give it 4+. A great movie in a whole!

Strange Frequency (2001) (TV)
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Wicked and a little DeMented! Loved It!, 8 February 2001

Well there are 4 stories that are charged with great plots and great acting! It's a great movie in a whole! My favorite one was the one with Judd Nelson. He plays a record executive that just knows the future of his clients. There is one catch, he knows too much! It's a wicked ending not to miss! Now the Eric Roberts plot was with a hitchhicker that kills people. A wicked test of what people that are demented of what they are capable of doing! The whole cast is talented and sometimes funny! It reminds me of Tales from the Crypt with a rok edge! Watch all 4 it's a treat! Out of 4 stars I give it 3 1/2 stars! Watch it it's on VH1"Movies that Rock"! Worth it!

To DeMented for me!, 7 February 2001

Now this movie has great actors in this but it's very much garbage! Now the cast in different movies are up and comming! Dorff and Griffith are great actors but the real standouts are Alicia Witt and Adrian Grenier. They will be stars soon! John Waters is a great director but what the hell is he trying to make here! Stong sexual content. Now I love sex and violence in films but this was to crude and rude to even be called a movie! Movie making should be for the people to enjoy, but not this one! It's so bad that I only give it a 1/2 star out of 4 stars! It's that bad! Now if I had a chance to be in a John Waters film I would but be in a good one like Cry Baby and Hair Spray. Those are Classics! The only reason I saw this movie is because of Eric Roberts but he was in it for 1 minute! Oh well. Try again John. Maybe next time!

Ok Sequel... It was as expected..., 7 December 2000

A typical 2nd installment in the series. I actually like the 2nd one a little better and I like all the new faces in this movie. It was not scary but a better screenplay then the first. It a slasher movie and a good script to play wih but it was so predicdible. I like Joey Lawrene but not enough screen time and the rest of the cast is going to do other and better films but just take it as it is as horror movie and nothing else. Out of 4 stars I give it 2 1/2 stars.

In Cold Blood (1996) (TV)
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Pretty good..., 7 December 2000

Ok first of all I know it's a remake of a great film so I will not bore you with the story you already know. Now I think that this is a little better because of the talent of Eric Roberts and Anthony Edwards. It's a story that should be seen in all retrospect of this film and the original. I really think that both films have great qualities and should be seen on DVD or Video. I own it on DVD(The one with Eric Roberts) and it's great. It's hard to find on DVD but I have one and if you can find it buy it. Out of 4 stars I give it 3 1/2 stars.

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Great show! Better than the other animated show!, 24 November 2000

I really love the way they put the x-men in teen-age form. The animation is top notch and the stories are great. Great action and adventure! I tape all the episodes and watch them over with my other brother and it's even better the 2nd time! Watch this great animated show! It's really good! Out of 4 stars I give it 3 1/2 stars a close 4!

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A T.V. Show that was very good!, 23 October 2000

Kindred: The Embraced is a cool vampire show! It has heart and determination that all vampires are not bad! Vampires are kind of human in a way? We have wars among ourselves and just like people we have our problems! This show is like real life. That is why I love the shows! It's real to a point that you don't have to take it too serious. Just watch the shows and you know what I mean. What great acting by Mark Frankel and C. Thomas Howell. The whole cast works great together and keep up a great story line! It grabbed me from the start! It's sexy and sassy in ways that I have not seen vampires before! Just watch it. It on DVD and I recommend this show very highly! Out of 4 stars I give it 4! The show it non stop awesome!

"Tucker" (2000)
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A new GREAT funny show! Better than Malcolm in the Middle, 3 October 2000

Ok first of all the great cast is why I like this great show! Tucker is a comedy show about Tucker and his mom moving in with her sister(Tucker's Aunt) and her son and her husband. The story is that Tucker's mom is moving on from her deadbeat husband who fell for another women and so that's why they are here in her sister house to live! It's a show that is better than Malcolm in the Middle. It's kinda like that show but a whole lot funnier! The pilot is so funny I laughed my butt off! Every word and action in this fast paced show is great! Watch it! I know it's only the first episode but I'm already a lifetime fan and I'm going to watch it every week! Don't miss a must see comedy! Watch and tape theses shows! Out of 4 stars I give it 4 stars! It's that funny!

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