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Enjoyed this summer series, 14 September 2009

I remember watching this series when it aired in the place of the vacationing Jackie Gleason on Saturday nights during the summer of '67. This was the show that introduced me to a then young beardless George Carlin. I'd definitely like to see this show in reruns someday. A true classic with a trio of big future stars (Greco, Rich, Carlin). If anyone has any information on how I can retrieve this vintage variety series on DVD (or even VHS), please don't hesitate to contact me here. I've been a fan of Carlin for many decades now and was sadden by the news of his passing. He was truly in a league of his own with his comic views.

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I remember some episodes featuring............., 15 April 2006

There were some episodes of this series that featured the lovely actress Meredith Baxter Birney in one, John Rubinstein in another with Jessica Walter. However, the titles of these episodes escapes me. Anyway, it was a great series even though short-lived. I do believe that if this series had moved to another night, it might have survived a little bit longer. It seems like over the last several decades, NBC has let high quality programs just vanish, never to be seen or heard of again. Too bad the same NBC President responsible for salvaging "Hill Street Blues", "Cheers" and "St. Elsewhere" wasn't around to save this series. Perhaps a VHS or DVD would be nice, but since it was so short with very limited episodes, that's probably highly unlikely.

"At Ease" (1983)
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I thought this show had potential, but............., 13 May 2005

Even after more than 20 years now, this show wasn't a totally bad sitcom and I thought it had promise, but for some odd reason I just couldn't picture comedian Jimmie Walker as a military man (since I still couldn't get over his J.J. Evans role from his previous series "Good Times"). This series did remind me a little in the combination of "M*A*S*H" and "Roll Out". One episode that stands out to me featured ex-heavyweight champion boxer Ken Norton looking to beat up the man who stole his girl (Tina Andrews). Of course that man was the Jimmie Walker character and how hilarious it was for him hiding out as a medical patient with head bandages. What a classic!

Tribes (1970) (TV)
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An excellent TV film, 9 May 2005

I was a mere 12 years old when I first viewed this film back in 1970 and I loved it. It now reminds me of a future "Full Metal Jacket" without the profanity and violence that that film carried some 17 years later. All the performers, Vincent, McGavin and Holliman were simply all superb. Being a retired military man now, I can highly appreciate military films and "Tribes" will always be amongst those that stand out. This was one truly superb film and I highly recommend it. Although Vincent went on to become a big star in major motion pictures and the TV series "Airwolf", it was shameful that his career was cut short due to his addiction to drugs and alcohol. Nevertheless, this film will always be a memorable one for me indeed. It would be interesting to have this film come out on DVD with comments from all three leading actors and the director.

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A very poignant, interesting story, 5 June 2000

A story that I found interesting and comedian Jimmie Walker's only dramatic performance ever is a true classic worth watching!! Additional cast members multi-talented Debbie Allen, Tamu, Kevin Hooks and the man himself James Earl Jones helped make this movie memorable.

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a great family drama, 15 May 2000

Although the show was short lived on CBS, it was a great drama about an African American family living together coping with today's issues such as racism, infidelity and unruly children just to name a few. Of course the entire cast were excellent which was headed by the honorable James Earl Jones, Joe Morton, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Essence Atkins and the scene stealer Merlin (The Steve Harvey Show) Santana as the young troubled teen. Its too bad other networks didn't consider picking this prize winner of a drama up when CBS axed it. I'm sure it would have been a hit on the WB or BET networks.

Psycho (1960)
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dark, chilling and full of suspense, 29 October 1999

I saw this movie for the first time in 1974 at age 16 and Anthony Perkins' chilling portrayal as mama's boy Norman Bates frightened me throughout the whole film. It also shed a new light on taking showers alone at home. Even today, in 1999 at age 41 I still get nervous when I hear strange noises while taking a shower.

Galaxis (1995)
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a funny sci fi motion picture, 7 September 1999

A funny sci fi motion picture which I thought was pleasant, and of course the special effects were great. Brigette Neilson is always a delight as a tough warrior, with a "kick butt" attitude. It was a surprising delight to see actress Louisa Moritz again after so many years making a brief appearance as the Bar Lady.

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a very hilarious film. two thumbs way up!!, 2 September 1999

Multi-talented performer Keenan Ivory Wayans struck gold again after following up with his other hit "I'm Gonna Git Ya Sucker". He and his co-stars did an outstanding job, not too mention the writing, fight choreography and stunt scenes within the film. A grade A in my book!! Also the soundtrack to this film is also excellent.

Let's Switch! (1975) (TV)
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excellent comedy, 14 August 1999

i thought the comedy premise of two women, one housewife and the other a single magazine editor switching their lives among one another was not only comedic, but cute and chaotic clean fun. a plus for a home video recommendation! the chemistry between the two barbara's, eden and feldon were absolutely superb. too bad no other vehicles have featured them together. in my book, they could have been the thelma and louise of the seventies.

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