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Very bad., 30 January 2008

This movie destroyed almost everything that is good with the comic book "Ghost Rider". Nothing is left of the books dark theme and the mythos of Ghost Rider and Zarathos. Instead of battling Deathwatch/Blackout/Snowblind & Co he's battling the devils son like he was John Constantine. What the hell?

You can't even watch Ghost Rider trying to ignore all the discrepancies with the comic books, the film is just so bad. What's up with everybody's voices? Couldn't they TRY and make ppl sound cool?

Also very annoying – Nicholas Cage. The man CAN'T act! Look at his ten latest films and see for yourselves! He's playing the same part in EVERY film. Also, the use of a famous actor makes the a$$hole director to use him as much as possible. Therefore, throughout the movie, you will see Cage ride his fairy bike in situations obviously more suited for his fiery alter-ego.

The film just stinks folks, and the best thing about it is Eva Mendes, just because she's beautiful. A good actress with a nice cleavage is always good for a movie.

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This is filth. [Possible spoilers ahead], 20 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The idea for the story is a good one for a romantic comedy. So after I ready the tagline and basic summary I thought to myself 'This could be really good and cute'. Boy where I mistaken. This is the worst romantic comedy I've ever seen, it should've gotten some kind of award for being so bad. The whole movie (not kidding here) focuses on developing the fictional characters in Alex's book instead of the real ones – Ales (Luke Wilson) and Emma (Kate Hudson). For the first 5 minutes it seems like fun, but after 20 you just realize that you no longer care about the real main characters because they're so underdeveloped. Also it's ridiculous and insulting to the audience to have Alex and Emma fall in love in this mad and stormy way from just sitting in his apartment working 24/7 almost completely without actually talking to each other. When most of the movie was done, it became clear that they'd wasted a really good story setting this way. It's kind of ironic, because the book that Alex is writing in the movie obviously suck in the same way. This is by the way another mistake in the movie. The script is so bad, that everything Alex tells us (the audience) about the book he's writing throughout the movie makes it seem like a real piece of crap. The ending is really good (for a romantic film that is), and it's too bad they didn't tried harder when they made the movie.

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Not very good., 1 June 2004

Johnny Depp is pretty nice, as one might expect, in fact all the cast is pretty nice. The script could have been made into something really interesting, but wasn't. The director did a really worthless job. Or the producer, I can't tell. There's some scenes and some music in some scenes that'll really going to make you laugh.. Crying "OMG IT'S SO BAD" Don't pay to see this B-movie. We, my friend and I basically figured out the whole movie out after 15-20 minutes.. But we said to ourselves "no this cant be it, it cant be that cheesy" .. Guess what .. it is .. Do yourself a favour and avoid the most predictable movie this year.

My eyes won't stop bleeding – [Possible, but not likely, spoilers ahead.], 9 May 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this movie, thinking it might be funny. I've always been a bit of a fan of Steve Martin, but this movie was so bad it made me feel violated. Everything is so exaggerated that all you're left with is a big bad sigh. I was going thru my votes at IMDB, and I swear I couldn't find one single movie that I'd hated more then Cheaper by the Dozen. Also what idiot cast Tom Welling as the teenaged son? He's over 25 for heavens sake. The only thing the movie did for me was making me hate the kids in it. They are so spoiled, and are misbehaving so bad, it's not even funny anymore – just improbable and borderline Sci-fi. Piper Perabo is beautiful as always and Hilary Duff's really cute. Most of the people are acting good or ok, but with a script like this, it's impossible to save. Actually, there's only ONE funny thing in this whole waste of time, Ashton Kutcher's travesty on himself is rather amusing.

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Oh my goodness, this is horrible., 15 July 2003

This movie is one of the most insulting I have had the misfortune to see in a very long while. I will not waste too much time on this comment, since I already wasted enough on the movie itself.

First of all, it is painfully obvious that the actors are aware of the quality of the script. They all seem very tired of the film, and they all do their job - not a bit more, not a bit. The only exception from this is Scott Glenn, who by pure professionalism manages to present a decent performance. Clearly the director are also aware about just how much the script sucks, because he has evidently not even tried to inspire the crew to some good acting. I have seen better directing and acting on `The days of our lives'

The FX is quite alright, as is the sound. The surroundings are fairly beautiful. But this doesn't help a bit in the long run. Well, actually it helps a bit, because otherwise I wouldn't even had finished the movie at all.

What is most upsetting however, is the way the professional climbers are presented. They are all clumsy and careless, and all of the accidents are somehow related to errors that the climbers do. This is not by itself necessary bad, but when all the errors are related to pure sloppiness and utter negligence for safety from almost all the climbers, it becomes absurd and preposterous.

Do you remember the old crappie movie `The Net' starring Sandra Bullock ? That movie became sheer nonsense, and was a total joke, to all people knowing juuuust a bit about computers. The same is true for Vertical Limit, if you know juuuuust a bit about climbing.

I might also ad, that you DO NOT have to be ANYTHING of an expert on climbing, to see through all the insane errors that the climbers do. Hell, a normal person with an IQ above 70 wouldn't make those mistakes.

Apart from being insulting regarding everything that has to do with the climbing, the script are also very lame from every other aspect. It was undoubtedly written in 6-7 hours by a really really tired person. It is so filled with cliché, that Hollywood should form a class action for thievery.

Please do not see this movie.

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filled with anguish .., 24 September 2002

Ye flipping Gods !! This is one of the most awkward movies I have ever seen. It´s a pleasure to watch, in the same way we all enjoy some pain once in a while. Sometimes, I was unable to watch the screen at all. Suddenly, after watching this movie, I feel like killing myself. Obviously, there is no life after 30. The movie is very clear on that. Everyone in the film is really really pathetic. I just wish I die before I turn 30, or ofcourse, have a wonderfull jobb, a wonderfull wife .. a bunch of kids, and a 6 figure income.


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sleeping pill, 22 September 2001

Wow, this is probably the most boring film, I have ever seen ! The acting is ok, so is the scenography and directing. Everything is a bit of alright. Except for the script.. The story is so pointless, one starts almost wondering if someone intended to make the most boring film in history. I was almost put to sleep several times, throughout the movie. Everything they do, is totaly uninteresting, and furthermore, it takes them forever to do it. DO NOT see this crap.