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Pocahontas (1995/I)
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I have seen it at least 30- times..., 10 September 1999

I loved it. The music is leaving me speechless, the story is great, adopted to reach everybody from small children to ....

The animation is wonderful. It is a wonderful story about a young girl who decides that she can take part in her life also (before seen in The little mermaid and many more..). She is a heroin that gives John Smith a look from another angle at life. She teaches him about nature, and her spirit. Faith, love and romance make this movie so great. Directors Mike Gabriel and Eric Goldberg did a good job converting this true story into a fabulous "fairy tale". I have it on home video and I guard it with my life....

Great movie - do not miss it.

A movie for good mood..., 10 September 1999

All I can say is that this is a very positive movie, very relaxing and romantic. I like it because it is full of hope and love. That's it. Great movie for friday night when feeling bad because you've missed the home coming dance.

Mulan (1998)
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Mulan is a movie worth seeing, 16 August 1999

The movie teach us about a new culture, teach us about China and it is also great for all ages. I liked it very much, because it shows love, courage and action in the same time. Great animation just like Disney always shows us that the company is the best for animated movies. In the chain with The Lion King showing us the wild life in Afrika so touchable for the children so close to them. And in the chain with Pocahontas showing the Indian culture and teaching little children about a part of the American history. And every other movie is a story about it self. Mulan also is more than just a story about a girl that feels sorry about her father but it is also about a part from the Asian history about their legends and about their culture. Great to see.

Wicked movie, 5 August 1999

I have read a lot of comments on this movie from- I hate it, it's the worst movie ever, to- great,the actors are super. So, my opinion on this movie would be: Compared to the movie before based on the same book "Dangerous Liaisons" I can say that it has its downs.

But then why should we compare it to the book or to the movies before. It is a movie for it self and we should watch it like a new film with young actors. Because we are all aware that John Malkovich and Ryan Phillippe are not to be compared. John Malkovich is already known for his great adopting to different characters and for his great acting, and on the other hand we have Ryan Phillippe a young face, talent and still to prove him self to the people of the world. But after the last couple of movies we have seen him in "I know what you did last summer" and "54" and now "Cruel Intentions" we can without a doubt say that beside his talent he has a potential of becoming a great actor. So it is up to him to act and to us to wait and see.

As for Michelle Gellar I have been pleasantly surprised, she was good. Really good. Reese Witherspoon is great in acting high school students(not that she is not good at other roles) and she is also cool. Roger Kumble did the best job he could. He has a wicked sence of humor and I like it. And at the end I must say that I liked the movie so that I have seen it ten times. I like the intrigues and the games (but only to watch).