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A pathetic movie, 25 June 2002

"Le boulet" is the perfect definition for the word "disaster" : it happens when untalented French movie-makers try to do a parody of a bad Bud Spencer-Terence Hill buddy movie. "Le boulet" is the proof that the French cultural exception is really about to die. The presence of Benoit Poelvoorde is this unbelievable cinematographic shipwreck is the only positive element :

Scenario : 0/10

Direction : 1/10

FX : 3/10

Actors (except Lanvin and Poelvoorde ): 1/10

Images : 2/10

G. Lanvin : 4/10

B. Poelvoorde : 6/10

Total : 2.4/10 (I still have the feeling that I over-rated this trainwreck)

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The first big movie deception of the 21st Century, 23 August 2001

As a big fan of Tim Burton, I've been to see Planet of the Apes (2001) without reading any critics or comments. Big mistake for it is everything except a Tim Burton movie : cheap scenario, very bad acting, dull characters, ludicrous ending and so on. The list of negative points is too long to be written here. Only 1 little positive point : Tim Roth playing an amazing way but that doesn't save the movie from drowning into the depth of absurdity. There are enough very untalented movies director in Hollywood to shoot this big piece of s**t. Why a great director like Tim Burton has "committed" this unbelievably stupid movie ?

The Winner (1996)
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Please, release the right version !, 6 September 2000

There are two versions of "The Winner", the studio version released in the States and the Director version released in Japan only. I've seen the latter in Tokyo a couple of years ago and I really enjoyed it (great actors, great unreal atmosphere and very good story), but it looks like other User Comments (pretty negative) are based on the former. I hope that the DVD release will be based on the Director Version only, in order to give to this very good movie what it deserves.

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A great Masterpiece, 29 August 2000

Only 2 User comments available at the time I decided to write this one and both of them negative. Both of them Typical American reaction to a European movie. A big misunderstanding. Yes, the Remake with Pacino is a good movie and nothing else. The original one, "Profumo di Donna" is a great masterpiece, and it makes a big difference. My piece of advice : do not try to watch "Profumo di Donna" with a Hollywood eye.

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It could have been the Best French Movie of the Century, 21 August 2000

Everything has been gathered in order to produce The French Movie of the Century : the best actors around (some of them even famous outside France), a great scenario written by a team of highly-skilled professionals (one of them, Jean de la Bine-Boilue, died last year and we will always keep high the flame of his memory), more than one hundred technicians, among the best ones available at that time, two SFX studios used for the UFO scene ... the list would be too long. But, maybe due to a lack of will, the project finally ended into a kind of common movie, airlines-designed film. We all know that this movie had a critical influence on famous directors like Roland Emmerich, the same way "The seven Samurai" influenced G. Lucas, but, with a kind of regret in mind, we have to think what a wonderful movie it would have been if all the people involved in the project would have done their best.