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Well done, Kim!, 27 June 2000

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I don´t know why does everybody says that this movie is bad, has flaws in the logic, gets worst as it moves on,etc... "Letters from a Killer" is in fact a good thriller to watch, even if you aren´t a Patrick Swayze fan, although he´s quite acceptable in this movie. I know people who first refused to see this movie when they know that it starred Swayze, but I managed to convince them and they loved it. Of course the best in the movie is Kim Myers; she was the reason why I get this movie and she didn´t let me down. She´s great as the sexy Gloria ***WARNING SPOILER*** and a great paranoid serial killer, putting together the classic of the 80s using a meat cleaver and the modern with a hand gun. i´ve always loved a good bad-guy, and I have many favorites, but Kim plays the only bad-girl I really love. I simply exploded when she surprisingly took the cleaver and severed Gia Carrides´s wedding finger. Well done, Kim! Love ya!

Shocker (1989)
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A great mix of action, comedy, romance, fantasy, horror and suspense, 14 September 1999

I simply can't understand, why did everybody vote this movie so bad? Personally, I liked it more than every one of the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series. I know that the Nightmares have a better story (at least the 1st one), more gore and a better villain. Good old Fred Krueger is far more interesting that Horace Pinker, I can't argue with that. But "Shocker" has all the action and humor that misses on "A Nightmare on Elm Street". The characters are quite interesting, specially the lovely Cami Cooper's Alison. Great action and fight scenes, pretty good gags, touching romance, creative TV fiction and horror, less gory but with some good suspense makes "Shocker" a great movie to see, but without linking to the Nightmare series.

The Sitter (1991) (TV)
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Nell only wanted to be happy..., 2 September 1999

Have you red the plot summary for this movie? If no, don´t bother. If yes, try to forget it, because, despite some technical errors, it gives you a wrong idea of the movie and makes you think in Nell as a villain.

The Sitter is a great dramatic thriller to watch, but it has got to be watched with an open mind. You don´t think it´s just another story about a crazy evil baby-sitter who kills a lot of people in order to satisfy her fantasies (That´s why I think that the title of the book the movie is based on is more appropriate: Mischief). No; You have got to put yourself in Nell´s place (you don´t have to be a girl-I´m not) to understand the movie. Imagine that you don´t have any friends and you live with your uncle and aunt (who´s a major bitch). Your only refuges are the TV romantic series and the dreams that, one beautiful day, a "beloved prince" comes along to marry you and to make you very happy. It´s very natural that, if you wish it so hard, you start believing that it will happen just like that. That´s the story of Nell, a sweet and beautiful girl who only wanted to be happy, but who won´t be able to stay out of mischief that will push her more and more to a pitiful dead end.

The Sitter is a slightly moving film, a different Cinderella tale, with a great performance. Kim Myers stars as Nell and I can´t even imagine someone else playing this role. Her presence alone makes the movie a must see.