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Cheaply made,boring, and terrible casting, 17 February 2016

BORING! Worse than the actual 1st season. Cheesy, unrealistic, badly cast mess! The actress playing Heather Locklear looked like a teenager playing dress-up. Unattractive cast. Acting was wooden at best. This was a waste of time. Everybody knows the Melrose Place cast got along great, and there were no behind the scenes drama. So, why even make this? It was like, NOTHING! No purpose. MP is my fave prime time soap ever. This TV movie was like a Disney Channel movie. There was never a need to make this. I would suggest you avoid this mess. Melrose Place is iconic. This TV movie is painfully boring. Watching paint dry would be more exciting.

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Ridiculous, 6 February 2014

I had the unlucky opportunity of seeing this very badly directed, badly written mess of a so-called movie. Billed as "based on the real life experiences of Producer, David Oman," who lives on Cielo Drive, a few houses down from the former site of the "Sharon Tate/Helter Skelter" murder house(the original house was torn down in the mid 1990's. This David Oman person has exploited the fact he lives so close to the former Tate house for many years. Appearing in episodes of "Ghost Hunters," various radio programs, etc, claiming the ghosts of murder victims, Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, and others haunt his home( I guess ghosts enjoy visiting neighbors), and communicate with him.This oddball has spent over 7 years filming this movie that flat out exploits the tragic and horrific infamous murders of 1969 by changing the names of the individuals and slightly tweeking some details. Oman has been seen in many blogs, guestbooks and forums regarding the actual Tate/Labianca murders, basically begging people to donate money so he can get this movie screened. If after 7 years, no distributors have shown any interest of picking this piece of garbage, and if years of panhandling the internet to beg for funds from an uninterested public, Mr.Oman should simply give it up and stop trying to glorify hideous murderers in a desperate attempt of getting attention and his 15 minutes. A really horrible, exploiting and needless movie that is not entertaining, not scary, and solely made to glorify cold hearted killers that mutilated 5 innocent human beings that night on Cielo Drive in 1969, including the torture murder of 8 and a half months pregnant actress, Sharon Tate. Killers that wrote messages in blood on the door. That shot and stabbed their victims over and over. No respect or compassion to the surviving family members, friends and loved ones of the victims of one of the most notorious, and hideous murders in the history of the United States. David Oman even charges money for "tours" of his home. Shame on you, David Oman. A perfect example of a talentless, opportunistic pariah. Avoid this movie. It's terrible.

Silent Night (2012/I)
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Boring, crappy D list slasher, 6 November 2013

I really wanted to at least enjoy this movie. This sort of/VERY loose re- boot of the infamous 1984 slasher, "Silent Night, Deadly night". Even if it was a "so bad it's good" kind of a film would have been OK. But this ultra low-budget crap-fest is just plain awful. Lots of scenes are filmed with a shaky camera. Almost like a youtube video filmed by a crack-head. Really bad acting by every single actor here. Malcom McDowel is officially in the "bottom-feeder D list club." The FX are a joke. And the movie stumbles with plot holes galore with a terrible pace. Really boring. Real pointless. A waste of time for all. Avoid it. Don't be curious. It's just a piece of crap.

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Stevie Nicks Rocks!, 26 October 2013

This documentary captures the making of Stevie Nicks' top ten charting 2011 solo album, "In your Dreams." The entire album was recorded in a house Stevie owns in the LA area. The album is amazing, as is this film showing the vision, the recording process, and everything else the went into making the disc. Stevie Nicks is now a living legend, and a fascinating lady. Still beautiful in her 60's with a still one of a kind voice. The stories behind the lyrics are interesting and moving. And an amazing cast of characters who took part in this, makes for very compelling viewing. Especially for Stevie Nicks die-hards like me!! Even the non-fans should appreciate how this project all comes together.

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Cancellation info here, 15 July 2009

I was a big fan of this show as well. I lived in Palm Springs when this show was being filmed. somebody on here stated the cancellation was due to sets destroyed by an earthquake. There was no major earthquake that year. Besides, the series was filmed on location in Palm Springs and it's surrounding cities. I watched them film many times, as they used the hotel(Hyatt Grand Champions Resort) that I worked for, in many scenes, inside and outside. The office where their boss works was filmed at Marriott Desert Springs resort. The house that the main characters shared in the show is an actual house in Palm Springs. So what was the reason for it's cancellation, then? Well, the show debuted as a two hour premier on a Sunday evening and made the top ten. However, when the show started airing in it;s own Saturday 10pm time slot, the ratings declined very fast. But a couple months later, CBS aired the show one time on a thursday 9pm time slot as a test. The show ranked in the top 30 shows for the week. And two nights later for it's normal time slot, the ratings drastically improved. During the December hiatus, Connie told CBS and the production company that if the series was picked up for the full season after hiatus, she wanted to film in Los Angeles on a sound stage, closer to her home. She made a few remarks about this in a few interviews, at that time as well. Going as far as saying since the ratings went back up, CBS would fulfill her requests in order to keep the show on the air. She stated if the show was picked up for the remainder of the season, she'd only return if CBS did this for her. CBS didn't want to film the series in a studio. They had a great deal with the city of Palm Springs and the surrounding areas. And with Connie hinting she might not honor her contract, CBS decided to cancel the show. It wasn't a long running show yet, it was expensive to shoot, and here is the co-star trying to make demands. I noticed Connie hasn't had a starring role in any television series since.

