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Anthology of ghost stories, 6 February 2012

An old man of the village tells kinky ghost stories to a few of it's inhabitants after all the kids have gone to bed. What follows are stories that have horror elements and some soft-core nudity thrown in. Soft-core porn Director Li Han-Hsiang is in familiar territory here with mixing period piece sets with a sex hungry succubus and various other typical ghostly incarnations.

Although many Shaw Brothers horror films have a very creepy set pieces, this one sadly lacks in that department. Fans of Taiwanese sex-symbol Chin Hu, or Shirley Yu may want to give this one a spin.

Typically Shaw Brothers were churning out films like this at a prodigious pace and I found Director's other film RETURN OF THE DEAD from the same year, a much more effective horror story.

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A good waste of 90 min!, 14 April 2010

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New Terminal Hotel is a film about a writer who explores the dark side of murder while living in a seedy hotel. Various characters come into his life and he disposes of them one by one. Tiffany Shepis plays the Writers Agent, constantly snooping around looking for his latest, greatest script, Eventually she gets too close and gets implicated in his crimes. Some good performances by various cast members create an interesting film with a good brutal conclusion. Corey Haim plays once of the writers victims, his role in the film is really painful to watch cause of his really bad British accent and I was actually quite glad he dies so I didn't have to suffer through much of it. Stephen Geoffreys plays the writer/killer and is pretty solid. Watch Erza Buzzington, he really rips up the screen with his performance, and has some of the best lines in the whole film. Overall it was a good waste of 90 min.

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Lana Turner In Drag, 8 June 2006

Warhol had a stage in his film-making career where is appropriated names from golden age movies that he must have been enthralled with as a child. Warhol during this brief cycle attempted to film depictions of off-screen lives of some of his most fondly remembered stars. Films like HEDY (1965), HARLOT (1964), LUPE (1965), and MORE MILK EVETTE (1965) showed us what it was like to be these stars out of the limelight, lounging around at home.

'More milk Evette' is about Lana Turner, played by a notorious drag queen named Mario Montez, need I say more?

This film was made before Chelsea girls and does not have any of the great characters in it that make a Warhol film watchable. This film originally premiered at the factory but was projected on the wall with another film. This was done during a time when Warhol was experimenting with multi-projections of his films. A number of Warhol's films were shown sometimes in single projections, sometimes in double, sometimes superimposition's; or to confuse the matter even more he would take two 30 min films and play them side by side to create one 60 min film.

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another category 3 flick., 8 December 2001

Yep, another category 3 flick that does not fail to nauseate! The story focuses on two brothers, one good and one bad. Well, the bad one is real bad. He likes to smoke crack while singing songs about raping women, in fact he's pretty big on raping his wife in front of his parents when he comes home from jail every few months. He also likes to put cigarette buts out on his son when his family members won't give him money to buy crack, gamble, and go to brothels with. Soon enough the good brother can't take it anymore and a bloodbath ensues. The end. Very hard for some to watch. I recommend this for the seasoned horror and exploitation fan only! A modern classic? Take it for what you will.

J.C. (1972)
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When Society Turned against him, he made his own society!, 20 June 2001

With a religious fanatic for a father, the last thing J.C. wanted was to follow in old Pops footsteps. So to Escape his background he becomes the leader of a bike gang. Then one night, while tripping out on some harsh drugs with his biker buddies, he preaches a sermon asking that his followers (his tripped out biker buddies) to head west with him. They get no further than his home town before a headlong confrontation between the establishment and the Prophets.

This film is the usual run of the mill Bikersploitation film, with it's average dose of violence and general bad behaivour.

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Great Women in prison film., 20 June 2001

Young women are kidnapped in the amazon by Brazilian satanists, whose goal is to sell them to the highest foreign bidder. Some of the girls manage to escape but are pursued by their captors. In order to gain their freedom, the girls must outwit their captors. Bringing the film to a sleazy climax. Lots of nudity, lesbianism, and chessy dance numbers, the usual stuff you see in a good WIP film. Thats 'Women in Prison' for all you cinema illiterates.

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Relentlessly Pessimistic., 18 June 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


In case Ichikawa's anti-war message wasn't completely clear in HARP OF BURMA he reiterates here in FIRES ON THE PLAIN, some would say his most grimmest film. The hero of the film is part of the Japanese Army who are outnumbered on the Phillipines. They retreat and are without food, he snaps and kills a villager over salt, kills another because she was scared, also murders the "monkey meat merchant" who's really selling human flesh to the famished army men. The original source is a novel by Shohei Ooka, who used the ww2 backdrop against a message of hope through Christianity.

Director Ichikawa scrapped all the religious propaganda and even ends the film with the Hero walking into sure death, instead of being saved by his newfound belief in God.

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Very Unusual and hard to find Nuclear Holocaust Film, 16 June 2001

What happens when 2 ordinary couples, find themselves caught inside a bomb shelter as nuclear destruction ravages their civilization. Their emotions, once suppressed, explode in the sweaty confined quarters, and they begin to viciously attack each other. At last the final barriers between civilized man and the animals are ripped apart. This film has lots of gore and decomposed bodies of people who did not survive the nuclear attack, a very grim Nuclear holocaust filmed in Spain. Very Hard to find I watched under the video title Refuge of fear.

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Cheesy Spanish Produced Exploitation film., 16 June 2001

This Cheesy movie is about a strange man named Franz who lives deep in an underground cavern surrounded by immense wealth and luxury. He causes havoc and unrest among the native tribes and a team of "skilled multi-national secret intelligence agents". These "Agents" are recruited to investigate the uprising and eliminate the problem. Too make things short there is many killings throughout the film. The guy who directed this movie once Directed the Great Paul Naschy in guessed it a Werewolf Film.

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Landmark Biker Film!, 30 May 2001

Wild Angels is a landmark biker film, the first one of it's kind that dealt with such a brutal form of biker gang. This film started a cycle of biker films back in 1966, each one trying to outdo its predecessor in sheer volume of violence, sex and of course theater grosses, (Al Adamson doing it quite nicely I thought with Satan's Sadists).

When released initially it was banned in Denmark of all places, known for being one of the most liberated countries in the world. The Film was released in various running times, most edited to take out some of the more violent, racy bits.

Bikers in this film and many to follow would never again be looked as good guys until 'Easy Rider' many years later.

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