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They Don't Make 'em Much Better Than This!!!, 18 December 2002

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The Two Towers was a fantastic film! Darker than FOTR, TTT continues the story of the Fellowship. The gathering is now broken and Frodo and Sam are marching toward Mordor while Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli search for the captured Merry and Pippin.

The Two Towers really emphasizes the power of evil and the strength of friendship. Gimli, the dwarf, eases the audience with his hilarious misfortunes and dialogue. The audience is also introduced in-depth to the divided character of Gollum and his desperate desire for the ring.

The Two Towers transports the audience around Middle-Earth, and introduces us to new places like Rohan and Faragorn Forest. Although the movie isn't as mystical as FOTR, the awe at the power of Isengard comes through. The movie starts out a bit slow, but makes it all up in the end, with the great battle of Helm's Deep and the Final March of the Ents at Isengard.

Is the movie better than FOTR? It certainly isn't worse. TTT has more in the way of large-scale battles and military movement while the FOTR has a smaller, more person-to-person atmosphere. All in all, TTT is an excellent continuation of FOTR and I can't wait for Return of the King, next winter!!!

The Perfect Movie, 15 November 2002

Late in 2001, I was constantly hearing about something called "The Lord of the Rings". Almost everybody kept talking about how good it was and how they couldn't wait for the sequel.

I was completely baffled by what they were talking. I had to have been the only person who hadn't seen the movie in theaters. Finally, in mid-2002, after the DVD had come out, I rented the movie. I was thoroughly blown away by the story. I didn't think movies like these could be made! The massive amount of special effects coupled with the great scenery and fantastic plot, made this movie my top favorite. I too can't wait for the sequel coming out in a few weeks. The music, acting, character complexity all make LOTR the best fantasy movie I've ever seen. Good stuff!

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Gilliam's a "friggin'" GENIUS!, 31 July 2002

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My English teacher (teaching us media themes) assigned us a project to analyze directors. Since my partner and I didn't bother to sign up for a director, we were left with Terry Gilliam. THANK GOD this happened. It was my first introduction to a genius who I had never heard of before. I saw "Twelve Monkeys" and was thoroughly impressed, entertained, surprised that I had never heard of this masterpiece before. Bruce Willis' role was genius along with Brad Pitt. The beginning was the most shocking (SPOILERS AHEAD...) with Willis exploring abandoned Philadelphia. The music was phenomenal and the directing techniques were brilliant! Twelve Monkeys is a MUST-SEE movie.

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"Shoot to Kill" Hits it's Mark!!, 28 July 2002

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WARNING: MINOR PLOT SPOILERS!! I first heard about Shoot to Kill on a late night showing of a classic Sidney Poitier movie. I knew Poitier was an excellent actor and expected a fairly good movie. It exceeded my expectations with a great story, changing settings (urban to wilderness to urban), and very believable characters (i.e. Sidney's obsession, Steve's evil, Knox's mountaineer skills...). Shoot to Kill is definately a classic thriller worth seeing!

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"Pedro" is Great!, 14 April 2002

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"Pedro" is one of the best 'Telenovelas' ever made. It's full of very interesting characters, rich settings in Colombia, and a hilarious plot. Spoiler: In "Pedro", Pedro Coral is a guy persecuted in his small village for wooing all the young girls there...He flees his town for the capital, Colombia and stays at a friend's sister's house. There he falls in love with an executive woman and begins working as her choufer in order to know her better. The rest of "Pedro" revolves around this aspect as all the characters play interconnected roles in developing the plot. The show is in Spanish but it's hilariously funny with Pedro's constant lying and the dealings of the other characters.

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Excellent but complex, 5 November 2000

Separate but Equal is a great movie depicting the tragedy of the time of racial segregation in schools and the steps which these men from the NAACP took to correct it. The movie has great acting and intense speech emotion but sinks into the wordiness and vocabulary which lawyers and judges use and leaves the audience scratching their heads or reading the dictionary. Nevertheless, the movie has great speeches and facts as well as events suitable in a history-documentary. Great movie to sit by and try to teach yourself to be a lawyer.

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Understandable, 28 August 1999

I know that most of this movie is fake but you have to understand that the plot is nice and it really wakes people up to animal cruelty. After reading Congo, by Michael Crichton, I just had to watch this movie once more and I'm glad I did. Most people think that gorrillas are just huge beasts who'll kill anything that gets in their way. On the contrary, chimpanzees are even more ferocious than gorrillas and will eat human children in the wild. That gives you something to think about when you watch this movie, which I really recommend

The Fly (1986)
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It's Okay, I Guess, 28 August 1999

I've been dying to see The Fly for two months but finally, when Sci-Fi showed it, I realized that it's not all that. There's far too much sex and too little action or suspense. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone.

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Speedy, 28 August 1999

The second of the Jones movies is okay but really goes too fast to catch. I was left rewinding for plot elements right after the beginning. He had the Sankara Stones where I felt he should still be learning about the temple. This definitely disappointed me; as did the morbid violence. Sigh

Sheesh, Who Cares?, 28 August 1999

It seems I'm the only one who doesn't believe this movie is the greatest Disney film of all time. I personally dislike this movie because there's not enough action AND because there's too much of those idiots: Timon and Pummba. I'm embarrassed to watch this movie in front of anyone!

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