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Loved it, 25 April 2009

After over 6 years of waiting for this film to finally get released after many delays and financing issues, I finally sat down and watched "Return to Sleepaway camp" tonight. First off, I feel this film is aimed almost directly to fans of the cult classic original film. With that being said, perhaps folks of decent budgeted horror flicks, and not around during the schlocky 1980's horror craze might not enjoy it. But as a fan of the original, I loved this. Campy, gory fun. Actor, Christopher Shand is gorgeous, and a decent young talent. And the ending? Well, I loved it! It was also great to see Felissa Rose again. Note: this is a direct sequel to the original 1983 film, as part 2 and 3 are not "officially" part of the series(I liked those parts as well). Grossest kill: The yanking off of a certain male's member. Ouch!

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Classic short lived series defined 1980's teens, 2 June 2008

When Square pegs premiered on CBS fall 1982, it was the hippest show on TV. It defined the pains, and joys of teenage life in the early 80's. The show featured the appearances of Bill Murray, The Doors drummer John Densmore, as well as rock groups The Waitress, Devo and others. Even though the show lasted only one season and 19 episodes, it ranked as the top show of the 14-30 age demographics, and was a critics darling, CBS canceled the series after just one year. Why? Network shows had much larger audiences at the time, and overall ratings mattered more than the now coveted younger age demographics. It boasted a dedicated 12 million viewers which a network would now consider a hit. Ask anybody from that era, and they will still remember the show, which aired in repeats for several years in syndication. How many shows get syndicated after a mere 19 episodes? And are fondly remembered 25 years later? Sarah Jessica Parker, Jamie Gertz, and Tracy Nelson all launched their careers here. If the show's ratings were judged on the now advertiser desired younger audience demos, it certainly would have lasted longer as it's fan base was huge(it's ratings far exceeded todays definition of a hit). Thankfully it's now on DVD.

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Pretty darn good soap, 13 June 2007

Taylor Handley is cute, and a pretty good young actor. I have seen him in movies. So I gave this new series a try. He is a great lead here in a night time soap set in Palm Springs. Handley has a natural acting ability, and he should not be judged solely on his pin-up good looks.m He is actually talented.

The supporting cast is not bad either. The story lines are interesting and addictive. Without giving away spoilers, I just wanna suggest you give this new series a try. Nice looking cast. Slick production and editing. And great location shoots. I hope CW picks this excellent new show up for a 2nd season in the fall. And, Taylor Handley is pretty hot!

Shark Attack 2 (2000) (V)
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Plastic/inflatable sharks, Sharks that growl..Truly stupid, 14 June 2006

This was so stupid. Intelligent sharks that swim in schools terrorize a local tourist beach community. Complete with direct rip-0ffs from "Jaws," and combined footage of real sharks with plastic and inflatable toy sharks. Also the shark thinks it's a lion as it growls before and during attacks. People underwater with scuba gear can talk, and scream easily too..Hmmmm..LOL..If you like bad films, you might wanna see how stupid and cheap this is. There is plenty of unintentional humor here. But I cannot give it any better than 1 star. Because that's what it is. A one star mega low budget film. Bad actors. Bad script. Bad director. Bad special effects. But if you hate bad movies, stay away... Truly for lovers of below "B" grade films only.

Prime (2005)
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Charming, romantic comedy, 27 May 2006

This is a great movie. Clearly demonstrates age differences do not matter compared to being compatible and in love, and neither do religious backgrounds, despite meddling mothers and relatives :-) Uma Thuman and Bryan Greenberg make a perfect couple here. Thurman, as always, is gorgeous and in fine acting form. Bryan Greenberg, simply put, is breathtakingly gorgeous. He is an actor of great depth and great masculine beauty. Talk about a gorgeous and talented leading man! Meryl Streep is, as always, fantastic, and her role as Thurman's therapist and Greenberg's mother is wonderful. This is one of the most romantic and enjoyable films I have seen in ages. It combines two greatly talented and sexy leads, a great supporting cast, romance, and comedy. It also solves the age old urban myth of dating the same age/religion/race and why that shouldn't matter if two people clearly make each other happy and are in love. I really loved this movie.

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