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Popular? Yes. A Great Movie? No., 21 August 1999

I am a great fan of Stephen King's books. But not his movies. The critics are right. That includes Roger Ebert. It includes Maitlin's Summary. It includes the Academy voters. If you like horror movies over classics then this is a must see.

But it is run-of-the-mill prison fare otherwise. Anyone remember Michael Caine? It is not that this isn't entertaining. It's just simply that this film doesn't belong in the top 250.

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A Chick Flick Ahead of It's Time - Or Maybe In It?, 17 August 1999

A glorious array of feminine talent in a superior song-and-dance movie posing as a football film. One of Lucille Ball's roles preceding her charming but ditzy "I Love Lucy" era. Here she is a star playing a star. And what better supporting cast can you want than Gloria DeHaven, Nancy Walker and June Allyson (the latter two making their film debuts). And then there is the music including the sensational "Two O'Clock Jump" and my all-time favorite college "fight song" - Buckle Down Winsockie" They don't make them like this any more. Women galore, and glorious, as stars and appealing to men for its football touch. It is dated and has gaps but it is a not-to-be missed treasure.

Mindwalk (1990)
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Ideas, ideas, ideas, 17 August 1999

This is a truly great film for viewers interested in ideas. If you didn't like "My Dinner with Andre" take a pass on this one. If you did like you may still find it not to your taste. It is a pic about the environment. I am not a eco-freak or a "Green" but I love ideas, even those I don't agree with. If you too are a Voltaire type, you MUST see - and hear - this tremendous conversational flick. It is a 10 for lovers of conversation and ideas.

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Part of a Unique Double Bill, 17 August 1999

Another classic Cooper performance that is really part of an in-depth double bill about the limitations of passivism. Not quite the outstanding performance and study given in High Noon but this second half of the examination of limitations despite devout efforts at restraint remains one of Hollywood's best studies of a philosophic issue. All lovers of High Noon should view this thoughtful film.

Swept Away (1974)
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Does anyone believe in titles, 16 August 1999

An impressive demonstration of Nature, which some people love when it has to do with cute animals, but not when it shows unpleasant truths. To see this film as S&M means the viewer has never seen S&M. To suggest it is dealing with class inequality is to miss the real message of the film. It is not two people who are swept away, it is civilization with all of its rules and protections. The moral of this film is that those who prattle about the beauty of Nature versus Civilization are not looking at the true Nature of the world or its people.

9½ Weeks (1986)
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Obsessive sex. Not love or romance. Take it or leave it., 16 August 1999

This is another of Hollywood's many excursions into obsessive sex. It is not a great motion picture, but too many critics attack it because some shrink they read in best selling books, or listen to on radio tells them love is the answer to everything. Also there are the PC critics who can hail a movie showing a disgruntled woman trying to kill her former sex partner because that is supposed to show empowerment - but think a woman giving power to a male is degrading and criminal. Actually both type movies can be entertaining, and this one is.

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A Fabulous Fable, 16 August 1999

Scenes of incredible beauty and humor. This film appeals to all of humankind's tastes (visual, intellectual, gustatory, sexual, etc.) It is one of the greatest romantic comedies showing the lives, values and beliefs of another culture ever presented as a gift to the American public. Be aware though that it is not an experience that will appeal to everyone. You won't enjoy it if you don't love food, have an imagination and understand that daytime soaps are not art.

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An art house classic minus an audience, 16 August 1999

This comic classic of English school girl antics is and was one of the great art house classics. Then the art house disappeared with the arrival of videos. And so did the audience for this movie. The loss is not to the art houses or to this great film. The loss is to those who will never have a real opportunity to view this memorable laugh filled cinematic masterpiece. But I am preaching to the converted aren't I. Who else would search for this flick?

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An absolute gem., 15 August 1999

This bright hilarious English comedy about school girl antics is a neglected gem. The significant question is where is the audience? The film is rated 10 by most voters, but how many voters is that? They don't make comedies like this anymore because the films don't get distributed or seen. I would never miss a chance to see this old art house classic again. But where are the art houses?

Amadeus (1984)
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What genre?, 10 August 1999

As a biography, the detractors are right. This film is only a 5 on that scale. But IMDb says the genre is Drama. I disagree. But if they are right then this flick is only a 7. And it is that high only because of the magnificent portrayal of the jealous Salieri by F. Murray Abraham. He has redefined Jealousy to include non-sexual jealousy, something Hollywood had forgotten. So classic was this rendition that Bill Buckley now calls Liberalism "Salieri's Disease." Once you see the picture you will understand the reference to wanting to destroy those who are more productive or talented. But the true genre is Musical. And the rating there is a 10, although the score is not reflective of the scope or the best of Mozart's compositions. Even so, this is Mozart. That makes the film a 10, and one worth seeing over and over and over!

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