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Renegade (2004)
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Dope-addicts gunfight? Blueberry's father Charlier is definitely turning in his grave, 13 August 2006

At the beginning of the movie, the authors stated that film is "losely based on Blueberry comics". The word "losely" should be multiplied by 10 in this case. Don't get me wrong, when I'm about to see the movie I take the distance of the preceding material. But that's exactly what the authors shouldn't do - they might as well call it "Jackson" or "Smith" or any other surname. What's the point of making the Batman movie if you tell the story about the transvestite who dresses as cape crusader and disco dances in night clubs? Or lets say you shoot he James Bond movie about the guy working as a chef in restaurant? Those might be good parodies, but this movie tends to be serious (I think?)...

The Blueberry comics are within my top 3 of all time; not because of the greatness of the series or the impact on the world comics, just because few simple things: the characters, the drawing and most important - the story. Jean Michel Charlier is the author of the most of the series until his death in the 1980-ies and the man is genius. His episodes are the page-turners. His stories were always graping, with excellent plots and even better twists and turns. In the western movie terms, something between "The good, the bad and the ugly", "Unforgiven", Indiana Jones series and even some good political thrillers.

When I saw this brain plus action concept transformed into a bad mind-tripping David Lynch movie (which is a big compliment for this film), my jaw dropped and stayed that way all through the movie, while I waited for Mike Blueberry to wake up from comma or the film to change into something remotely like the comics. Alas, it didn't happen.

To all of you who haven't read the comics and are disappointed by the film, PLEASE read them, you will be more then surprised!

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Miki Manojlovic the star, 17 April 2006

The film is excellent in the moments of Bela-Slava relations, but I agree with previous viewer that Slava's character is neglected. The movie should be called '100 minutes of Bela'. My opinion is that director Matanic wanted to put the flashlight on Miki Manojlovic (in the role of Bela), one of the best character actors around. When he got him for the movie, he seized every second of him, so Sanja Vejnovic (Slava) naturally falls behind. Vili Matula is brilliant as always. Some of the cut-off scenes on DVD are better than the scenes in the movie and it's a pity they didn't remain in the film, especially the scene where Bela and Slava break things together. I loved the scenes where director shows the men shoes same on every foot in town, but was it really necessary to explain it later with Bela's voice over which guide us through the film? The movie is not bad at all, but it feels too much like some Corto Maltese's trip to Central Europe so if you're the fan of the comic, you'll enjoy it.

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Issues about this movie and non-American Americans..., 15 January 2005

Since I live in Croatia, it is a small beautiful proud country on south of Europe (part of former Yugoslavia). It has always been common that Croats are Slavic people, like the Czechs, Polish or Russians... But there are serious scientific proofs from various independent sources (even some foreign scientist confirms that, based on DNA investigations) that Croats are of Iranian (Persian) origin. Amazing, isn't it?

I respect Iranian family in the movie (I don't know any Iranian people in real life) and I disagree that the Ben Kingsly character was aggressive or arrogant. He just wanted to live an American dream, not for his sake, but his son's sake.

That is what you Americans seem to forget: Every person who comes into your country has the right to make profit in a legal way. I am sure that it is annoying for Americans with non-American roots to get by in USA. I remember one scene in ER (I hate the show really, I just saw that scene) when guy at the clerk who couldn't remember the foreign name of the patient said: When was the last time we had an American patient?... I wanted to say to his face: 'That's right! It's been a while since you treated Sitting Bull or Crazy Horse...'

Of course, there is never a black-and-white situation, and s**t happens, like in this EXCELLENT movie. You can't take sides here. If you interview 100 people, 50 would cheer for girl, and 50 for Iranian family.

That's the greatness of this movie, along with intelligent and sensitive script and directing (misleading us on few points).

John Ford once said, when asked for messages in his movies: If you look for the message, go to the post office. With all the respect to Mr. Ford, this movie has dozens of messages - look for them and remember them! Not only American citizens!

Memento (2000)
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Hitchcock bites the dust, 10 January 2003

I concider myself a movie buff and I must say that I haven't seen better movie in years! Plot shouldn't work in right order? That's the geniosity of it! (although I think it would work fine anyway) - You should be genious to achieve the biggest suspens at the end - in this case at the beggining. This movie also (along with D.Fincher's SEVEN) break down Hitchcock's dogma that nobody can shoot good Whodonit because it's always predictable one way or the other.

Cetverored (1999)
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Better than Apocalypse Now and Bridge over Kwai, 4 May 2002

This is a best war movie ever - Better than Apocalypse Now and Bridge over Kwai. This is a true story. This is not only a war movie, it's a romantic thriller. This is also not a war movie because it takes place when the war is over.

Rusko meso (1997)
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mixed meet for cevapcici, 25 November 1999

Oh, no. Tarantino has entered the still lake of Croatian cinematography. And when he entered, the lake shuffled and splashed the surround and then it got back to sleep. Since the action is well-packed in Hollywood movies, there's no need to improvise. This is another attempt to bring back audience to watch domestic movies, but in vain.

H-8... (1958)
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H-10 and a perfect ten too, 15 November 1999

This is absolutely one of the greatest Croatian movies and there's no doubt about it. It doesn't slave to any politics, any specific time, any commercialism and nothing of that kind. But this movie achieves to play with the clichees and functionally use them, to show real-blood characters, to maintain the tempo and to build suspense. We need more master pieces like this for 40 years now (except 'Tko pjeva zlo ne misli' and a few other films)

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Polacks know how to do it, 15 November 1999

This is an excellent example of a mid-european comedy, the genre that Croatian filmmakers are hopelessly trying to achieve, but Checz and Polish directors manage to do so. It's a film about Communist-censor that is haunted by the movie characters who speak to him from the silver screen (reference to Woody Allen's Purple rose of Cairo, which also appears as 'a film in a film')

Evil Blood (1991)
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djuka shmuka, 15 November 1999

It's sometimes rediculous what happens in our cinema. Where has gone all the money for this film? OK, so it was fault of ex-government and ex-ministry of culture. But, there is no point to make any spectacles after 'Gone with the wind'

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transsibirian railroad is much bigger issue, 15 November 1999

Someone said that this film could be interesting to Americans on a nostalgia-base. Yes, they could remember the time when Hollywood didn't rule the world. But, if this is what represents european cinema, I must say Hollywood rules.

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