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awful movie, 9 January 2002

The movie has been shoddily made and too many holes in the story. The climbers are shown to make too many mistakes like losing their backpacks, ice picks or whatever they are called getting loose, not expecting avalanches after big explosions. Actors especially Wick muttering gibberish as if he is praying in Urdu.

They could have made it better if they had shown graphics indicating base camp, the routes of the 3 search teams and time line of events happening.

It had some engrossing parts. 5 out of 10.

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Great music and good looking actresses but poor story, 22 August 2001

Dev Anand (or Prashant) and Zeenat Aman ( Jasbir/Janice) are siblings brought up in different countries. Because of poor parenting (crudely shown), Zeenat joins the hippie movement and also does drugs. Dev Anand after getting a letter from his father to locate Jasbir in Kathmandu visits that place, falls in love with Mumtaz( Shanti) and is also accused of stealing antiques.

Jasbir has blocked her painful childhood memories and Dev Anand sings the song which he used to sing when he was a kid to jog her memory.

Other than the great R.D.Burman music and Anand Bakshi lyrics and the footage shown about the ISKON movement and the beautiful stars and the Kathmandu location, the movie sucks big time. The story is extremely weak.

The Player (1992)
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over rated by other viewers, 31 January 2001

If you work in the film industry then maybe the movie is amazing but for other viewers like me, I think the movie was ordinary.

Lot of loose ends which did not make sense to me. How does Tim Robbins figure out (wrongly) the writer of those threatening postcards? Why does he get his ex girlfriend fired? Why did he change his original plan about the Bruce Willis/Julia Roberts movie where he was trying to get the other executive fired but in the end got his own ex girlfriend fired?

The good parts were the satire of Hollywood business and the shallowness. I give a 6/10.

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good entertainer for guys., 28 January 2001

Liked the story (James Hardley Chase type - likeable guy falls in trouble because of beautiful women and riches) and also liked the location. Brenda Strong was amazing!

Ending was a bit contrived though.

Pardes (1997)
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stereotypical, contrived, hard to believe movie., 21 September 2000

Kishorilal (Amrish Puri) is a successful business man in California and is visiting his friend Suraj Dev (Alok Nath) in India. He sees Ganga, Suraj Dev's daughter and decides that she will make a good bride for his son Rajiv (Apoorva). There is a good song 'I love my India' at that time of the story.

Kishorilal sends his son Rajiv to India to meet Ganga. He also sends Arjun (Shahrukh Khan) with him. Arjun had been orphaned at a young age and Kishorilal took care of him. Later Ganga gets engaged to Rajiv and flys to USA for a month after which marriage was supposed to take place. But Ganga finds Arjun to be a better person than Rajiv and like a typical Hindi movie we have the hero, heroine and the villain. There is another good slow song 'Do dil, mil rahe hai. Magar Chupke Chupke.'

The story had lot of weaknesses. Like Ganga sees a Cobra in Rajiv's bedroom and starts to pray to the snake! I don't think that is a normal behaviour. My wife screams to glory when she sees a cockroach.

Also Arjun's role was quite conveniently changed from a part of kishorilal's family to that of a servant latter in the movie. Ganga had suspicions about Rajiv's character because he smoked! Millions smoke in India. Rajiv was shown to have girlfriends whereas Arjun had none. And Arjun was the musical type, strumming his guitar and singing and still is single. Visas are easily available to Ganga and her aunt. There is a police commissioner in California! Rajiv's role is another puzzling part. He is shown to want Ganga but behaves horridly with her.

So the story had lot of holes which is expected of hindi movies. Subhash Ghai did not spend enough time with the movie to think it through. He, I think got couple of songs written and weaved the movie around it.

story was contrived and not that funny., 21 September 2000

When one watches a movie, the viewer has to quickly conclude if the movie characters are trying to be stupid like in Dumb and Dumber or the characters are average people like us in Dramas or they have extraordinary strength and courage as in Action movies to make sense out of the movie. But this movie had its characters acting weird some of the times and normal the other times. The consistency was missing. Morgan Freeman falling in love with Renee was the most unbelievable part.

Rajkumar (1996)
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boring and predictable, 7 June 2000

Its a story of two kingdoms at war with each other. Anil Kapoor is a prince of one and Madhuri Dixit is the princess of the other. They fall in love but Naseeruddin Shah is the evil prime minister who wants the heroine, the kingdom and rest of India. Danny is in Anil Kapoor's side. After some songs, sword fighting, horse riding, mother(Reena Roy)- son melodrama the movie (finally) gets over. Even the songs are forgettable. Avoid if you can. I actually fast forwarded most of the movie and don't remember seeing Shammi Kapoor or Aruna Irani. Must have been a flashback. Let me know if you still see the movie.)

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entertaining but the plot is weak. 5/10, 20 August 1999

The problem with such movies is that they try to be everything. The main story is sci-fi but comedy, action and a little drama is added making the movie commercial minded. Instead of making a good unforgettable movie the director succumbed to the fears of a box office success. I give it 5/10

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must see film if India interests you., 4 August 1999

It's certainly an erotic movie. And if you are interested in seeing full nude and sexy Indian women then I will recommend the movie highly. Also the portrayal of old India is interesting. A must see film for all the Indians.