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Every South Asian kid in America should watch these.

List is not in any order.
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The highest grossing films in Korean box office history (by tickets sold) as compiled by Breakdown of admissions can be found on Wikipedia.

Updated as of October 11, 2015.
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Quite a few of these films are legally viewable on YouTube thanks to the Korean Film Archive:

Aimless Bullet
The Seaside Village
The Black Republic
Road to the Racetrack
Flower in Hell
The Day a Pig Fell Into the Well

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By Sohu (2008).
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A list of the top 50 rated anime series that are the beginnings of their respective franchises, as rated at
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Top 50 standalone films taken from's rankings. No previous knowledge from any shows necessary to enjoy these.
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Currently unranked.
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"Welcome to 'Food on Film,' some of our favorite cinematic foodie moments. This list was written and compiled by Rebecca L. Epstein, a PhD from the UCLA Dept. of Film, Television, and Digital Media. Her dissertation, entitled Crime and Nourishment, focused on the food and foodways of Hollywood gangster films."

Missing from IMDb:
The Bitter Aftertaste (2005)
Cake in the Face (2005)
Chicken Soup (1970)
Hush, Hoggies, Hush: Tom Johnson's Praying Pigs (1978/9)
Starving Artists' Cookbook (1986-91)

Also includes a series of films by Mack Sennett under the heading "Keystone Kop Films" (1912-17) as well as two user-submitted entries at the end.

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It's incredibly hard to find a good compilation of great Bengali films, specifically those made and produced in Bangladesh. This is a list I found via Google that seems to have a great air of legitimacy because the author went the additional step of explaining why each film was included.

In addition, I've included the all of the Bangladeshi submissions for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film (first submitted in 2002).

If any of you have further recommendations, please do let me know via the comments section of a personal message.

Films currently missing on IMDb:
Shutorang (1964)
Roopban (1965)
13 No. Feku Ostagar Lane (1966)
Ora Egaro Jon (1972)
Boshundhara (1977)
Dumurer Phool (1978)
Chhutir Ghonta (1980)
Guddi (1980)
Devdas (1982)
Boro Bhalo Lok Chhilo (1982)
Shubhoda (1986)
Chandni (1991)
Hothat Brishti (1999)
Meghla Akash (2002)
Bachelor (2004)

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There were 199 films included in the 2009 edition of the list, but #106 through #199 were all tied with less votes than the first 105. In keeping the list at around 100, those films have been removed but can be found here.

Also, why there are 107 films on a 105 film list: The Human Condition is counted as one film by Kinema Jumpo, but as three films by IMDb.