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Crawlspace (1972) (TV)
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Powerful Short Film, 13 March 2007

I saw this movie when I was 18 and never forgot it. It is a shame that it is not shown in re-runs. It was absolutely unforgettable. One of the most powerful short films I ever saw, for being a made for TV movie.It was so relevant to the times,the end of the Hippie culture. It also played on the generation gap conflict that was part of the 60's and early 70's.

The characters draw you in because they are so real and believable. If they ever tried to redo it, they would have to find really convincing actors for the parts. I encourage everyone to try to find a copy of this film, it ranks up with Duel.They made some really good short made for TV films in that series.

Lasting Impression, 7 August 1999

I saw this film after leaving home, while in Las Vegas in 1972. I have never forgotten it. I found it horrifying and as I aged, I never forgot it. Never has a film affected me like that one did. It was a visual imprint of the weirdness that lurks out there in the world for innocent young people looking to have fun. The actress who played one of the victims I thought was a well known actress today, but she has no other film credits according to imdb. Do other people recognize who I might be mistaking her for?