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A realistic film that pulls no punches., 21 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you go to this movie without some advance knowledge,you might encounter negatives to you to the point of polarizing to a 1 rating. Because it is difficult to do otherwise than WARNING you that you might consider it containing SPOILERS. I went thinking this was going to be a run of the mill violent war film. It turns out that this is about family, freedom, and Christianity. It casts a light of Truth on the way liberals are increasingly turning the US into a second class socialistic country. It was produced by the same people who are successfully showing "2016 Obama" If you saw that you are in the same area of beliefs this film displays. If you are a liberal, stay home. If you are a right winger, DON'T miss it! Bring your handkerchiefs with you!

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Absurdly unreal and over the top!, 31 December 2011

If you like this kind of action film featuring everything that utilizes the latest in filming technology, then you will enjoy this. Obviously based on the 33,300 plus votes, a whole lot of you rate this right up there with the truly good movies. Close analysis reveals that the target audience is extremely unbalanced with males, especially those age 18 to 44. While people over 45 constitute a large potential audience, only 1264 rated this film.

If you are 45 or over, you might want to evaluate my own review. I am 77 and been a movie buff for 65 years. I have seen black and white, Cinerama, CinemaScope, 360 (as at Epcot), IMAX in Smithsonian, and many other places, and 3-D at a number of amusement parks. I thoroughly enjoyed all of these leading edge technologies, primarily because of the technology plus they portrayed real people doing real things.

I went to our local 12plex because they had remodeled two of the 12 theaters to show IMAX and 3D. Not wanting to see animated films, we finally saw this one because I did enjoy the original MI TV series.

This was in my opinion a terrible script depicting old James Bond movies with regard to primary plot. You have to suspend judgement to even come close to relating to the film.

As it turned out the theater had installed a crystal clear screen and projecting equipment. The real problem for me was this ultra good sound system. For about half of the rather long film the sound system was running at full blast. Most involved showing something on the screen that literally shook the theater. It was impressive , at first, but got to be very old and disturbing.

For older folks I suggest you pass on this. They have 3-D digital TV systems that you have control of. You won't be seeing movies anything like How the West was Won, Sound of Music, etc. in this era and media.

Outsourced (2009)
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Worth seeing, if you can find it!, 8 January 2010

This film is not one you are likely to find at your local theater. It does however belong there, in my opinion. It is an Independent film filmed entirely on location in Seattle and mostly India.

The title describes the plot line. This film is an exceptionally accurate, except for normal film exaggeration. It is billed as a romantic comedy, which it is. It is also much more than that. It is a contemporary treatment of just one of many worldwide situations facing us today. Acting is good and the sets are fabulous, as they are all real! Anyone who has dialed an 800 number for help and wound up talking to somebody on the other side of the world should see this movie. I have personal knowledge as one of my older children (as in 50) has been in an Indian classroom depicted in the film and continues to supervise people in India doing computer work via internet and voice.

The film was included as the feature film in Volume 9, 2009 of Stephen Simon's Spiritual Cinema Circle, a distributor of independent films and shorts to members of the Circle. All the films he includes on monthly DVDs are polar opposites of the genres seen in the mainstream.

Illusion (2004)
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A classic film, still available, still great, 16 June 2009

This is an outstanding film that will probably be seen by very few people. It is a film festival type movie. That translates in this case to a movie that is thoughtful, well written and performed exceptionally well.

I found this movie and many others like it, including a lot of short films, through the Spiritual Cinema Circle, which I have recently joined. Illusion was on their monthly DVD - Volume 5 2007.

Illusion is a delightful departure from the computer graphics, violence, and sameness prevalent in current popular movies. If you are a true movie buff like me and want to enter the world of very different movies, this is a great place to start.

Taking Chance (2009) (TV)
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Outstanding tribute, 21 February 2009

I saw this riveting film tonight when it premiered on HBO. Both my wife and I were totally into the film from the beginning to the end. We saw it nonstop although with a DVR we could have paused. There was not a single point in the film where we wanted to pause.

Like others, we were thankful there was no political bias. It was simply the true story of the respect that has been paid to everyone who died in defense of our freedom.

I served in the military on an aircraft carrier on station in the Mediteranean Sea in 1957. We lost 14 people in crashes and an on board fire during our 7 month cruise. About half of them were given burial at sea services. In addition, I have attended the military services of a number of others and even participated in the military service of one of our church members who died at Paris Island in a training accident.

In spite of all that exposure, I was totally unaware that KIAs were given the kind of personal respect and treatment depicted in the film. I was very impressed and moved, as I am sure most will be. Many have died, including one of my cousins, to preserve our freedom that has allowed me to live for 75 years so far. I relate more to Kevin Bacon's character as I was a supply officer. Had I the chance, I too would have volunteered for escort duty.

A must see movie. If you don't get HBO, look for the DVD sure to follow.

"JAG" (1995)
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Reruns are on now better than ever in HD! NOW ON USA (03-08), 13 March 2008

I became a JAG fan in 2002 and saw as many as I could until it ended in 2005. I won't spoil that but it is worth seeing. I am not sure when it happened but at some point early this year on DIRECTV I noticed that they had USAHD (channel 242). I checked it out and found that they were running two episodes at 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM Eastern time every Monday through Friday.

I immediately put the series on Record All Episodes on my DVR, the greatest new technology to come along. Since I can fast forward the commercials, I can watch a one hour episode in about 40 minutes. That allows me to keep pretty current with seven days to watch ten 40-minute episodes.

When I started, they were running episodes from 1999. It was great getting to watch episodes that happened before I started watching, especially at the rate I have been watching. At this accelerated rate, Today I just caught up to an episode I had seen in 2002. At this point they are running a lot of episodes pertaining to post 9/11 current (then) events in Afghanistan.

