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A wonderful series about woman and friendship between women, all very naturally and like real life itself, 27 July 1999

Marie is in the middle of her 30ties. First she moves from the country-city Hitzacker to the big-city of Hamburg, where she gets a new job as secretary in a big Hotel, in which also Ilka works. They've known each other since their youngest childhood and are big girlfriends. Marie makes a big career in the hotel, first as secretary, than as Host-Managerin. Also she's falling in love with her boss and at the end she's marry her boss.

The series shows the big challenge, if a woman around her 30s can start life and career completly new. Also it shows the woman-friendship between Marie and Ilka with all of their ups and downs, their friendship, differences, troubles etc.

It's a wonderful series about women, very naturally and like real life itself, brilliant played especially by the german actors Mariele Millowitsch and Walter Sittler and last but not least one of my alltime-favourites.