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The best thing in the movie, 9 July 2000

The greatest thing about this movie is in the opening credits where it is announced that the midgets were provided by "Bob Olsen's Midgets."(I think that is the name.) That and when the pert midget women sings "I wanna be loved by you."

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Dark, grim allegory about justice system, 20 October 1999

This movie could have been typical 70's exploitation porn but director Peter Walker turns it around and makes it a grimy desadean attack on the ruling classes. The scene in which the blind judge continues making a solemn speech well after the prisoners have all left the room is worthy of Bunuel. It's all a bit heavy handed and obvious and it seems as though this movie should have been more shocking for it too really work but the bizzare grimy sepia tone of the whole thing really makes it much better than anyone could have expected.

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eerie, 17 October 1999

I was suprised that this movie got such a low rating, to me it's one of the better horror films I've seen in some time. Uli Lommel allows the horror in this story to gradually build until it erupts in very frightening and disturbing and occasionally blackly comic ways. The boogeyman's appearances in the film are effectively kept very brief, he doesn't become a silly charactor of the freddy/jason mold. Uli lommel keeps the location barren and banal and uses them in inventive ways.The scenes in which the disturbed deaf brother paints over every mirror in the house is brillinat and forshadows a lot of scenes in clean-shaven.

Zombie (1979)
Not great but interesting and shocking, 12 October 1999

This film wowed me with it's moments of sheer nastiness, The sheer third world ugliness of the island gives everything a good grim basis for the over the top gore to work. The plot is basically an excuse for Fulci to pull out his bizzare gory set pieces which are incredibly impressive and some funny low key moments like when the head of the hospital is seen getting drunk on top of a hill like some hobo. The review before got me thinking about this vs scream and I think it should be said that movies like this and Suspiria are really just as flashy and shallow as "I know what you did last summer." It's just that Fulci and Argento have a lot more style. So you can't really see them as an alternative to scream as much as George Romero or "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." which work as art with a social commentary as well as hideous style

Unique mixture of art and expoiltation, 9 October 1999

I'm not sure if I should bother writing a review but as we can see from the highly contrasting reviews on this site, this film still shocks and annoys people. From the starting, Wes Craven creates an effective sense of the squallid dead lives of the killers that has not been done as well until "Henry Portarit of a Serial Killer". The expolitation begins at the first rape scene which is extremely babdly done with the girls not really tring to get away very hard But the second rape scene is a shocking contrast brutal, disturbing and lyrical. Not resorting to any obvious devices such as jarring music or anoy suspense. Craven creates one of the most despairing scenes in film.

Throughout the film it switches tones between when the girls are almost figures of dubious black hyumor, when we sympathize with them and when we feel for the killers. The shocking switches of tone as well as the completely innapropriate music score add to the shocking nature of this brutal film. This film mocks the idea of making a seroius film about it's subject. It is one of the most realistic films about it's subject but yet sees it with a curious distance and nastiness as well amplifying the emotions we feel.

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Disappointing sequel to surrealstic, intense original, 4 October 1999

In this weak follow up to the original terror and suspenses are replaced with big guns, naked chicks, and and an awful glossy eighties look. All the interesting parts were done exactly the same in the original. The ending is utterly predictable and dull and who the hell asked them to bring back reggie bannister the character i was gladdest to see devoured by dwarfs in the original. The dwarfs look a lot scarier in this one though.

Fear City (1984)
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crappo, 4 October 1999

Abel Ferrara has definitely done better things in his life. But I think this is just the uneasy transition point between the early gritty horror of Ms. 45 and the later high gloss of "King of New York." There are many points at which Ferara has rarely been as outrageous as such as the stabbing of a stripper montaged together with a sexy strip routine. I also think he deserves points for putting half naked women in almost every scene.

But the martial arts fighting serial killer was utterly ridiculous and in the ending fighht scene I didn't see why he had to be so tough if his aim in life was to beat up women half his size and weight.., This was made for cable by the way, they just decided not to air it.

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Great bizzare look at tabloid culture, 2 October 1999

The grotesque and sinister Steven Glazer leads Nick Broomfield into a frightening tabloid current affair world in which serial killers have agents, The police frame suspects in order to get movie deals, I don't wnt to spoil to much of the disturbing thins that occur but Steven Glazer has some odd advice to give to his client.

Curdled (1996)
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Limp "black comedy", 30 September 1999

This is a very typical early 90's black comedy which menas that it's jarringly aware of it's own cleverness, shares the same faded primary colors as "Natural Born Killers" or "Freeway", and involves a serial killer. Frankly for anything like this to work it would need some basis in reality and the fact that William Baldwin kills women without using gloves avoiding touching things or even getting rid of his fingerprints immediately annoyed me. Nothing in this movie is real enough or gruesome enough to actually be funny or disturbing. The director poars on the stage blood but every murder is done in a clean emotionless tarantino type of way and all the crime scenes just contain neat little pool of blood. haven't they ever read that after a week you have to wear thigh length boots to prevent maggots from crawling up your legs or that you wear air masks when cleaning up these places or that most of it is done with an ultrapowful wet-dry vac? realistic details such as these would have helped this film. After reading that this was a short I could believe it because the entire film feels like it was very thinly stretched.

Rude Boy (1980)
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Intriguing but muddled, 17 August 1999

This intriguing film blurs the line between documentary and reality much in the way 60's classics such as "Medium Cool" do. The story (when it's allowed to tell itself) of the drunken directionless punk is sad, charming and wild. I can see why the Clash disowned the film. It shows how they merely reflect the showbiz side of the struggles of the working class in England. When Ray attempts to tell Mick Jones how much "Stay free" means to him, he is shrugged off with a " I'm watching you." We see Ray being consumed by his own nihilstic rage while the clash use it up to the point of making good pop music with it.

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