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potted meat, 21 August 1999

i want to know who on earth saw this and didn't think billy bob thorton should have swept the academy awards? he does about the most remarkable job a person could do in a movie. he wrote, directed, and starred? come on...the guy should be like worshipped. anyhow this movie is awsome. never disappointing. carl is the man. the kid is great. he needed an oscar too, so did dwight. robbery, i tell ya! i also will add that billy bob made tom hanks look amateur. while forrest gump was supposed to come off as slow and sweet, i felt he came off slow and story bookish rather than real. carl is a bit slow but he is smart, has personality and has a heart. carl is real. this movie is fantastic. i gave it a big 9!

Predator (1987)
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check out preds dreds, 21 August 1999

this is a movie i have seen so many times i can call when we are gonna see the "arnold's butt scene" as he crawls along the leafy jungle floor, every time. i give it a big 10. great story, characters, and script totally rules. dutch rules, billy rules, jesse "the body" rules, the rest of the guys rule. i like when they aren't afraid to just show us gory, skinned bodies and stuff in a movie. you've got to admire that. also, in total seriousness, is there anyone as cool as arnold? really,though, he is so cool. and predator...he is not one to be messed with, especially with those dreds!

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i am a goonie, and i am proud, 21 August 1999

this movie gets a 10. do you know why? because it is great. totally good story, funny kids, corny lines, and of course...Brand (the hunk)! i'll never get over the wishing well scene, the corniest of all! ("it's our time down here!") i don't know about you but i totally dig pirates and "rich stuff" just like the kids. last but not least....mouth rules!

Titanic (1997)
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i think i must have slept during the "award winning" parts, 21 August 1999

i hated this movie. i will be honest. i wanted to like it because james camaron is sooo cool. (true lies is one of my favorite movies!) i gave this movie a three. the script was horrible. i was dying of laughter right there in the theater in front of all the teary eyed girls, i mean the girl next to me was actually crying (her-"oh not leo!" me-"excuse me, i am trying to nap here!") it took like a whole day the watch the borefest. 5 hours of crap before the iceberg hit. then when the boat crunched and cracked that was pretty good. the best part of the movie takes about a nanosecond. that is when some guy falls and like hits his head on a boat propeller and starts twirling around. i was rolling with laughter. other than that....zzzzz. and the crap with that old chick was played out! who cares about these uninteresting people? i wanted them to crash into the iceberg and then have polar bears leap out onto the deck and start mauling people. then arnold would show up (because this is james camaron) and like take no prisoners or something. i don't know...anything to end my suffering.

it's outta my hands, 20 August 1999

over and over i have seen this movie. i can say the lines right along with the movie. bender is total hunk. check out the bandana around the pants...ohh and how he takes one for the team. how can you go wrong with this movie? anyone who doesn't like this..forget that whoever doesn't LOVE this movie needs help. what are you stupid?...perfection. and if you say the dancing is was a magical 80's moment and you need to realize it is a relevent part of our society. i'm so into this movie that every time bender is telling the joke, i always wait for the punchline like maybe this time it will never does though...denied.

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poor sam....(a tear drips down my cheek), 20 August 1999

this movie has two great things besides being entertaining and funny. 1. little john cusack. i love him in this. such a small role, played so perfectly 2. pizza on record player and record player is revolving. i just get a total kick out of that!

fun...and FUNny, 20 August 1999

i really like this movie. totally cute. totally funny. robbie's enough to keep me rollin. i didn't understand why julia wasn't in 80's duds? they couldn't make her cute while wearing 80's clothes? oh well, it is great despite that. i really like melody from the nick show "hey dude" as julia's bud. the music is great too. flashback time. as a final note i will add that billy idol is still a total hunk. if billy reads this i was wondering if i can call you when i get married and you could sing "white wedding" at my wedding?....that has been my dream for some time.

True Lies (1994)
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forget that stupid titanic, 19 August 1999

this is james cameron at his finest...not titanic. this is one of my favorite movies ever. arnold, despite what anyone says, is wonderful!!!! i love him in this movie. i don't even know what to say. i love this!!! great script and great characters fuel this movie which is rare for one of these big budget action movies. who doesn't love bill paxton as the sleaze? you want to see the james camaron film that should have been nominated for a "boat load" of oscars?....this is it.

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what is this? night of the living brain dead?, 19 August 1999

this is one of my favorite movies and it should be one of yrs too. i have the unrated version which is not for the weak at heart. what am i talking rules. do you want one of the funniest flicks to ever grace the silver screen? do you want to see a hot babe with a smart mouth? how about one of the hottest hunks ever wearing a cowboy hat and some totally tight jeans? get!

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brothers and sisters please!, 19 August 1999

the downfall of civilization. hard to watch at times. it is well done and the stones are GREAT. i found it interesting to see their impression of what went on. it is amazing when you think of it. hell's angels beating the concert goers with pool cues and it just being allowed much to the horror of the bands and the crowd. i mean jeez! it shows what can happen when stuff isn't planned. did the woodstock 99 dudes watch this? personally, i liked the way mickey tried to calm things down. i don't think that happened at woodstock 99 and i found it to be a very responsible thing to do.

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