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Most appallingly awful movie I've ever seen, 26 June 2006

This was easily the worst movie experience I've ever had. It was so awful that, frankly, if I'd been offered the chance to swim through a tank of writhing slugs and leeches instead of watching this movie through I'd gladly go back and choose the swim. The movie made little to no sense, drug on for what seemed like forever, and had characters whose subtle and cloyingly distant personalities engendered in me only the fervid hope that they would all suffer horrible deaths by the movie's end. If only I'd known that my wife, who'd suggested the movie and was sitting next to me in the theater, was praying for a natural disaster to cut the movie short, I could have avoided all the pain and just left before the pain became too intense to bear. Sadly, I assumed that, being a chick, she was enjoying it.

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Freakin' appaling movie, 8 April 2004

I have NEVER been so bored as when I was sitting in a theater with my wife watching this moving. It was astonishingly pointless and bad. None of the characters struck me as being even remotely worth my interest. The plot was nonsensical. It was one of those "would it be worth it to gnaw my own leg off to get out of this theater" moments.

My wife, who'd dragged me to it, amazed me after the movie was over by looking at me and saying "That was truly awful -- I apologize" before I'd even had a chance to register with her how I felt about it.

I was stunned when we watched the Oscars that year and saw it take award after award. At least Juliette Binoche had the decency to apologize to Lauren Bacall for taking a Best Supporting Actress award she had no business being awarded.

My God, but that was an awful movie.

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Astonishingly good, 6 January 2003

By far the greatest movie I have ever seen. When I feel a longing for the films of yesteryear and the optimism and bright future they saw on the horizon, I always pop my DVD of "The T-Bird Gang" into the player. The only thing missing was a giant octopus.

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A tour de force, 3 May 2000

The classification of this movie into "Horror" isn't really appropriate. It's basically a goofy flick with lots of bared flesh and a plot involving the kidnap of a busload of cheerleaders on their way to a competition. There's never any danger and it all has a happy ending. The reason to see it is simple: you like watching goofy mindless 1980's-era teenage exploitation flicks, and they don't come any more to the point than this. The ultimate mid-1980's tour de force!

Repo Man (1984)
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The greatest cinematic achievement of all time, 3 May 2000

Repo Man is beyond a shadow of a doubt the greatest cinematic achievement of all time. I have probably watched my videotape six hundred or seven hundred times, and each time, I discovered new reasons to love the movie. Emilio Estevez captures the angst of a mid-80's white suburban punk perfectly, while Harry Dean Stanton was robbed when he wasn't even nominated for his noirish portrayal of a jaded, but dedicated, older car repossession agent. The aliens in the trunk, the Rodriguez Brothers, and Agent Rogersz are simply icing on the cake.

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Without a doubt, one of the finest movies I've seen, a period classic, 2 May 2000

This is without a doubt one of the finest movies I've seen, a real period classic. It's obscure, but well worth the time it would take to find a copy. Vic Tayback is especially good -- in a small role, admittedly, but displaying early hints of the greatness he achieved in later roles.

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John Goodman should have had a larger role., 20 March 2000

Good movie, provided you like squirming. Jeff Daniels is good, sincere, etc. etc. as always, and the spiders are genuinely creepy and suspenseful. It's a little formulaic in the sense that all the typical monster-movie roles (the distrusting local doctor, etc.) are present, but that's okay, because sometimes, you just want a monster movie! John Goodman almost steals the show in his brief appearance as a really, really dedicated exterminator, but his role was too short. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it.

Gilbert and Sullivan feud, struggle, but in the end, create the Mikado., 20 March 2000

It's long (165 minutes, if memory serves). It's convoluted (dozens of characters are explored at least to some degree, leaving you occasionally wondering why _this_ particular character or _that_ particular character wasn't explored to the same extent, or why so-and-so was focused on at this or that particular moment). It's full of in-jokes and so on (if you don't know a lot about the two creators, Gilbert and Sullivan, already, or at least about their works, you'll be confused). But if you already know and love the works of Gilbert and Sullivan and especially the Mikado, you'll adore this movie.