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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (1973 TV Movie)
19 June 2001
WOW, I can't believe all the people who have seen and love this 70's horror flick! I was about 7 when I saw this back when they still had the late night creature feature, it was a re-run of the original...(didn't know it was made for TV until I read other user comments). My hubby and I were discussing movies that really scared the heck out of us when we were kids and lo and behold he had seen this too and it scared him as much as it did me. This has got to be one of the scariest movies I've ever seen, even in my 20's thinking about it gives me the creeps. It wasn't just the little demons running around but the mental terror they put our poor heroine though. Near the end when she is using the camera flash to drive them away, I was overjoyed.......YES she's gonna make it,(guess again). To anyone who gets the chance to watch this one...DO. It sticks with you and the shivers just keep coming.
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Nowhere (1997)
I think I may be less intelligent because I watched this film...
14 August 2000
WOW, first off this movie is nothing but a big excuse for alot of sex and second, this movie is nothing but a big excuse for alot of sex!!! I watched this flick because it had so many great actors I thought " THIS HAS TO BE COOL"...NOT. After many a twisted sex scene and some down right horrible acting, I began to get the sinking feeling that this movie really was going NOWHERE. Its totally unrealistic which can be fun if there is a plot and some decent dialog...this film has neither. We as a generation might be a tad confused about life but not this confused . I honestly felt like I was watching some late night skinamax softcore, what a waste of time!
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Deceiver (1997)
SO YA WANT SOME SERIOUS ACTING!!! (bit of a spoiler)
28 July 2000
Warning: Spoilers
Just about every one in this film is fantastic, if you want to see what real actors can do with a film that has a small budget and no big bangs to distract you from how poorly written the plot is, this is for you. Now, as for those user comments I read about this movie who don't get the didn't pay attention{tsk tsk). Tim Roth is so good

that you can actually feel the

the evil coming off of his character...there hasn't been a film thats made me feel this way in a long time. Just don't get up for a drink or anything or you could miss something crucial to the story line...well, at least hit pause if you do!
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You Go Drew!!!
9 June 2000
I think this movie more than any other shows what a great actress Drew Barrymore is because she plays a ugly duckling in high school which is something I never imagined her being. A great flick with lots of laughs . I don't usually go for those feel good movies but I really enjoyed this one.
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Great flick if you can pretend the double jeopardy law works for murder cases!!
28 April 2000
Which it dose NOT, so the movie kinda stinks. Lets say we lived in an alternate universe where it did, well then this movie would still stink. I hate to say it because I love Tommy Lee Jones and I think that for the short amount of time that Ashley Judd has been acting she's really pretty good ( keeps getting better}, but we really don't get much of a background on any of the characters and have not a clue as to why they did what they did. I mean of course its always money but thats about all we get from this story. Even Libby's 6 year stint in prison for a crime she did not commit seems to not have any effect on her at all except for the fact that she works out alot instead of trying to talk to her lawyer. But hey if you like action and you always wanted to kill your husband if only the laws were different well then this bud's for you! P.S just kidding about the whole husband thing don't everybody get all crazy and send me any email.
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6 March 2000
Worth the watch just to see how awful and self serving people really can be. Parents this might be a good movie to make your kids watch just so they know how not to treat people when they grow up....on second thought scratch that idea,bad flick for kids. Amazing I didn't know people like you really existed , gross Madonna... really gross!!!
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