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The return of Jimmy Stewart, 30 June 2002

The Majestic was a video choice, one of those 'I don't know what to rent.' I picked up the dvd, not expecting too much. That was probably the best way to watch it. It was good, not amazing, it might not stand up to repeated viewings, but definitely worth the rental price.

The entire way through the film I kept thinking to myself that this was a Jimmy Stewart film. It had a 'Capra' tone to it, in both it's look and plot. Carey does a good job, and the supporting cast is excellent. The film has a great look to it, with all of the period acurately shown.

Would I strongly recommend it, yes. But don't expect any high speed chases, strong sexual content or deep laughs. Instead plan to ease back into some Capra and Stewart.

Panic Room (2002)
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Be afraid of small spaces, 6 April 2002

After hearing the early buzz on Panic Room I was curious to see if a movie about being stuck in a small room would work, especially with a big star like Foster. It works and actually quite well. Foster is wonderful and along with it is an inventive movie with some good twists, and come very nasty villians that add to the mix and keep it suspenseful. A nearly perfect movie, worth a full price ticket in a good theatre.

After the Storm (2001) (TV)
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slow start, strong finish, 11 January 2002

Based upon the jacket's comments from critics and the SunDance recommendation I rented the DVD. About fifteen minutes in I thought I was wrong about the movie. It looked like a dog. But I kept with it and about forty minutes in it was all coming together. The beautiful scenery, the plot and the action. A good surprise at the end too. The behind the scenes on the DVD aren't worth talking about, much less watching, but the movie is.

Tribute To Hichcock, 29 July 2000

A strong start with a real Hickcock flavor. Polanski really delivers with good visuals and a firm hand hand on the camera. No big car chases, explosions or gun fire. Instead a slowly building plot that really draws you in. While I was somewhat disappointed in the final ten minutes, the film's look and style worked. If you're a fan of shoot 'em up and blow 'em up action films, look elsewhere. But if you want some style and are a fan of Alfred, this one's for you.

Something About Deuce, 20 July 2000

Citizen Kane it's not. If you want an excellent comedy look elsewhere, but if you keep your expectations low this should amuse you. Some fairly funny and tasteless humor is present and a predictable storyline. Sort of a guilty pleasure at best.

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Runs with scissors, 19 July 2000

No one will mistake this as art, or even a mainstream film. But what it is is fun, campy and entertaining. The stereotypes are plentiful, and so are a few belly laughs. Not the best movie I've seen this month, but far from the worst. See it for what it is, light and fun with a few jabs at the hairdressing work.

Twister with too much water, 1 July 2000

What to say about this movie? How about getting a plot that would draw me in and surprise me. Yes, the effects are amazing, too bad the acting and dialogue aren't. Save your money and see something else, or better yet, read the book.

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Good neighbors are hard to find, 29 April 2000

The basic idea behind the film is a good one. The suspense builds for the first part of the film nicely, but in the second half too many points are unrealistic or too unbelievable. Far too many references to Hitchcock's Rear Window show us what could be instead of what is. If you really want that type of suspense watch that one. I found myself saying out loud that no one is that dumb, no one would do something like that. But the lead character was. I'd say more but some of you may actually watch it. I wanted to like what was happening, but I can't get around all the problems with the script. Once more we're shown that without a good story the project is doomed to fail.

Common Ground (2000) (TV)
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Good intentions, 31 January 2000

I wasn't too sure what to expect of this Showtime original when I tuned into it. Listed many well known names and appeared promising. Three different story lines tied together with a constant location over several decades. Sounds OK.

That's just what it was , an OK film with an important message. I agreed with the message whole heatedly, just wish the film would have had a little stronger writing. Some parts were good, many too predictable. But I won't spoil any surprises, you'll have to watch and see if you agree.

In search of an ending, 28 January 2000

Slick style, great visual look, but all in vain without a tighter story and direction. I was expecting a Hitchcock type thriller, but it was all smoke and mirrors. The real scene stealer is Priestly, who totally goes against type and leaves 90210 behind. Too bad the writer didn't expand his part along with an ending.

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