I do not know if they are going to keep on running them, but as long as they do I will be recording and watching. Even if you do not get HD, they are running them on the normal USA channel.

I highly recommend you record this series and watch it from here on. It gets better and better.

Redacted (2007)
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100% left wing bias of the worst sort, 16 November 2007

This movie was absolutely terrible from a photographic, editing, acting, directing and entertainment point of view. Nearly everyone agrees with that in every comment made by people from all points on the political spectrum.

Given that, I can only comment on the blatantly biased point of view presented. No civilized person of sound mind with even the least bit of morals can argue FOR an actual war, and the horrors that go along with that war. It is very easy to say that we should all have peace and for many of us, that peace WILL come in the next life.

It is however ludicrous to imagine that after war and violence has continually existed since Cain and Abel that there is a magic silver bullet that will end it now, barring an apocalyptic end to this minute planet in this large and wonderful Universe.

By comparison to previous wars in my 73 years on this planet, this "war" pales by comparison. If you want to talk about and depict horror, then talk about Hitler and the holocaust; Truman (a Democrat) demolishing two Japanese cities in a single minute; the killing fields after we "cut and ran" from Viet Nam; and the continuing horrible condition of oppressed peoples all over the world.

As for the USA, the few thousand Americans who have died in Iraq do not come close to the hundreds of thousands right here in the states that have perished over the last six years either directly or indirectly as a result of drugs or alcohol. However, not a single American has died in the US itself since 9/11 as a result of terrorism.

THAT is what Iraq is really about. It is not "Bush's illegal war" however much the far left would have you believe it. Yes it is a fact that some very few Americans have committed atrocities in Iraq. They have been punished. The war in Afgananistan (which continues) was authorized by almost every person in Congress after 9/11. The war in Iraq was the direct result of Saddam Hussein thumbing his nose at the UN, who passed resolutions that led to invasion by an international UN force, composed largely of US soldiers and equipment, as has always been the case when bad guys needed to be eradicated.

When we examine what we should have done after the initial objective was accomplished, we wind up in a morass of opinions and alternatives. Bush 41 pulled back quickly and ten years later we were back.

Only one thing is sure here. This movie does absolutely NOTHING in terms of proposing any viable solution. It does however clearly provide our obvious enemies with a great propaganda piece to help train more suicide mission personnel designed to kill every one in sight, regardless of political position, age, sex, or ethnicity as was the case 9/11/2001.

I consider myself an apolitical, centrist, moral libertarian. This movie insults my sensibilities on this basis and on a technical movie making basis.

If you liked this, you probably really liked 8MM, and vice versa.

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Much better than I expected, 11 May 2007

Georgia Rule has been pushed by the three main stars, Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman and Lindsey Lohan in all the talk shows during the past week. I saw a lot of clips and figured it was just another repeat performance of Fonda"s role in Monster in Law, which I thought was just average.

Besides my wife's insistence, I was persuaded to attend the opening today by the presence of Garry Marshall in the project. Turns out I was delightfully surprised. All three female leads were exceptionally well cast and acted together superbly. They represented the three generations perfectly.

This is billed as a Comedy/Drama and that it is. The comedy was better than most and the drama built up as the characters' true selves and their strengths and weaknesses evolved. This is by far the best of its genre to come in a long time. Don't miss it!

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WARNING!!! Romantic Comedy Lovers STAY HOME!!!, 2 June 2006

Hollywood has sunk to new lows when they manage to turn even a "romantic comedy" into a huge dreadful waste of time. I like romantic comedies. I like the predictability and feel good enjoyment. The difference between them lies in the writing, situations, settings, gimmicks and especially the chemistry between the stars.

Break-up scores a big fat ZERO on all counts. The pairing of Vaughn and Anniston on screen simply does not work. It does not help that the entire movie is played more like "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe" than say "You've Got Mail." I simply cannot imagine the alleged off screen romance of the two.

Try this for a perspective. I have never walked out of a movie in my life, especially a romantic comedy. If I was not sitting in the center of an aisle, I would have left this one about half way through if not sooner. I continued to increasingly suffer until thankfully it abruptly ended. I only saw the first credit as there was really no credit to be passed out for this horrible mess.

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One of the best ever... if you like Brass Bands, 31 May 2006

After playing my DVD (which replaced my VHS) for the 20th time, I decided to review some of the user comments. I was surprised that a disproportionate share came from outside the US. I suppose it has gotten more play there.

Many comments focus on the story of coal mines being closed because of many factors relating to other energy sources. Many also focus on it being a political issue (What isn't).

From my point of view the displacement and plight of the coal miners is a touching and true story but altogether too familiar since the start of the industrial revolution. The current equivalent in the USA is the rampant "outsourcing" of technical jobs all over the world. On the other hand colliery brass bands (now very professional) is a very unique British phenomenon that this movie celebrates. That is what turns me on. It is quite a treat to have an entire movie revolve around a brass band. While the ending of the movie suggests that the band disbands (unintended word play), the Grimethorpe band who did the music still lives today.

I agree with a comment that suggested the scene where Gloria joins the band and they play Rodrigo's Concerto is one of his favorite scenes. In fact, the reason I just watched that scene again for the 50th time is that I recently returned from a cruise that featured a classical guitarist as one of the entertainers. I was surprised that he played the same music in the scene. It did not seem right to me but then I discovered that Rodgrigo was one of the world's greatest guitarists and wrote this concerto for a guitar not a fluglehorn.

The presence of Tara Fitzgerald at her prime and Ewan McGregor in a far different role from his superb performance in Moulin Rouge are extra bonuses as is the oft-mention acting skill of Pete Prostelwaithe.

Still if you don't like Brass Bands, pass this by. The music is the real difference between this exceptional movie and the similar themed Full Monty, which I detested.

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