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A Surprise!, 6 May 2005

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I loved Ocean's Eleven so I was hesitant to watch the sequel but this didn't fall flat the way so many sequels do. It is strange in that it builds off the original, you would be lost without previous knowledge of Ocean's Eleven, but yet it has an entirely new tone and feeling as well as European look rather than the Vegas glitz of the first movie. I was very happy that all of the originals came back for the sequel. If you like a good action movie that keeps you guessing then this movie is for you. It was very nice to see Brad Pitt's character fleshed out more in this movie. I would like to have seen more of the banter between the Malloy brother characters but on the whole the movie left me wondering if there will be an Ocean's 13. There seemed to be an opening for one with where they left the Night Fox at the end of Ocean's Twelve.

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Real Life Love, 7 April 2002

Captain Corelli's Mandolin is one of Nicolas Cage's better films. He turns a fine performance as the title character. This is a romance set against the backdrop of a worn torn island. John Hurt's character gives his daughter, played beautifully by Penelope Cruz, some honest advice about love. This movie doesn't have the fault of being completely predictable. This movie also allows Cruz to turn in a performance as a strong woman who knows her own mind and heart. Once the film warms up beyond the opening sequence this film keep you focused on it. Again, Nicolas Cage did not disappoint.

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A Movie That Touched The Soul, 1 July 2001

I've seen this movie on the big screen and the small screen. Regardless of the screen size this movie reaches out to touch you on a spiritual level. The story being told isn't merely about golf but about LIFE. I'm not a huge fan of golf although this movie still held me transfixed.

Will Smith gave one of his best performances as the guiding force in Runnulph Junuh's (Matt Damon) coming to terms with life after the World War. Smith's character, Bagger Vance, is also a guiding force for Hardy Greaves (J. Michael Moncrief and Jack Lemmon) throughout his life. Jack Lemmon narrates throughout the movie as the voice of a grown Hardy Greaves.

This movie has a subtly powerful ending.

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A cute surfer movie., 17 May 2001

This movie was an entertaining family comedy. I viewed it in a group consisting of an age range of 3 to 35 year olds. Everyone was entertained, especially the children present. This a very light weight comedy that parents can enjoy with their children. So if you are looking for something different for the entire family to enjoy then this is a good choice.

Guest Wife (1945)
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Don Ameche shines!, 17 May 2001

Don Ameche steals the show in this black and white romantic comedy. Don Ameche is in wonderful form. He not only delivers his lines with perfection but his use of his eyes makes his character, Joe, come to life. This movie promises many laughs. Claudette Colbert also offers up a good performance as Mary, the wife that Joe borrows from his best friend Chris.

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Amusing and Watchable, 24 August 2000

This movie was full of physical humor. If old slap stick routines amuse you then this movie might be for you. Sarah Miles offers up a fine performance of an independent minded English daughter in the early 1900's. The machines themselves were interesting. This movie is not intellectual fare but it is a pleasant way to pass the time.

Perfect Body (1997) (TV)
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What a Surprise!, 24 August 2000

I almost passed this movie as some fluff from a Power Ranger. What a mistake that would have been. Amy Jo Johnson turned in a powerful performance as a young woman so caught up in chasing perfection that she will sacrifice anything to get it. This film was a powerful statement about the pressure that is put on young athletes by themselves and others. This isn't a fluff piece and it will make you think but it's still entertaining. It's worth catching on TV.

Tremendously Funny and Satisfying!, 23 August 2000

This is possibly the funniest mob movie that I have seen. Billy Crystal is perfectly cast as is Robert De Niro(He makes a very convincing mobster!) The entire cast of mafia thugs is perfectly cast. Lisa Kudrow is convincing as Crystal's enduring fiancee. I haven't laughed this hard or often in a very long time. This movie was even better the second and third time around. The dialogue is the key to the chemistry in this movie. A favorite scene of mine involves De Niro's character venting his feelings on a pillow! The culminating moment came in the end, it was a very satisfying conclusion that left me in the high spirits that the movie created. Here's to another De Niro/Crystal pairing in the future! This is definitely a film worth seeing.

Funny and Surprising..., 23 August 2000

This was a very good movie. James Caan was a bit of a stretch as Frank Vitale, it had more to do with the way he looked in the part than with his acting. As usual Hugh Grant was right on the mark as the bumbling Englishman. This movie had a wonderful cast of colorful characters. It also has a surprise ending that left my viewing companion at one point saying that they don't normally do that in movies. This isn't the best or funniest mob movie but it is worth seeing.

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An Enjoyable Musical, 6 November 1999

This isn't Marilyn's best film but it is enjoyable. Jane Russell is a nice contrast to Marilyn's soft beauty. Marilyn is of course cast as the "dumb blonde" but she isn't really all that dumb after all. Jane Russell is Marilyn's brunette best friend. They are a study in contrasts. Jane does an outrageous impersonation of Marilyn towards the end of the movie. She is a riot! There are some memorable numbers, including Marilyn's amazing "Diamond's Are A Girl's Best Friend" and to think that I always associated that song with Carol Channing!

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