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Films or series that are anti-gay/anti-glbt.
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Christian movies about the end times. Random order.

This genre is one of my guilty plasures, and I'm not even a Christian.
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Bunny boilers and other psycho women.
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I love bad movies! As long as they're good, that is. These movies are not "so bad they're good". They're just so bad they are.... awful, in some cases painful to watch.

Listed in random order.
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Films recommended by the Church of Satan. List by Magistra Blanche Barton in her book "The Church of Satan", as approved by Anton LaVey, according to
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These ladies prove you can still be gorgeous after 50.
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Soundtracks I own.
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Some of the worst horror movies I've seen. 1 star ratings.
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Movies reviewed in the very entertaining book "Bad Movies We Love" by Edward Margulies and Stephen Rebello. But of course, most of these movies aren't bad at all.

Listed in the order they are reviewed in the book, which is divided into chapters for differnet themes.