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"Alice" (1976)
I like the show!, 7 March 2000

I like this show. It isn't the greatest on tv, BUT COMES CLOSE! The movie was not as good as the tv series. Polly Holiday was the best Flo (Dianne Ladd who played Flo in the movie came to this series for one season, to replace Flo as Belle, then Jolene came in. Jolene was one of my favorite characters. Elliot (Vera's husband) got a little annoying. But, in the later seasons, Carrie Sharples came very frequently... she was Mel's mom. Great actress. Anyway, I like the show.

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Good movie, 4 March 2000

This movie was actually good. Granted, it was permiscuous, but it was realistic. Usually, on these soft porn films, they will never show a man's penis... well they do here. And they show all a woman, and everything like that. And it had a plot... at least it was good for it's genre.

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One of the BEST shows on TV, 1 February 2000

Great show. Laverne and Shirley are great together. Their co-stars are great. In the last season, the show lacked one BIG thing: Shirley. The supporting characters could not make up for this big loss. But it was still good but there was less emphasis on what the show's concept had been.

Sister Act (1992)
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Great Movie, 22 January 2000

This is a great movie. It is light, interesting, funny, and - well, just great. The plot is not extremely predictable, though you can tell what could happen after a while. All the characters were entertaining. The night club scene with Mary Roberts, Mary Clarence, and Kathy Najimy's character was great... as was the scene where Delores becomes Mary Clarence and the nuns in church here her yell at Mother Superior because of the wardrobe.

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Good...For A Sequel, 22 January 2000

Compared to most sequels, this is in the top 20. But as for comparison to the first, there is almost no relation. The first was a good movie. Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit does not compare to most movies. Some cheap independent films, if well acted, are better. But some commercial movies are worse than this movie. It had no great acting. Some things were funny. But why didn't the nuns sing again? That would seem most logical to do in this film. And kids? Ok, I guess. But the story line could be changed, and then everything re-vamped, without the practically psychotic men from the monastery, and you have a great movie.

"Delta" (1992)
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A Good TV Series to Rid Delta Burke of Suzanne Sugarbaker, 22 January 2000

The main reason Delta Burke did this TV Series was to rid her of her role as Suzanne Sugarbaker on "Designing Women" where her contract was not renewed for the 1991-1992 season. This show showed us a different side of her. Delta Bishop was a country singer. Suzanne Sugarbaker couldn't sing - at all, as Julia said on "Designing Women". Though it lasted one season, the show made an impact on her career. In 1995, she did star as Suzanne again in the short-lived comedy "Women of the House".

This show's first season was all right, and then from there,..., 3 December 1999

The first season provided some amusement. I figured the series would be better. When Jenny left, the cast had already changed with no explanation. It is amazing this show lasted for years with a disgusting-sounding laugh track. Sorry, but even the cat was stupid. Not that the cat was not amusing SOMETIMES, not in normal situations. All in all, THIS SUCKS.

"Maude" (1972)
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This was good!!!!!, 29 October 1999

This was good. Many people did not like it. There are people like Maude... no matter how much some people think that is not true. This was good. Bea Arthur was great, and so was the rest of the cast. EXCELLENT casting, for sure. Carol was the perfect manipulative daughter of Maude.

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Excellent!, 6 October 1999

This show was great. Not as good as Amen, but very entertaining. I love watching it on tv. So funny, and well-acted. This was good for people of all ages... what a needed change in tv!! Even though it is about a church, it is not like TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL which pushes the "Christian" image.

"Amen" (1986)
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This show was GREAT!!, 6 October 1999

I liked this show... one of my top ten. I would vote it a 10!!!!! Very, very funny!! And it had nothing to do with "pushing" non-Christians into Christianity, even though it was about a church and the activities there. Anyone who likes good humor should see this one - a classic!

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