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I Gave this Movie 1 Star!!....Worst Best Picture of ALL TIME!!, 13 August 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have never been more disappointed in a major movie in my entire life! I just watched this for the first time last night and I knew going into it that there was a lot of talk about the ending of this movie and how many didn't like it, And now I know why.

*Spoilers...Like I care! The fact that the Josh Brolin character was killed or that his wife was killed or even that the Javier Bardem character got away is not the point, all that if written well is fine.

The Problem is, and its a big one! Is that they WAY they did it! After investing, what 90 minutes? (or however amount of time it was, 3/4 of the movie) into the Josh Brolin character and a great cat and mouse game with him and the Javier Bardem character the unthinkable happens! All of the SUDDEN the Josh Brolin character is Dead!!! And how does he die? Not by Javier Bardem character! But by a bunch of mexicans that we NEVER see! We or the Tommy Lee Jones character just HAPPENS to come across Josh Brolin laying dead!


I invest all this time into these two guys and what do I get for my time? NOTHING!!!! What a FREAKEN Waste of my time!! After that happened I turned to my wife and said, "Do you think Josh Brolin upset the Coen brothers that day and they just wrote him out of the movie?" LOL What a Joke! That was the most cheated I ever felt about a movie.

Not too mention that whole scene with Tommy Lee Jones and Barry Corbin, after just being cheated that scene was like nails on a chalkboard! I give the first 3/4 of the movie up until Josh Brolin dies a solid 8! The rest of the movie after he dies, I give it a MINUS, yes MINUS -7!!! For a grand total of a stinken 1!!! GIVE ME BACK MY 122 MINUTES!!

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For Those Who Like To Have Fun!, 11 March 2006

If your westerns Must be more along the lines of The Unforgiving or High Plains Drifter then The Good Guys and the Bad Guys is not for you.

But if you Love westerns like Support Your Local Sheriff and Silverado then you will love this movie!

The Good Guys and the Bad Guys is just plain old Fun! Robert Mitchum and George Kennedy are great together. Martin Balsam's Mayor is like an earlier version of Mel Brook's The Governor in Blazing Saddles.

Why the don't make westerns like this anymore is beyond me. But then again why they don't make westerns at all is really beyond me.

Whenever I come across this movie on TV I stop to watch it. You cant go wrong with The Good Guys and the Bad Guys :) .

"Maury" (1991)
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This Show Is Compleat Garbage!!, 3 November 2005

This has become the worst piece of Crap on TV!! I watch the KTLA morning news every morning here in LA and I sometimes catch the first few minutes of this show if I don't change the channel in time and every morning its the same garbage "Who's the father" I remember over a decade ago when Maury fist came on and like Sally they were all Oprah clones yet they at least tried to do more respectable and hard hitting subjects but as we all know Jerry Springer changed all that and Maury fallowed him down the garbage path.

Its sad to see a once respectable Journalist stoop to this kind of a low where all you do is bring 7 black guys on and try and figure out who is the father of a girl who had sex with all of them around the same time.

No redeemable qualities at ALL!


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Laughed My Butt Off!!!!!, 6 July 2005

Reading some of the other post here and I think there are too many prudes on here lol

You can NOT take this movie seriously, it's just a dumb comedy and it is Funny!

This movie is a strange combination of the 1950's, 1970's and today. Its like "Leave it to Beaver" meets a soft porn movie

The laughs really begin when "Mothers little helper" is introduced in the movie :)

Jeff Daniels is hilarious!

I loved it and got a kick out of it!

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Incredible!! You MUST See this Film!!!!!!, 4 July 2005

I just seen this film last night for the first time on TCM and it was Amazing!

Anyone who sees this film and does not like it is beyond me! What really made this film so incredible for was the time is was made.


The acting, directing, editing and camera shots are WAY ahead of its time!

These are movie making methods American audiences would not see in American movies until the late 1960's and early 1970's and that are missing in most of Hollywood movies today!

It blows my mind how a masterpiece 50 years ahead of its time such as "The Passion of Joan of Arc" was made in 1928 and 77 years later Hollywood still makes crap like "White Chicks" and "From Justin to Kelly"

The performance by Maria Falconetti is so stunning that the Academy should just give her an Oscar regardless of the fact her performance was 77 years ago!

It was an Honor to have seen this film!

"Fridays" (1980)
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THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!, 14 May 2004

If you was a teenager like myself in the early 80s this was the best show on TV in 1980-82 This was right before MTV hit and it touched on subjects that SNL would not touch. It was truly all about Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. Remember Mark Blankfield as the Druggist? "Just Take a Pill!!" or Darrow Igus as the Jamaica Ganja man? And then add Michael Richard's and Larry David plus Melanie Chartoff (Who was always Hot!) Not to mention Great Rock & Roll every week!

SNL has always in my opinion depended way too much on political humor and really dumb skits, a lot of people I know find it pretty boring. SNL has not been funny since 1985 and I have always believe that the return of Lorne Michaels in 1986 has made the show worse.

"Fridays" was the best and I know if and when it becomes available on DVD I will be the first to buy it.

Take Off (1978)
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Mel Brooks would be Proud!, 13 August 2002

This is the most original adult movie I have ever seen, the idea is so good I would like to see it in regular movie. I have not seen this movie in over 20 years and I would love to buy If I could find it. Hollywood should take note and remake Take Off into a regular movie.

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When TV Movies where Real Movies!, 28 May 2001

The Girl Most Likely to... is all class, I also seen this movie when it first aired when I was 10 and I thought it was too cool. I too wish it was on video or if they would at least show in on cable.

Back in the early and mid 1970's TV movies where some of the best movies of all time! Especially ABC's Movie of the Week! This was before TV movies turned soft and became movies about "One women's struggle to save her family" or "One women's fight with a deadly disease" The 70's TV movies where the same kind of movies you would pay to see in the theaters.

And for those to young to remember them, the Best of all time are - "The Girl Most Likely to..." "The California Kid" "Sweet Hostage" "Brian's Song" "Trilogy of Terror" "The Night Stalker" "Born Innocent" "Savages" "Pray for the Wildcats" "Bad Ronald" "Elvis" And the king of then all Steven Spielberg's "Duel"

If you can catch any of these movies do so, you wont regret it.

One of the Smartest Sci-Fi Movies Ever!!!, 30 November 2000

I am so sorry this movie did not do $200 million at the box office.

It is a Great movie! I myself avoided this movie like the plague when it was first released in the theaters. The marketing on this movie was so wrong, I thought it was a kiddie movie. I finally rented it and WOW I had to buy it, and I am not one for Sci-fi movies.

This movie is intelligent, awesome visuals, and some of the greatest action scenes I have ever seen. How in the world Star Wars Episode 1 made $400m (and sucked) and Starship Troopers bombed is just beyond me.

I am even surprised of some of the reviews on here, I guess they just didn't get it.

I recommend you buy this movie and get it in Widescreen and turn up the Surround sound and Enjoy!!!

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Some people just don't get it!!, 15 July 2000

For those people who do not understand what a B movie is will naturally dislike a movie like "Night of the Comet". They just don't get it! You can't really compare them to first run movies, they are in a class all there own.

As far as B movies go "Night of the Comet" is one of the best ever! For those who don't watch B movies will not recognize some of the great B actors and actresses you see in B movies like the great Mary Woronov.

She is a B movie goddess, and if you look up her bio on IMDB you will see a list of some of the greatest B movies of all time like "Rock 'n' Roll High School" "Eating Raoul" and "Death Race 2000"-(My Favorite)

These movies are not intended to be taken seriously there are only intended for you to enjoy, relax, kick back and have a good time!

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